Brett Kimberlin, Racketeer?

It appears that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has reverted to being The Dread Pirate Kimberlin and has taken steps to attempt to achieve control of the National Bloggers Club. Since TDPK alleges that the NBC is a racketeering enterprise, I suppose Kimberlin intends to add its nefarious operations to his existing suite of corporate entities.

Also, is he now suing himself?

This may get to be interesting.

209 thoughts on “Brett Kimberlin, Racketeer?

  1. Certainly a surprise, but certainly not a slam dunk. IANAL but I can’t imagine an incorporation filing automatically transfers any assets, controlling authority of anything other than the company name in the state of Texas, and a variety of other things.

  2. Typo – “intends.”

    Yes, it will get interesting, but not in the way BS, noted criminal, civil and business law expert, seems to think.

    Hey! Maybe BS should follow the advice he just gave you!

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse
    If I were talking to Hoge, I would suggest now is a good time for a good criminal attorney because he may be facing jail time.
    8:11 AM – 7 Mar 2014 ·

  3. At this point, I can hardly wait to see the second amended complaint. I have to run out for some more popcorn.

  4. It is really bizarre what utterly idiotic ideas ACME Law comes up with. For people who are supposedly such experts in law, their understanding of the most basic principles is always completely backwards. What the morons at Team Kimberlin are proposing doing has a name. Fraud and theft.

    But criminality is what they are best at, and bragging about criminality is the bottom line of all their bizarre fantasies.

    • Exactly. Ali should alert his business partners, financial institutions, and the authorities of potential theft and fraud.

  5. As I predicted this morning, BS descends into the depths: “Schmalfeldt continued to demonstrate that he is closest to his sweaty-palmed Happy Place when he is describing degradation of others….”
    And it isn’t even noon EST!

    “Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse
    As far as the issue of assets, I doubt anyone WANTS @rsmccain’s jizz and spit covered keyboard…8:43 AM – 7 Mar 2014”

  6. It just struck me that BK and Acme law perhaps thought they might, among other things, grab the name and fake service on the entity in the complaint.

    Now it turns out they’ve only tried to nab the name, though still providing, in other contexts, proof of general bad faith and sneaking malice.

  7. Oh, this is awesome. Have BS and Xenophon just confirmed that Xenophon is BK? This “has been in the works for over a year,” and Xenophon accepts praise for taking domain names and registering them to Velvet Revolution and/or BK? Quick, screen shots everybody!

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse 2h
    I know this has been in the works for over a year, and today your hard work has finally borne fruit. Great job, @X3n0ph0n!

    Xenophon ‏@x3n0ph0n 8m
    Thank you, it would not have been possible without your efforts. @DementiaHouse

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse 1m
    @x3n0ph0n We each give to the best of our abilities. I’m ready to serve in whatever capacity I may be best used as we move forward.
    8:54 AM – 7 Mar 2014 ·

    • Interesting that Bill uses “serve” and not “help”. Goes with what we were talking about on the other post, about how he is really most comfortable with an extremely strict hierarchy, with himself seemingly on one of the lower rungs.

    • Nice to see the Blob so willing to be “used” by Kimby. Not like he hasn’t be “used” by a lot of other guys already……..

      • Seriously, this has been a good week for Team Lickspittle. We know that Xenophon is not BS. We now have evidence, via Xenophon’s own tweets, that Xenophon is BK. BS has provided further evidence that he is closely associated with BK and BU. We have commenters over at BU and on Twitter suggesting taking over NBC assets through what could be construed to be fraudulent means. It sure seems like BK is now suing himself or one of his nonprofits, not sure which at this point. And Friday isn’t even over. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    • Hahahaha what’s his neck is complaining about that assumption. What would be worse is that they did it without clearing it, and think they have done BK a favor.

  8. @DementiaHouse yep. What it really means is if those clowns collect one more dollar under those names they,re committing fraud.— 01uǝzıʇıɔx (@Xcitizen10) March 7, 2014

    BK has applied to take the name, but has not succeeded in taking control of the name in Texas, or anywhere else.

    • We know that, but the idiots at BU and certainly the “World’s Stupidest Man” haven’t figured it out yet. Old Xidiot tried to tell them that the paperwork was just an application but you know how Schmalfeldt is…….

      • X10 does seem to be acting like they already have all the rights, or at least wants BS and us to think so. I suspect his/her comment that the papers shown were applications was an error on his/her part, not that BS would ever notice.

      • Applications can be denied, you know.

        I suspect this application is just another harassing move.

        Also, without a doubt, another distraction from filing either JTMP’s or VRUS’ 2012 – or preparing the 2013! – 990’s.

        Where are the 2012 990s?

    • Is “Pundit Syndication” registered as a 501(c) of any sort? Can we see their 990?

      Oh, wait! VR hasn’t yet filed its 2012 990! Never mind.

    • Dated last year and is simply a 120 day registration to reserve the name. By the time the 120 days expires, the reservation (if properly dated THIS year) will be rejected because a corporation with that name exists.
      Any fool can file a request a 120 reservation of the name Coca-Cola and it will be accepted. Trying to register a corporation of that name will be rejected because that name is already assigned to a corporation. Too bad these fools are so damn stupid!

      • Still, the fact remains that it is Velvet Revolution and not Kimberlin making application. IOW, Velvet Revolution is acting against Kimberlin’s nemeses because BK and VR are one and the same. Do you see anything here that would involve what they’re trying to do?


        Mission Statement: Velvet Revolution US Inc. (Velvet Revolution) is a non partisan 501(c)4 organization founded for the purpose of providing a means for citizens and organizations to mobilize and create a clean, transparent and accountable government. Velvet Revolution focuses on election protection, media reform, and corporate and government accountability. It uses various means to shine sunlight on these issues, including working with whistleblowers, social media, law enforcement officials, and members of Congress. Velvet Revolution was co-founded by Justice Through Music and The Brad Blog, and it is a 501(c)4 activist, education and lobbying organization.

    • WTF?

      Do these idiots not know that LLC is a specific term, with specific meaning? Do they not realize that the document they are filing is facially fraudulent?

      Their incompetence is frustratingly hilarious.

  9. You do know that the Texas may grant their corporation registration but they are all subject to review and rejection if another corporation with the same name exists.

  10. Ok, obviously I’m not a corp lawyer but several things jump out in all this mess
    1. IF the NBS is “dissolved” and BK using VR to files a request to use the name National Bloggers Club, IF it’s granted, he just has the right to use that name, he doesn’t actually own anything (accounts, registrations, donor lists etc) that was owned by NBC under Ackbar.
    2. Google is your friend, Ackbar can easily update the paperwork, pay a fee, IF there is a problem of owing taxes, pay them and it’s his again.
    3. pretty sure BK (*** redacted in order to NOT help BK in any way ***) complaint…

    like I said I’m not a lawyer but I think Team Kimberlin has really screwed itself….

  11. The human wart confirms he is catcher and not a pitcher while also confirming he is acting as part of a TEAM. Way to go Mensa boy!

    • Yep, he’s a credentialed JOURNALIST!!! utterly willing to serve his master in whatever way the master desires.

      • I cannot believe that a lawyer like Zeese gave the green light to do all of this. As you said, this has assured the inclusion of certain nonprofits in the suit if it is not dismissed. BS is in the hole and he just keeps on digging.

      • Unless both NBC and Ali Akbar are dropped from the case due to TDPK’s inability to show cause why they shouldn’t be. While I like watching his case fall apart, the way it crumbles could deprive us in the Peanut Gallery of some serious lulz.

  12. just had a thought…
    WHEN Ackbar shares the updated status that NBC is still his and not BK’s, the meltdown will be EPIC!!!

    • We’re about to head out to the grocery store, I’ll make sure to have some popcorn and ice cream (I’ve got a cold so a sore throat). And hot chocolate. It should be an interesting time.

    • Rain, I just got in from work and missed the entire soap opera today, is it possible to get the info?

      If its a problem, don’t worry about it.

      • if you read thru the thread you’ll get a good idea of what’s up, basically BK is claiming thru Twinkie that Ali lost National Bloggers Club (NBC) due to tax forfeiture by the state of TX dissolving it, and that BK had bought/taken it….
        BK supposedly has only filed for the business name ( I haven’t seen any evidence that this is true) and even if he has, it’s just the name not the actual corp that Ali was running (ali ackbar btw), which is being sued as THE key player in the Rico madness. Texas state law allows Ali to get reinstated quite easily (which everyone in Team Kimberlin would know if they just took 5 mins to google the subject). Twinkie’s claim that all assets of NBC are now BK’s are just wheel spinning bullspit, as are his and other travelers ideas of taking over any of the other blogs associated with NBC. BTW Ali tweeted that his lawyer needed to update the paperwork and pay a fee and everything will be fine (which is the truth much as team kimberlin is deluding themselves it isn’t)
        In his haste Twinkie changed his twitter name (yeah, again) to reflect what he thinks now belongs to his boss and has been making twitter threats about Ali using the name NBC. He has also lost the dementiahouse ID cause someone else snapped it up as soon as he changed his ID.
        not having been back on Twitter for a few hours, not sure what other developments there may be…

        Anyone else, feel free to correct/change/add info 🙂

  13. i don’t think he’s happy, gone silent since he realized he lost his demntiahouse tag…. probably penning a ‘scathing’ email to twitter support

    • just wait till he finds out all the shit he was spouting this morning is just that, shit, and BK aint got nothing as far as NBC is concerned…

      he might meltdown so bad there’ll be another “I’m leaving FOREVAH!!” post…

      • screen cap EVERYTHING so when Bullspit Billy tries to memory hole it, he can be reminded of how incredibly stupid he’s been….

      • And Matt Osborne, VOSF, WhoIsNumberNone, etc. Mr. Nixon has read the statutes and is explaining. They are ignoring and ridiculing. This will be awesome to use in the future.

      • If you check my twitter TL you’ll see Matt Osborne is spouting too and has bult some traction with their false narrative with a few consertives who have fallen for team kimby’s line of bullspit and false narrative. I’ve been forced to block several people.

    • I foresee by next Monday night, a string of tweets where in BS attempts to claim it was all just a joke and how silly/stupid/dumb/moronic the lickspittles were in taking it seriously… o.O

      • He tweeted abot being President of something or other and ruling with an iron fist. They are all delusional would be tyrants.

      • That’s what yesterday’s #CabinBoyDeathPoem was – complete horse crap.

        I wouldn’t believe the Tremulous Turd Burglar if he told me water is wet.

    • but there is nothing going on between Brett and Bullspit Bill, they are just really REALLY good friends…


      • I tell lawyer friends about this, and they literally cannot believe it until I show it to them. It’s like watching a train wreck, it really is.

    • I hope that everyone thanks Cabin Boy for establishing a prima facie case for corporate piercing against VR and JTMP when sanctions are awarded against TDPK.

    • And he will be slapped with a trademark infringement case by the National Broadcasting Corporation owner of the trademark “NBC Radio”. They have very deep pockets and very prickly and aggressive attorneys …

  14. So this is strange. Kimby is now suing himself! Really! He just filed his Second Amended Complaint and names the National Bloggers Club. Which we have all been told by the soooooper genius Schmalfeldt that Kimberlin now “Owns”. How about it Billy? Why is Kimberlin suing himself? If he owns the National Bloggers Club as you have repeadetly tweeted today, why on earth would he include them as a defendant in his just now filed Amended Complaint? Got an answer for that?

  15. Geez, that’ll teach me to go to work.

    I expect to come here and read more about the Stranahan/Darby “COLLAPSE!!!”, but now I see that are doing their best “LOOK OVER THERE! SQUIRRELS!!!” with something called the National Bloggers Club.

    Why should I care about the “NBC” when I never heard of it before?

    • It is a defendant in BK’s law suits, and is run by Ali, another defendant in the suits. It sponsors BlogBash at CPAC. 99.9999% of everything you will read at BS’s and BU is legally incorrect.

    • Bullspit Bill had to find another bone to run with since both Stranahan and & Darby seem to have blown him off

      as usual everything he has claimed today is wrong…

    • You MUST CARE about the National Blogger’s Club because the Cabin Boy DEMANDS IT!!

      IT PAYS ATTENTION. Attention. Paid. Now. Or I will make pay attention.

      It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  16. What’s all this fuss about somebody being a mouseketeer?!? There is nothing whatsoever with someone wearing funny ears and singing along to TV!! More of America’s senior citizen youth should be mouseketeers. Eh? Whats that? Racketeer? Never mind.

    • I was kind of surprised to see that in there too. Was also surprised to see his liberal use of documents that have never been unsealed by a court to use in his motion. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think you can include sealed documents without permission from the court.

      • so basically in his last (very last) chance to amend his complaint, BK has just given the judge even more reasons than have already been previously filed for it to be dismissed?

        O.o, not even really surprised…

      • Put down all drinking vessels prior to reading this….

        34. When Aaron Barr in February 2010 bragged to the Financial
        Times that he had penetrated Anonymous and was going to take down their
        leaders, Anonymous responded by publishing more than 50,000 ofHB Gary
        emails that exposed the existence of Team Themis. Several of the documents
        and emails showed a multi-million dollar operation to destroy Plaintiff, his
        employer and other organizations and activists. This operation was ordered
        by the Chamber of Commerce, and its Washington, DClaw firm Hunton &
        Williams was the conduit between the Chamber and Team Themis. Team
        Themis gathered massive amounts of data about Plaintiff, which was shared with lawyers at Hunton & Williams and vice versa.
        Team Themis illegally
        scraped social media sites associated with Plaintiff such as Facebook and
        prepared dossiers on Plaintiff and his Facebook friends and others. They
        proposed to secretly install illegal mal ware on computers, to create a
        disinformation campaign, to create false documents, and to destroy the
        funding of Plaintiffs employer.

        So why isn’t “Team Themis”, the CoC, etc named if they were behind a multi-million dollar operation to destroy Plaintiff?? The man is seriously nuts with this.

      • Oh, Frankie, are you serious?

        True story: Appellate law clerks received a brief alleging conspiracies by the Bureau of Prisons and its nurses. A conspiracy, appellant claim, to make everyone think he was crazy. Law clerks looked at each other and nodded knowingly when they got to the part that said the nurses were trying to slip him stuff to kill him, and he finished off with “BUT I’M NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” In caps, with lots of exclamation points. Uh-huh, right buddy.

  17. And I think I just came across a leftist sock —–> @Joe4TruthTGDN
    This guy sounds like a leftist trying to sound conservative or libertarian. Beware and expose.

  18. When Twinkie finds out this was all just bullcrap that he fell hook, line, and sinker for, his head just might explode….

  19. This is just weird.

    Even if the company name is in “forfeit” AFAIK, many (most?) states have rules that specifically prohibit claiming the name for a period of *years* specifically to prevent this type of corporate trolling. (After all, owning a corporate name doesn’t give you rights to the previous corporations assets, but it does create confusion.)

    Heck, my dad dissolved a INC to form an LLC sole proprietorship, and couldn’t even use the same name because of the rules in our state. He had to use a new name and a DBA.

    • Yes, and so does Texas. Mr. Nixon tried valiantly to explain this on Twitter, but they just called him names and laughed at him. I looked it up. He’s right.

  20. false flag op
    BS and assorted minions repeat all day that BK now has NBC and that “Ali is committing FRAUD!!” in order to damage the NBC….

    • It means that the corporation can be revived under another section of the act (in Section 7) that the corporation continues for a minimum of three years, that during that time or longer if the corporation is named in a civil tort, and that the corporation name cannot be assumed by another party during this time. The only thing that has been shown to date is a screen cap that a request to reserve the corporate name “National Bloggers Club” has been filed, such request is a 120 day hold, during which period the proposed corporation that wishes to do business under that name must file incorporation papers as such. Merely filing under that name after securing the 120 day reservation of the name does not guarantee the ability to incorporate under that name nor do business under that name. That only happens after the Secretary of State accepts the filing and confirms and certifies such by issuing documentation and corporate seal to the entity. None of which occurs. The shown documentation is also dated retroactively to 2013.
      None of what the idiots have done will succeed because it all is untimely.

  21. Another sock —> Jason Campbell ‏@PatriotWhistle Had not tweeted since April 9 of last year. All of a sudden, starts tweeting today, claims to be leaving CPAC, etc. Guess what he’s tweeting about? Hi, Team K!

    • If you’re on Twitter, it might be a good idea to expose these clowns who are really socks for the other side.

    • He hasn’t tweeted in forever until today, but there is a lot of non Team K stuff ther; the IRS, Benghazi, etc seem to make up a lot more tweets than the BK questions.

      • True. I’d forgotten about that until you wrote that. It seems in most cases to be an awful lot of effort for minimal reward.

    • Sock puppetry that is so crudely done, as if the one behind it was almost human but can’t quite completely mimic a human … who else but Neal?

  22. BTW did anyone catch Mr “I’m dying DYING!!!!”Twinkie go on about how he has the time to run NBC for BK?? O.o

      • but now he can run a national blogging club, on top of tweeting and blogging himself??
        gee someone might should notify Social Security, apparently Bullspit Bill is no longer disabled…

  23. When Billy and Willy get through fighting over their new corporate titles will you please post a copy of your incorporation papers? We’ll then concede to your good fortunes.

    • yeah, actually I’d like to see that myself, much better proof of what is going on than a screen cap that conveniently leaves out the “click here to reinstate” link…

  24. I think Chemtrails are having an effect on what diminished mental capacity of Team Kimberlin remains.

    • Well, considering that all that “Team Themis” stuff is purely hallucinatory, we need some explanation.

      Though I’d go with too many hours in NR’s company, and a desperate need to get out, more.

      • Neal’s mental illness left a trail of manure throughout that complaint. It sounds loonier than the earlier versions. Its hilarious that given a last chance by the judge, BK doubles down on the insanity and makes the complaint even easier to dismiss for incoherence.

  25. I haven’t seen the amended complaint, but if it is true that there is Team Themis bullcrap in there, then now we know that Neal is in control of Brett. Hi Neal! Hi Brett!

    It is starting to appear that this suit is more about ZAPEM/Michelle and Neal’s paranoid fantasies than it is about Brett.

    I wonder what Neal knows about Brett that allows him to control Brett in such a way?

    • Yes, a lot of Team Themis stuff has been added to the front of the complaint. It should be on Recap now so you all wanting a free copy should be able to find it there. It is 85 pages for the red-lined (well bolded) version, so $3 on PACER.

      • I’m looking on Recap, but maybe I’m not searching properly, because I can’t find anything regarding this case right now. If anyone has suggestions how to find stuff with recap, or which search terms I should be using…..

      • I am not sure what is going on at RECAP, many of the case files show the RECAP logo in PACER so are in the RECAP data base and I have gotten a few through there clicking on the links in the docket to get them for free but I have never found them via direct search in RECAP. I am a complete novice at this so maybe I am just entering the wrong terms. I also do not know how long it takes documents to show up in the database, but at least the older documents should be their. I signed up for PACER and RECAP last week. Not hard to do and although PACER does charge for the downloads up to $15 per quarter is no charge. So far I owe $1.40.

      • I took my version private, and I see Hoge has uploaded a redacted version on the front page. Get it there.

  26. DOH’
    can’t believe it took me this long to question the timing of all this….OF course there was no way Ali could really answer any of the crap being slung today and Team Kimberlin and minions knew it…

  27. BS is now backpedaling. Earlier today, BK owned everybody and everything. Now, just the names. He must have done a little reading. And he keeps saying BK owns the names, when that’s not what the paperwork says.

    • And to take the names, BK will be required to pay the delinquent taxes owed if he wants the names. Texas doesn’t care who pays but someone has to pay for the names. Friend of my mine is a corporate attorney in Houston and the state will not release the names until the taxes are paid.

  28. Pingback: Brett Kimberlin gets his Lyndon LaRouche grove on… | Batshit Crazy News

  29. So what we have here is a hostile takeover…Acme Law style. I am amazed I tell you.
    IANAL and I don’t follow their logic. Must be too brilliant for lil ole me.

  30. Kimberlin is so far getting his way in this suit, 20 some parties have wasted time and money responding to the first amended complaint, now they have to spend more time and money responding to the second amended complaint, even if the Judge chucks the case and awards attorneys fees and costs, what are the chances of anyone actually collecting any money?

    • if he has to pay directly to the court, better than you might think. The court doesn’t like to be jerked around when it comes to $$, he’ll either pony up or go back to jail…

  31. I’ve only gotten to page 10, Paragraph 37, and I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. What is “online gang activity”? I asked my husband if he had ever heard of it, and his only comment was that the mind boggled.

  32. so with leaving National Bloggers Club as a named defendant, and yet having his minions on Twitter crow about how BK now owns NBC, he’s in effect suing himself….
    no one is that dumb, but it’s a bit of heads up that today’s bullcrap was just crap…

    I’m so looking forward to how Twinkie spins it when he finds out he ain’t gonna be running anything let alone the NBC for BK….

    stock up on your favorite snack food people, meltdown could happen as early as Sunday, but prolly by Monday afternoon…

  33. I see he is back to peddling the old “I was assaulted by Aaron” lie. Actually this time around he claims he was battered so badly that he lost days of work. We’ve all seen the tape. We all know he is lying. How does he think he is going to get that past a judge when there is a video that directly contradicts his story?

    • It’s not just the video. Didn’t he try having Aaron charged with assault back when it happened and it got thrown out, or Aaron actually won? Either way, you’d think it would make it hard to claim as a cause of action.

  34. I hope I’m not the first to notice that “Themis” is an anagram of “shit me.”

    I shit you not.

  35. And he’s also saying that the 100 lawsuits claim is false. Except that he is on record as saying he has filed over 100 suits.

    • I hit enter instead of delete; I realized I wanted to say something different. Obviously it’s getting late. I’ll just read this delusional fairy tale, laugh, and try to get some sleep.

    • its like he thinks the judge will read what he has written and rule in his favore, without hearing/seeing any actual proof of what he alleges OR listening to the defendants in any way shape or form…


  36. Really, last comment. Kimberlin keeps going on and on about his employer. Isn’t his employer the non-profit he runs, making him his own employer? If he is his own employer, how would contacting said employer convince them to fire him?

  37. I notice that the amended complaint relies a lot on “imputed statements” and that, to solve the previous complaint’s problem of failing to specify what defendant X did, this amended complaint frequently just says that every named defendant did a certain thing without alleging any facts supporting that blanket charge. Weak. Finally, does anyone know whether this time the complaint properly subjects BK to penalties for perjury; did he properly swear this time?

      • John, he obviously doesn’t consider Twitchy a new defendant, believing they have been a defendant all along and properly served by his forged subpoena. This delusion is layers and layers thick. Between Neal and Brett (and probably much consumption of Brett’s favorite herb) they have come up with a paranoid schizophrenic’s version of reality. Poor Judge Grimm!

  38. I really REALLY hate to be the one to bring this up, but further reading today (inbetween getting stuff done) has shown that a business name becomes up for grabs the same day a corp is dissolved, so it is possible BK was able to snatch the name “National Bloggers Club ” for his own use, but that’s all, just the name. Ali can still reinstate the corp, but if the name it was under has been incorporated by another party, (as BK is saying he has done) then Ali will have to choose a new suitably different name….

  39. Seriously? No one will tip this thread to 200?

    I dedicate this post to Dr. Manhattan. He’s enormous, has blue balls, and has unusual effects on the people closest to him.

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