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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s answer to the show cause order in the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked nuisance copyright lawsuit is due by close of business today. TDPK is to show cause why the case should not be dismissed for lack of service of process.

9 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Heh. I predict Brett will fail to file a response. Judge Titus left a huge mark on his ego with his memo regarding Brett’s past and inability to identify and serve Kimberlin Unmasked.
    His other motion mischaracterizes the contents of this instant case file. Brett, in his RICO case response to the SHOW CAUSE order due on 03-14 and filed on 03-12, in paragraph 7 states that two Judges in Montgomery Circuit Court have found that Kimberlin Unmasked has engaged in Prima Facie defamation of Plaintiff. Where is the reference to a judgement of this? What case numbers? Which Judges? Without such documentation does he really think that a sane person would in any way believe a convicter perjurer, vexatious litigant and forger?
    Since Judge Titus files his memorandum and followed with a SHOW CAUSE order the same day, I think that even the oblivious Kimberlin sees the handwriting on the wall and will not follow through thus allowing an uncontested dismissal of the instant copyright infringement case, hopefully with prejudice.
    I may be wrong, for the stupidity is strong in Brett.

    • “Two judges in Montgomery Circuit Court found that Kimberlin Unmasked has engaged in prima facie defamation of Plaintiff…”

      I was wondering about that too. Where does that come from? Does he believe because he was given a subpoena for Google he’s proven defamation? He cites nothing but this statement.

    • I do think he is referring to the fact that he was granted subpoenas . “Hey look, if the judge didn’t think KU was guilty, he wouldn’t have granted my request for a subpoena”.

      So no finding of fact other then between Kimby’s ears.

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