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  1. Oh, it is fun, if you read it closely. I spotted TDPK’s slush fund in 2012 already. I know exactly where to send the subpoena’s to JTMP for enforcement of judgment interrogatories already. TDPK thinks that this 990 hides where he launders his money, but it puts it plainly. Naughty naughty Kimberlin.

  2. Hard to fathom an organization (VRUS) spending 1/3 of it’s revenue on legal expense. I don’t know, but it seems that he miscategorized expenses on JTMP as program service expenses when they were appear to be management and general expenses.

    • Did you enjoy the part where TDPK is loaning to VR an amount of money equal to 1/4 of what he supposed got as salary from JTMP ? Another useful target of subpoena in the future.

    • I want to know the names of the lawyers consulted. The matters addressed would also be interesting, but the names alone would clarify a number of things.

  3. No way jtmp got 225000 that year. Threshold didn’t give
    who else would hav?
    I’ve always said he’s going down like Capone

  4. In previous years, Brett Kimberlin’s donations correlated strongly with the election calendar peaking during Presidential election years.

  5. My big questin is: is Myra Lowenthal a) completely stupid b) willfully ignorant or c) deeply complicit in the money laundering that is obviously taking place here.

  6. Hmmm … travel expenses and dining and entertainment exceeds his ‘salary’ from JTMP, I see where Greggy and Bill get paid but where is Brett in the VRUS hierarchy? He’s signing documents for VR but isn’t listed as a director, officer or even as a key employee. Would that not make his filing of documents with his signature for VRUS at least null and void if not a more egregious act, that of fraud? Without authority from the board is that not fraudulent behavior?
    Interesting to say the least …

  7. Proposal: disliking the topics of recent posts, the emperor has issued Tokyo Rose certain orders, namely, insult, distract, and mak yourself the center of attention. Again. I say, let’s ignore the propaganda and keep discussing the emperor.

  8. Can someone enlighten me to what this means?

    Schedule A Part 2 Section A They list $341,664 as the portion of total contributions by each person included on line 1 that exceed 2% of the amount shown on line 11, column f (that would be total support for the year)

    Seems to me this is saying that one person gave them 341 thousand dollars?

    • No. No one person is specified just a total of contributions by the general public or government funding over the years specified. This is a means test to determine if it truly is a non-profit that is publicly supported by determining what portion of their income derives from donations and what portion comes from other sources like savings or investment accounts of the entity in question.

  9. This look like it says 80% comes from public funding, ie the gubmint. You and me are funding this scam.

  10. I wonder if the folks who have employed top legal talent have seen these? Like, if a respected accountant could look at this, determine that Kimberlin has been using his nonprofits as a piggy bank, and report to a judge that there’s PLENTY of money sitting around to cover legal expenses…should it ever get that far. Not saying that is happening, cause I don’t know.

    Oh, and JTMP spent $243,575 for expenses related to making DVDs on voting. Heh.

    • So many questions! Such as:

      1. Could VRUS and JTMP be consultants for each other? Imagine the convenience of that arrangement!
      2. If I understand correctly, VRUS and JTMP promote musicians. Would one of those artists happen to be a family member?
      3. Most folks don’t realize that an attorney’s billing records are rarely privileged. The legal expenses seem to be high. Would they be going toward music contracts, etc.? For whom? See #3.
      4. RSM recently reminded us about this. Hhm. Might be something that some folks might want to consider sending. http://tinyurl.com/lyfx3lv

      • Brett Kimberlin left prison saddled with a million-dollar judgment, and a burning ambition to be a rock star. He soon entered into a partnership with an attorney who specialized in the laws regarding recording. I don’t think that was coincidence.

    • Who did they make DVDs with? To whom did they send said DVDs? How many? How come there’s so little in the 990?

      Why did they need 4 employees to do this? And how come salary expenses are only $57,000 or so? Where’s the payroll tax line?

      I spend a lot of my life reading these things. The questions just keep coming!

  11. Regarding the 990-PF of the Justice Through Music Project:

    It’s nonsense.

    A normal 990-PF from an organization such as JTMP would list how many people registered to vote through their site, how many of their DVDs they had shipped, what kind of other work they’d done. There’s nothing there.

    Let me repeat that: There’s nothing there!

    I’ve read more 990’s than most people. If this one landed on my desk, attached to a proposal, I’d be very skeptical. It’s beyond sketchy, and the amounts for various things – legal counsel?! publications and shipping? To whom? Where? – are not a coherent whole.

    Further, there is absolutely no reason for these 990’s to require 6 months extensions to gather information!

    Really, 4 employees, only $57,000? And a payroll service was used? Are you nuts? Can’t anyone in the office work a calculator? Or don’t they trust each other?

  12. By the way:

    The reason JTMP raised the funding it did is because there are, according to the Foundation Center, at least 1,000 foundations in the US. Each and every one must give away 5% of its average market value (it’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s the basic), and not every board is as experienced or skeptical, or critical, as the readers of this blog. Especially if one targets smaller, newer foundations with small boards and ask for small amounts, one can run for a a long time.

    • I looked at the $4500 loan in the VRUS return, and I may very well be misreading something, but in one part it looks like BK made the loan, and in another it looks like he received it. Did I miss something? Also, what house in suburbia spends over $11k on utiities?

      • The $4500 loan was made in 2011, wasn’t it? I haven’t read the VRUS return, yet, as I’m only able to spare about 10 minutes every hour or so.

        It looks to me as if the loan is just sitting on the books, not being paid back.

        No house in suburbia spends $11k on utilities. Not even if you put gas, water, garbage, and electric all together. Not even if you run a mini server farm in your basement (and where would they find the room?).

        Like the $14,000 for telephone in the JTMP charge. It’s completely nuts, and makes no sense whatsoever.

      • Both entities share the same physical address. Awfully high overhead for roommates, in my opinion.

      • @ A Reader, Wehn local utilities, especially municipally based ones, see bills that high; they get flagged and sent to law enforcement for further review. UI&B, you can grow tomatoes real well in a basement if you have enough grow lights, but those things pull alot of wattage 😉

    • Hmm, before he started blowing people and things up, and eating the Presidential Seal; what was it that TDPK got in trouble for????

      If only I could remember…

      Something to do with Dan Quayle…


    • Brett Kimberlin has both an office in Cabin John and a desk in mommy’s basement, so we are writing about utilities for two suburban houses. However, his home office, his desk, is a tiny fraction of the footprint of mommy’s house.

  13. Interesting factlette: The seeds of Lycopersicon esculentum and <Cannabis sativa are some of the only organic material that can survive the digestive processes of municpal wastewater treatment? It’s true. They have to spray the drying beds to keep the sprouts from maturing.

  14. I hope those of you with the professional skills to thoroughly examine the 990 farce will take the time to compile your findings and forward them to our gracious host, Mr. Hoge, and also to Mr. Walker (http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com). I wish I could help, but like so many, many things, such an exercise is way over my head. 🙂

  15. JTMP – occupancy costs $12,600
    VRUS – occupancy costs $6,280
    Total occupancy costs $18,880

    Do these organizations have a physical store front office space or is someone charging them for subletting in a home, apartment, etc?

  16. If I remember correctly, it was Neal R. that was rubbing his hands in glee about getting access to all the disclosure in these cases

    Apparently he forgot disclosure goes both ways, and only hurts you if you have something to hide.

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