180 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. It is possible that by “all parties” he meant the Democratic Party and the Communist Party of America. Increasingly indistinguishable but still technically separate entities.

  2. He probably thought that the other parties jn the suit didn’t matter…and meant he apologized to Malkin, Twitchy, and the court.
    Of course if that’s the case, the paralegal once again typed something other than what he meant…which is another fail

    • Even with a limited understanding of the meaning of “parties” that term should still include Aaron Walker whose summons was altered. He has received no apology either.

      • No party hats means no party. Was Aaron Walker wearing a party at at all times during this litigation? No? Nice try, Hoge!

        Commence the doom countdown!

      • So, now, the reader is supposed to interpret “all” parties as “some” parties? is that kind of like attesting that you mailed something on March 7 when it was actually March 10, because 7=10?

      • Sounds like a rookie pro se mistake. Good thing TDPK wouldn’t have the moxy to try to play that card given his litigious, pro se past… oh wait.

      • I was referring to Baghdad Blob. And strangely enough he says he wouldn’t be dancing if the “Lickspittles” didn’t keep lying about him. But this post isn’t about him, but he is dancing anyway. Make you wonder who is REALLY pulling his strings doesn’t it?

      • Who, of course, cannot seem to understand that Brett cannot legally assume the name of a corporation he is suing, said name not being legally available no matter that the registration of said corporation name is lapsed. Texas allows corporations to re-register within 36 months. The mere request to reserve a corporate name does not allow you to conduct business using that name as is warned in the Texas Secretary of State online registration tool and in the online FAQ. No matter how many times BS asserts his ignorance of this and proclaims that BK owns National Bloggers Club, there are no publicly available documents to show that the Secretary of State has issued the certification and letter of assignment of corporate name to BK. The only 2 references that exist are the aforementioned request to reserve a corporate name and an entry in the Secretary of State of Texas database that a record number has been issued pending determination by the Secretary of State. Which cannot come until AFTER 36 months past the completion of any litigation regarding a Texas corporation. By Kimberlin suing the NBC he personaally precluded himself from legally acquiring that corporate name for 36 months after the completion of his litigation. His attempt to illegally hijack the NBC corporate name (Read the statement he signed on behalf of VRUS certifying his understanding of the rules and BTW, how can Brett sign for VRUS if he is not an officer, director or key employee of VRUS as indicated by their latest 990’s? That would be like the janitor signing contracts on behalf of a corporation).
        Simply too much fail and multi-jurisdictional conspiracy to defraud. A very serious federal felony that can result in a large portion of the involved individuals lefetime in federal prison. BTW, federal prison medical centers are maximum security facilities due to the diverse populations held there. At least I was in a minimum security camp, no walls, fences, armed guards or locked cells. Just dorms, furloughs, contact visits, library, recreational facilities, football and baseball teams on an open campus at Saufley Naval Air Station in beautiful Pensacola Florida. Yep, I was such a dangerous criminal I was given imprisonmet at a country club. Remind me, where did BK serve his time in the Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities?
        Heh. Get out while you can Bill, a stint in federal prison would kill you due to your PD and requirement you serve your time in a medical facility with their notoriously bad treatment. (Remember that all SS, Pension or retirement income is suspended 60 days after incarceration and for the duration of your incarceration, that income forever lost to you, even if you are not given bond on a criminal charge and are held in a detention facility sans conviction) DO.IT.NOW! Free yourself from future criminal charges.

      • You can give Bill this advice knowing full well that he won’t have the good sense to take it. If, or when, he ends up in jail, may he be tormented by the memory.

      • No threat, the voice of experience. I know full well both how the federal criminal system works as well as how someone with a chronic disease is treated by the BOP and it’s supposed medical care. Thanks be to God my diabetes was under control when incarcerated and my cardiac issue (heart attack and 5 stents placed) happened in the final few months of my minimum sentence release date) occurred at such a time as to obviate the need to transfer me to a BOP ‘medical center’ as the paperwork to do so takes longer than I had before release on good behavior. So I got released to a half-way house for 17 days as a disabled prisoner as determined by the Bureau of Prisons.
        I may dislike BS and find him to be a disingenuous and insufferable assclown but I do not wish any involvement in the federal criminal system on him. He is a deluded and demented individual (the latter by his own admission in writing to Judge Grimm) and sorely in need of having his ability to use the internet removed and intensive in-patient psychiatric treatment, in my opinion. But federal prison? No, I do not wish that on him, thus my considered opinion and advice that he remove himself from the very apparent (from multiple statements from himself and others on social media) intERstate conspiracy in order to minimize his consequences.

  3. I think he originally thought “has apologized to” was spelled “has filed a frivolous lawsuit against.” It’s an easy mistake to make when you’re typing quickly.

    • If there’s any sort of response to Kimberlin’s “aw shucks at least it didn’t hurt anything and of course I didn’t mean to do wrong but I’m so very sorry, sorry enough to actually sign my papers right though really I shouldn’t have to” it ought to include Titus’ observations that “The Plaintiff is no stranger to the processes of this Court.”

    • That was a bang-up job from Judge Titus. On the other hand, it shows that Walker really really needs to butt out of cases he’s not a party to. That response by Judge Titus was pretty much the equivalent of “go home, Aaron!”

  4. He knows he’s not allowed to issue a summons. If he thought the clerk forgot he would have called the clerk. Instead he BLAMES the clerk for issuing summonses based on the caption of the case, instead of divining his intentions from the text of his complaint. It would have embarrassed and inconvenienced him exceedingly to have to argue the point so he just streamlined the situation because it’s only fair to him.

    Little bug I hope he’s stepped on for it.

    • And someone needs to disabuse him of the premise that because someone he wants to sue has heard about his intention, it is the same as if he properly served them with a true copy of the claim filed with the court. If he hasn’t even attempted proper service, he hasn’t even tried. Sending certified mail to wrong addresses or with unrestricted delivery isn’t even trying.

  5. There is a word to describe someone who makes false statements, knowing the statements are false, and knowing full well that the statements are objectively and demonstrably false. What is that word?

    • TomB,

      That’s not what a sociopath is.

      A sociopath is worse than a liar and/or convicted perjurer/forger slash drug dealer.

      And a “highly functioning sociopath?” That’s a lot worse.

      • I disagree. The textbook definiton (which features pictures of both Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt) of sociopath is one that has no moral compass and is so wrapped up in themselves (BS’s obsession with his Parkinson’s, for example) that they either don’t care they are lying or, some will argue, don’t know they are arguing. And that is a fine line. I think, if you would review Willy’s twitter feed the last month or so, you could easily make an argument for both.

        Now, I do agree that a sociopath is worse than your garden variety liar, but lying isn’t the only issue with a sociopath.

      • Damn he has it bad today. Lashing out in every direction. Guess seeing his Master going down on flames is hard on the poor man. Especially if the last check hasn’t cleared yet. Allegedly.

        I can’t seem to find a threat in your post, but there must be one since the Cabin Boy found it. Oh right, he finds threats spelled out in his cereal in the morning too.

      • Biggie Smells keeps trying to threaten, cajol, and convince everyone that he truly, absolutely, positively has (gasp, shudder) the dreaded Advanced Parkinson’s Disease (Shake it, shake it baby)

        Methinks thou dost protest too much.

        Would a sane rational human being with Advanced Lung Cancer keep smoking unfiltered cigarettes?

        You claim the right to read any blog you want, whenever you want.

        It’s called Assumption of the Risk, Shaky.

  6. I’m thinking that there are multiple Bills, like when they accused KU of being multiple people was my first clue….

  7. Seems clear someone is desperately soliciting “death threats” and as usual, is able to find them even in comments unrelated to him. (He has the deluxe decoder ring.) So, is the consensus here that he’s a) attempting to distract from the happenings of yesterday; or b) attempting to distract from happenings yet to come today; or c) trying to gin up some sort of “evidence” of malfeasance to falsely attribute to our host; or d) so pathetic that negative attention is all he’s ever known so he deliberately seeks it at all times?

    My guess is e) a combination of all of the above — LOOK! A SQUIRREL!

      • Thank you, ratt22! 🙂 Whenever the comments here start discussing the latest twitter meltdown, delusional legal threats, demands, etc., I start looking for the squirrel. Wonder what the little squirrel(ly) is up to today?

    • Exactly. It’s like he’s trying to cross off a checklist by fitting square pegs into round holes.

  8. I am sensing a theme. Perhaps it would help certain parties to read what a criminal defense lawyer, Ken White, who also enjoys practicing pro-bono First Amendment defense, has to say about TRUE INCITEMENT, as opposed to butthurt: http://tinyurl.com/n6m9a7f

    ‘[S]peech can only be prohibited as incitement when it satisfies the Brandenburg test — when it is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”‘

    The above is an objective standard, not a “special snowflake” standard. That means that if one is overly sensitive to criticism, mockery, etc., that person’s sensibilities are not the ones that apply. Other than mockery, and doubts about some individuals’ veracity (grounded in well documented histories of prevarications), I have not seen posts or comments that rise to the level of “incitement.”

    • *snicker* “…special snowflake standard…”

      Applause to you for reminding us, A Reader, and to BossyHat for writing up such easily understood legal explanations for all.

      What is that blue text at the bottom of your post, A Reader? It looks so scary… Is it a “death threat”?!!11!!

    • Schmalfeldt wrote a long piece about Frey and Popehat being beaten with baseball bats which resulted in Popehat writing his famous piece about Schmalfeldt. (He determined that what the Cabin Boy wrote was just short of the true actionable threat but concluded that Bill is only happy when trying to make others miserable) BUT, if someone says anything Schmalfeldt doesn’t like, it’s a scary threat! He talks about self awareness in others but can’t see he himself is lacking it in a big way. He’s a sissy of the highest order.

      • DEFAMATORY and FALSE. BS declared that he wrote about them NOT beaten. Err, in great graphic detail. Whatever, his statement is an absolute defense, right?

        “But having indulged himself in that, Schmalfeldt would probably cry, “look! I said not to do those terrible things!” Once again, this argument isn’t an absolute barrier, for the same reason articulated by the Turner court. Schmalfeldt is engaged in apophasis, the rhetorical device of saying something by asserting you are not saying it. The disclaimer at the end is tepid, like most of his writing — the meat and heat of it is in his fervid imaginings of violence against us. It’s perfectly possible to frame a threat as a non-threat. What Schmalfeldt is doing is like me saying “I am not saying that you should go to the home of Political Enemy Paul at [address] and crouch in the hedge outside his front door and beat him with a pipe when he exits his house, because you could get your clothes dirty.””

      • Here are the Popehat articles mentioning BS: http://www.popehat.com/?s=schmalfeldt

        Absolutely delusional lack of self-awareness on display in the comments to the article you mention: http://www.popehat.com/2013/08/06/true-threats-true-incitement-or-truly-crazy-the-rhetoric-of-deranged-cyberstalker-bill-schmalfeldt/#comments

        For example:

        “Bill Schmalfeldt • Aug 7, 2013 @5:09 am

        Delicious satire, sir. I see many of your readers are taking it seriously however. Ah, such is the problem with satire. At any rate, I have unprotected my Twitter stream at @radiowms because I know that pent up anger and hatred can only lead to explosions, such as the madness at Aurora and Tucson. So, have at me and leave poor Mr. Popehat alone. I, for one, appreciate his deft touch and satirical writing, and I adjure his readers to learn about the full rainbow of colors and stop seeing things as black or white.

        Have a wonderful day.”

        He repeatedly commented in a similar vein, and vAin. And wow, the hubris in trying to parlay that take-down into twitter followers.

    • This helps establish that BS is both a blowhard and a hypocrite. Therefore, I must now use BS logic to note that these DEFAMATORY and FALSE statements must be REMOVED OR HOGE GETS CHARGED CRIMINALLY and then YOU GET CHARGED BECAUSE HOGE WILL GIVE YOU UP, and also HOW DARE YOU THREATEN ME BECAUSE I’LL CRUSH YOU.

      No wonder BS goes to sleep early. Thinking like this is tiring… it’s hard work to abandon all accountability and reason.

  9. “Now, another dot for the pattern: Ladd Ehlinger Jr. has pointed out “the uncanny quantity of people with a host of mental health issues that have been gathered together” by Rauhauser. It’s as if Neal were collecting these nutjobs, seeking out abnormal personalities who were susceptible to his manipulations, so that he could sic these trolls on his targets.” The Other McCain, http://tinyurl.com/mxtsk5k

  10. Here is Fat Willy’s reality:


    And here is reality according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

    Do I lose Section 230 immunity if I edit the content?

    Courts have held that Section 230 prevents you from being held liable even if you exercise the usual prerogative of publishers to edit the material you publish. You may also delete entire posts. However, you may still be held responsible for information you provide in commentary or through editing. For example, if you edit the statement, “Fred is not a criminal” to remove the word “not,” a court might find that you have sufficiently contributed to the content to take it as your own. Likewise, if you link to an article, but provide a defamatory comment with the link, you may not qualify for the immunity.

    The courts have not clarified the line between acceptable editing and the point at which you become the “information content provider.” To the extent that your edits or comment change the meaning of the information, and the new meaning is defamatory, you may lose the protection of Section 230.

    • Fat Willy’s twitter feed is gone (go figure):

      So, while we wait for the newest reincarnation of Crazy Theater, here is the tweet I was referring to:

      Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets

      Here’s a hypothetical question. We know Hoge is not covered by CDA 230 since he participates in and moderates his comments. That is clear.

      Reply Retweet Favorite

      10:23 AM – 13 Mar 2014

  11. You know, I’ve followed this story for a long time, and think its time we gave Bill S a break. This has clearly been taken too far. These comments are clearly harassing a disabled, poor, retiree who is clearly harmless. Shame on all of you!

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen!

    As you exit the theater today, please be sure to purchase tickets for tomorrow’s performance. I will be debuting a new trick, in which I harass and defame no one in particular by call them kleptomaniacs because they take everything so damn literally!

    You won’t want to miss it! Good night!

  13. This article is fascinating for many reasons. For those of you who missed it, it includes Ali’s interview with BS back in October, how some of the false rumors about Ali and Karl Rove seem to have started, and with whom (NR). http://tinyurl.com/ljrcgch Includes a link to another RSM that discusses mental illness and aberrations.

    • I hope his lone reader is not too heart-broken by the news. Luckily, BS will likely change his mind about 6 times between now and tomorrow on this issue.

    • Maybe because instead of distracting the peanut gallery, certain people are finding that commenters are drilling down and finding old posts, videos, etc. In other words, not the expected response.

    • 1. Wasn’t that the show last week?
      2. Is anyone ever not concerned with their personal safety?
      3. I want noon tomorrow in the pool, please.

    • If he had any concern for his personal safety, he would not associate with a violent criminal. Associating with the child porn convict is probably relatively “safe” for Cabin Boy …

    • Wow. At least Kimberlin’s logic is circular. Even chaos theory appreciates cause and effect. Schmalfeldt logic puts Pinky in the same quartile as Brain.

      • That thinking requires “the extra step” that people like Willy never bother with. He responds in his unique, pavlovian way to the reply to that post, yet it never even occurs to him to question how the post got there in the first place.

        I’d call that “incurious”, at best.

      • No. Stop being a solipist (Ace teeched me a new werd). It’s very arrogant of you to assume that everyone has your same analytical processes i.e. sane…

      • He’s had tweets and comments over at Palatine’s that have devolved into complete gibberish the last few days. Can the 5150 be far behind?

  14. Lather, rinse, repeat:
    “Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempt to make Hoge responsible for the “death threats” allegedly received by Schmalfeldt would have to clear the high hurdle of the landmark 1969 Supreme Court decision, Brandenburg v. Ohio. Perhaps some readers can cite the relevant case law on “fair use” regarding copyright materials. As for the “character and reputation” that Schmalfeldt alleges others have defamed . . .
    Well, it’s the “Butt Stuff,” isn’t it, Bill?” The Other McCain, http://tinyurl.com/lzqy3h6

  15. “I already apologized” is the reflex utterance of a sociopath who is trying to cut off people who point out his misbehavior. It is always used when in fact, no apology was ever given and certainly not sincerely. It is an attempt to use some sort of kindergarten rule that after the insincere apology, one is not allowed to again mention the misbehavior.

    It is but one of the expected behaviors of a sociopath like TDPK.

  16. Anyone else following Fat Willy’s timeline today? He seems to have deleted a lot of posts.

    I wonder what’s up…

    • FUN FACT: The Cabin Boy is obsessed with the idea that the whole of Lickspittle Nation lives in his head rent free that he can’t stop tweeting about how often his charm, sophistication, good looks, confidence, swagger, intelligence and ability to make bigs without having to stop typing are talked about here.

      • FUN FACT: BS has used “Hoge” in at least 12 different tweets today. (Not counting ones that might have magically disappeared)

        FUN FACT: BS was adjudicated as a harasser by Judge Stansfield.

        FUN FACT: BS is generally full of, well, BS.

      • Other than the auto-generated “#nowplaying” tweets, I don’t recall seeing a single non-Hoge/Hogewash/Lickspittle tweet today. Did I miss one?

      • FUN FACT: BS routinely deletes his blogs posts, entire blogs, tweets, entire Twitter accounts. Question: is that habit part of an ingrained routine to hamper comprehensive searches of his writings?

      • FUN FACT Five tweets in less than 15 minutes about Hoge/Hogewash during the last hour, and two about RSM.

        FUN FACT: Even after deletions, one person mentioned Hoge/Hogewash in 18 tweets today.

        FUN FACT: Even after deletions, one person tweeted “lickspittle(s)” an additional four times today. This does not include the series of tweets to RB, PP, etc. today.

    • Doesn’t Farmer’s Almanac say that mass deletion means a call to HoCo PR person is imminent? If a DOOM clock goes up, we’ll know for sure the call was made and the caller most likely purposefully misunderstood what they were told.

      • I’d say most law enforcement agencies in Fat Willy’s area have his number flagged on caller ID, so they just pretend they aren’t in. However, the ever-crafty larda$$ might stay one step ahead of them by getting a new Jitterbug every month at WalMart.

        Sneaky……….he is.

      • hahahahaha, TomB, especially the part about him being “sneaky”!

        BTW – Who was it that said people will always tell on themselves, just listen?

        Are there any psychologists in the Hoge house to analyze choosing names to represent oneself including “parky” “dementia” “grouch” “ghost” etc. and wasn’t there a handle something to the effect of ‘brain-damage’ or similar? Add to that the constant cries for attention from others including negative attention and even very negative attention, the self-identification (and seemingly main if not only trait) of being disabled as if that’s all he is, etc. etc. etc.

        Well, actually, when it’s all written down like that, we probably don’t need a psychologist after all do we? Seems pretty obvious.

      • Projection is real… take anything Twinkie says, turn it around. 99% chance its true of Shaky or his pedo-friends

  17. FUN FACT: Number of tweets in which BS refers to anal sex and/or rape: astronomical? A small example, captured for posterity (READ NO FURTHER IF YOU FIND BS OFFENSIVE), the tweet is by Bill Schmalfeldt as @liberalgrouch from Lee Stranhan’s blog at http://tinyurl.com/komat4r:

    [redacted] Not suitable for Hogewash!—Click on the link above if you really need to read the Cabin Boy’s™ filth—wjjhoge

    • Heh, I was debating, after reading Fat Willy’s tweet, whether to post exactly what Chubs just had to say about anal sex. You guys made my decision for me.

      But it bring up a good point, it isn’t how many times it’s mentioned, it’s what you actually say. And Willy, that post of yours disgusts me more every time I think about it.

      • FALSE and DEFAMATORY. It is not BS’s fault that he’s a talentless, oafish clod not fit for polite, mixed, or trashy company. It is OUR fault, for if we all just pretended BK didn’t exist then he wouldn’t have to do so much investigating.

    • And the removed content are BS’s own words! Ideas that he produced and wrote under his name on the Internet. And yet he’s SHOCKED that some people don’t like him and the ONLY “hate” he generates is because of this blog?

    • Delusion. He has caught offendluenza, everything is defamatory and everyone has to do what he says or JAIL, he is the sole arbiter of what is allowable on someone else’s blog. Screw off you ignorant tub of rendered pig fat!

    • For the record, the disgusting comment had nothing to do with Hoge’s beard. It had to do with Lee Stranahan. If you want to be overwhelmed with filth to the point that you need to go out and breathe some fresh air, you can read the tweets at the link I posted above.

    • Wow, I thought today’s meltdown would be a biggy, but I didn’t expect this!

      Apparently we are responsible for:

      -him getting canned from DKos
      -him not getting hired by Alan Colmes (!)
      -him getting fired from the Examiner the FIRST time.

      And he and Lee Stranahan are buddies. Despite Lee continuing to ignore him on twitter.

      He’s on quite a rant.

      • Hey, don’t be surprised when one of us gets accused of stealing his neck.

        That imaginary-friend thing he had going on with Stranahan was pretty funny. If one didn’t know better, from looking just at the blob’s twitter feed one would think they were pals. Blob was even offering “advice” to Stranahan. As if. Ugh.

        For several days, Stranahan ignored him. However, despite it being beyond totally shocking because of the horrific things done and said repeatedly by the blob, it appears Stranahan was finally worn down and he and the blob have ‘ended hostilities’. Just within the last several hours there are at least 18 tweets from Stranahan to, or including, parkybilltweets. Here’s an example:


        I am sure that this will be a surprise to many, especially those who followed the blob’s disgusting behavior toward Stranahan and his family. However, please understand he is going through a lot right now unrelated to the bomber’s bogus charges and it wouldn’t help anyone to add more troubles to Stranahan’s plate. I hesitated about posting this, but decided more info is better than less and if anyone gives Stranahan ore mgrief, it’s not likely to come from here.

  18. Bill,

    You said you were a GS13, correct?

    You were suspended from your long time column or whatever at the DailyKos – a progressive site that has somewhat lower standards than most blogs correct? Is that information correct? Why did they suspend you and not reinstate you? Or have you asked to be reinstated?

    You were suspended several times from the Examiner correct – based upon what kind of content?

    You went on Ali Akbar’s radio show and people are saying that you admitted certain sick twisted unfounded sexual rumors against people WHO WROTE NOTHING about you correct? What did you say or mean in your own words on Ali’s show? Can you explain what led you to believe the story of Karl Rove and Ali Akbar?

    Why did you call Dee in Houston a hater and a skank? Do you have any examples of her acting or saying anything that would lead anyone to believe that she is?

    With your deep understanding of defamatory statements, we must assume that with your GS Level 13 position – did it also include training or extensive briefings on torts that can occur in course of your work? Can you comment on that?

    • And so begins the trail of tears, aka “YOU ALL DID THIS TO ME.” And come on, EPWJ, do you even KNOW what a GS-13 is?!?!?!?! Bow before BS! Only the best of the best, after countless years experience, can reach such a high level, peasant!

  19. For the record, BS himself referred to a bowel accident that he had as “making bigs.” He said that about himself, yet is angry when people use his own words. It is sad to see that the guy has no self respect.

    • Journalism school = stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Seems to have the same educational impact, as measured by output.

    • it just never enters his mind that some (if not many) of us have actually read what he has written, seen how he has acted toward others on his blog and twitter and judged him by that , and NOT by what he “thinks” Hoge has told us…

      he can blame Hoge all he wants for how people react to him, but his own words and actions have a lot more to do with why people find him truly disgusting and vile.

      and IF Hoge were actually committing libel, defamation and harassment, then why can’t Twinkie get a lawyer to file a cease and desist if nothing else?? cause it’s bullshit, that’s why. It’s all “poor pitiful me” 24/7 with him. If we “lickspittles” didnt give him someone to shout out daily, he’s head would explode.

    • Since he does not know what libel, defamation nor harassment are, in any sense at all, his training was deficient somehow.

      Probably lack of attention.

      • No, the instructor was to blame. Said instructor explained it all wrong in Bill’s vaunted opinion. Bill’s opinion holds sway in his reality (across the 8th dimension), an unknown and unexplored country to anyone other than Bill.

      • Given his ass-kissing of Lee Stranahan, it will be interesting to see how he handles the next time someone brings up those horrific spoof ads he did featuring Lee’s underage daughter. And you have to thing there’s a “sell-by” date on his “forgiveness” of Lee. He’ll be sent on the attack at some point in the near future by Kimberlin and you know Stranahan will be square in the crosshairs.

  20. Bill

    You attended Journalism school? This is the first I heard about it – what school was it? Did you receive a certification or completion and if you did could you post some proof of this? Also, could you post some proof that you were a GS13? Also I need the proof that you had on the affair or claims you made on Ali Akbar’s website – also I need the proof that you have on the fact that Dee in Houston is a skank and a hater.

    Also, you made several claims that a criminal investigation is under way against Mr. Hoge and several people here, yet I cannot find a criminal complaint – can you post it? Was the claiming of criminal charges being filed covered under your training at this “Journalism School”

    • and when he has nothing that little tweet will either get ignored or deleted..

      lather, rinse, repeat…


    • Hasn’t Bill announced DOOM several times already and had deadlines pass with nothing but his continued failures to show for it?

      There was the big Kimberlin bombshell. Never happened
      There was the big arrest coming for the death threats. Never happened.
      There was something some PR flack was going to do about Mr. Hoge. Never happened.
      There was his quitting Twitter “for good”. Never happened.
      I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting because with the Cabin Boy it’s always a new countdown to DOOM!!!!!11!!!! that always fails to materialize.

  21. I must say, I do enjoy when he starts scraping the bottom of the barrel of intimidation by saying Hoge is going to give up everyone’s name,email and IP addresses to “save himself”. Thats when you know he’s realized for day that he can’t intimidate Hoge into deleting anything Hoge doesn’t see the need to delete, so he has to try to intimidate us indirectly….

  22. Bill,

    I was asking for the proof of the following claims you have made:

    That Hoge committed crimes against you
    THat Karl Rove had sex with Ali Akbar
    That Karl Rove has some financial interest in NBC
    That You attended a “Journalism School” and received training in tort law
    That you have proof that Dee in Houston is a skank
    That you have proof that you were a GS13
    That you were not suspended from the Examiner for misconduct
    That you were not suspended from the DailKos for violating their “decency” clauses?
    That you filed a criminal sworn complain against Mr. Hoge and others
    That Lee Stranahan has forgiven you of your smears against him, his wife and the memory of his dead daughter and is now a friend going to cooperate in further investigations by sharing IP address’s of commentators here
    That you called the Court house on Christmas eve and had an off the record discussion

    I await your reply…

    I noticed that you hedged on Dee in Houston and said it was your opinion and have scrapped your blog – all signs of an intent to deceive.

  23. I like Lee, too. Schmalfeldt is a crazy and poisonous viper though, so my thought for lee attempting and understanding is “good luck with that.” I really mean it.

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