39 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Considering how much sense he generally makes, translation to any particular cyrillic language doesn’t much make things harder.

    • For the language impaired: “Why doesn’t Schmalfeldt by the hatred and duplicity he displays, self immolate? The hand he extended to me in dishonesty by way of an agenda of hatred and attack against others. Thanks to our great God that His grace and Love rescued my soul from the clutches of Satan.”

  2. Reminds me of Kimberlin’s tall tales to Singer of his taking up Russian in prison through diligence natural brilliance and excessive talent while translating all the great Russian classics he preferred to read over the proles in the next cell over poring over the porn he sold them. Then later his very very young protege laughed at this and let on to Singer that he could say “hello and Goodbye” and “it snows” and that sort of thing but nothing much past that.

  3. Tell you what, Twinkie… consider this very reasonable proposition: the day you live by your own standards –
    Leave other people alone to read whatever blog they choose, as is their right;
    Do not harass or defame others, based on whatever standard you use to determine such against yourself (let’s call this one The Golden Rule);
    Do not attempt to make online contact with anyone who does not wish to communicate with you;
    Do not use any insulting names or pejoratives toward anyone else under any circumstances, unless you would be comfortable with someone using that same epithet in reference to you, your wife, your parents or your pets (and let’s call this one The Golden Rule Part 2).

    If you can manage to do that – if you can manage to behave like a normal adult with a modicum of self-control for just ONE DAY – I will leave you alone to return to all those destructive patterns of behavior that you so despise in others.

    If not…

    I may be bipolar, but I’m not the psychopath you think I am, Bill.

    It’s a lot worse than that.

    Unless I’m as big a liar as you are.

  4. I would just like to point out that viewing the page through google translate Latin -> English, Richard M Nixon is displayed as “Richard Nixon 1000”. Like a freakin’ TERMINATOR. Made me lol.

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