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  1. Enjoy yourself! Bring back some good stories.

    And keep a watchful eye for creepy men in keffiyeh with cameras.

  2. Calling all Lickspittles.

    I was unfortunate enough to be offline at the time and I missed the #CabinBoyDeathPoem.

    Anyone who has screencapped it or saved it in some other way, please reach out to me via Twitter or email. I would LOVE to see it!

    Thanks very much.

  3. fyi his new twitter handle has been located, however I’m holding on to it to see how much of a fool he makes of himself before releasing it.

    • As long as he contents himself with promoting his radio station, and doesn’t start obsessively reading Mr. Hoge’s comments and making nasty comments about them and us, I’m fine with it. The break from the drama is nice, if only because I’ve got stuff to do today and don’t need distractions luring me away from the boring mundane stuff.

      • I agree with Librarygryffon, as long as he’s not starting up with Hoge/ Hogewash commentors on Twitter, let him stew in his own juices…

      • Even if he does do those things there’s no reason to interact with the goop. Let him ratchet up, he’ll make some stupid error that makes life difficult for his bomber buddy.

      • jeeeez, not even a full 24 hours from “I’m leaving forevah!!!” to back to tweeting bullshit again, at least it isn’t directed at Hoge…yet

        funny how BS spent over a year going on and on about how Stranahan was al liar, grifter, and scam artist who can not be trusted when his blogs are about BS or BK, but since he’s blogging about something BS thinks he can use to hurt others in the NBS he’s all about supporting truthful reporting…as long as its not about him of course…


    • I’m guessing it won’t be long. He has a new “COUNTDOWN OF DOOM!!!!!11ty” on his site again. Set for 3 PM Eastern Time. Wonder if that’s when Kimby set the timers for this time?

      • Like that’s a surprise? I’m amazed that he hasn’t been publicly starting to melt down already. It’s been over 18 hours.

    • “fyi his new twitter handle has been located, however I’m holding on to it to see how much of a fool he makes of himself before releasing it.”

      Bobo – Lemme guess. Imabutthead or 24/7buttstuff.


    • Bobo, what’s he talking about? I can’t imagine he’ll like conversing with himself for too long.

      • He’s trying to gin up some conspiracy involving Stranahan. Go figure. He is back on Twitter under his @dementiahouse name. Not even 24 hours since he “quit” twitter for good.

      • no need to expose the other name yet, nothing important on it. I’ll hold it over Twinkie’s head, maybe he will behave

      • Wait, is that the account you were talking about? Because I checked not long after I read your comment and it was disabled.

    • It takes a special kind of insanity to not be embarrassed about these continual “I’m leaving!” histrionics.

      • I was searching for a tweet by someone else today when I ran across one of his MAJOR EVENT SHUTDOWN FOREVER posts from Feb. , I think. I laughed and laughed.

      • Cleaning up my rss fields, I came across (and backed up) the wreckage of all of Twinkie’s failed sites. Luckily all the crap he posted (res judicata baby) is still there, and now saved, to rise again to bit him in his unusually large and lumpy arse.

    • what are you back doing government work? i know you are still living off of hard working peoples money, but you can’t even keep your mouth breathing ass up past 5pm?

      • He is saying that Stranahan was fired from “Breitbart Texas” what ever that is. Lee publicly quit Breitbart a long time ago. He was doing, IIRC, a podcast with Brandon Darby. Not sure if it was a paying gig or not, but apparently he is not doing it anymore. I would not take the Cabin Boys word on why since he lies only slightly less frequently then Kimby does in his court filings.

        In the Cabin Boys fetid mind, this amounts to some huge rift in the blogsphere and the space time continuum. It might require that he be probed by Kimby 3 times this week instead of 2. And that Kimby will be victorious because……well because the Cabin Boy appears to be bat sh*t crazy

      • Breitbart.com launched breitbart-texas and breitbart-london earlier this year. Stranahan left Breitbart last year to do his own thing, but came back on board when the new Texas site was launched. Of course, at that time, IIRC, BS claimed he’d been fired. Except that today, Stranhan is saying that he was fired this morning for reporting that he did on Tea Party money going to establishment republicans plus a democrat congressman. If you go to stranhan.com, you can read the stories, and you can see what he is saying on his twitter feed. At this point, not much is known besides what Stranhan has tweeted.

      • And “A Reader” manages to convey in a clear and concise manner what the “trained journalist” Cabin Boy could not using far more words. And for that, we thank you

      • I don’t follow Lee so I missed all his tweets yesterday, but apparently today it was mentioned the problem is between him and Darby, not him and Breitbart News itself

      • Lee and his wife were viciously savaged by BS in the most horrible of manners.

        That said, I’m not surprised Lee was fired, I am also not surprised nor trust the accuracy of anything Breitbart.com says or Lee says.

        Don’t take this wrong but when in this LAst election cycle we have Dan Patrick THE MAN WHO FOUNDED THE TEA PARTY IN 2004, made a group called clout, who sued the state of Texas and changed the course of overspending forever, the same man got Bill Maher kicked off the air, was one of the very small group of people who launched Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham’s career – are now being called along with the most conservative governor in American History Rick Perry – and David Dewhurst – when these people are routinely called liberals and establishment, by Breitbart.com et al – all is lost.

        Stranahan seems to have made some very bad life choices,

        But Stranahan’s perceived investigative mistakes were genuine made out of an honesty a real unbiased jump to conclusions – Lee truly believes they were right or true but didn’t have the proof needed or thought he did. – contrast this with the doxie twitter fairy disguised in thin veneer of ombudsmanism.

      • ->EPWJ
        I also seem to recall some of Lee’s ‘jump to conclusions’ from the weinergate days that didn’t pan out. Not saying whether he is right or wrong now. Just think we should wait for the whole story.

        Amazing how BS is taking this as gospel now. Not really.

      • I had a twitter conversation with @stranahan today and he confirmed that he was fired from Breitbart today. The cause is apparently his tenacious reporting on the Tea party association funding irregularities (Money going to RINO’s; Dems; consultants etc )

        Breitbart were assholes for firing him for simply reporting the truth. Andrew Breitbart would have been all over this story and backing Lee 100% . Breitbart news has gone to shit since he died and has become what Andrew detested in the media.

      • Darby’s tweets are making this sound like a ‘Seth story’. Ask for money, don’t get it, start backstabbing. Probably will take a good while before this is all aired out. I am going to try to keep an open mind for now.

      • Another version I could see instead of simple backstabbing is that X asks Y for funding, Y says no, X wonders where funding is going (only human) because funding could be going to some other really good stuff, in which case X would say, “wish it was me, but those are real good causes too”. But then X uncovers what would seem to be irregularities. Just because there may be a personal angle doesn’t necessarily mean that X is wrong.

        So, a long winded way of saying that I agree with those who want to wait for more facts before jumping to conclusions. It sounds like there could be a lot more stuff to come out on all sides, and I’m not going to choose which side is right and which wrong based off of a few tweets.

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse 4m
    @wilsb8 @Xcitizen10 @stranahan I admire anyone willing to risk his economic ass for truth’s sake.

    says the dbag leaching off the government and hardworking citizens, with a so called ‘disability;

    • wait a minute, is BS actually saying he admires someone who over the last year or so he has claimed REPEATEDLY is a liar, grifter, scam artist for “telling the truth”?? O.o

      • Yes, but only after he apparently told Lee privately that he’d spare him the “indignation” of his “public support.” Which we all can see he said, since he posted the email exchange on the internet. And BS isn’t a liar how again?

      • yep..
        so apparently it’s only in his references to BS or BK that Lee is a liar, grifter, scam artist & not to be trusted… O.o

    • No, i just called you a pathological liar, as proven by fact, and your own words. nothing you say can be taken as truth.

      Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse 4m
      Karma, Bobo. Karma. Remind yourself that you just claimed Stage IV Parkinson’s is not a disability. pic.twitter.com/CvczlkaA2F

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse 1m
    Oh, btw. My parents are dead. I also have a dead sister, two dead adult brothers, and two dead siblings who never drew a breath. Have fun.

    did your parents have any kids that lived? or were they all sh!t stains on the floor like you?

  6. My parents are dead, too. So are a lot of people’s. I don’t get melodramatic on the internet about it, because I’m a grown up.

    As for the Stranahan situation, Ali, RSM, and WJJH are all at CPAC. Some of them haven’t tweeted or posted for hours. The fact that they haven’t responded with a speed to suit Bill Schmalfeldt means nothing given that (1) they are busy, and (2) they may be trying to get more info before they post anything. Oh, I don’t know, like the other side of the story, perhaps? Isn’t that what the SPJ recommends?

    • indeed, considering a lot of what Lee was tweeting yesterday was when a lot of people were traveling/checking in/ hanging out and NOT online there is a good chance many haven’t seen the tweets or heard anything yet.

      of course that is using logic which a certain someone has no clue about…


  7. Last night:
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DementiaHouse 23h
    To all my friends. This. I will be closing this account and ending my Twitter experience at 8pm ET. pic.twitter.com/8IvkDkIUTr

    I wish that had been true. Ever since he went live (in less than 24 hours), he’s been obsessively reading the comments over hear and frothing and stewing. I wish he’d put his energy and skills toward actually helping PD patients or something. I recently met the wife of an old friend, and she has developed PD. I actually looked up some of his stuff to get more insight into how PD patients feel. If only he’d use his powers for good….

    • Tomorrow is the day BK’s second amended complaint is due. I suspect that BS thinks it’s the bombshell the first one was. Or wasn’t. Thing is, a bunch of people have very good ideas about what will be in it, or at least what should be in it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of those people are the actual defendants, and in the end, they’re the ones who matter, isn’t it, not we lickspittles.

    • Besides the fact that I can think of 2, just 2, people that post here are at BlogBash. One is our host. (Who I really hope wins the award he is nominated for). So exactly who is he talking to? The voices in his head again?

      • I think he’s referring to people like Ali, and McCain. I’m sure in his warped view, the new amended complaint is so spectacular that the once the judge reads it he’ll decide all the defendants are guilty and demand they be arrested immediately!!!


  8. The irony of this “blockbuster” that Fat boy is gettin’ all jiggly about is that dare I say most of us would have no idea who Lee Stranahan is if he and, more importantly his family, hadn’t been attacked in the most obscene possible way by Bill “The Human Cesspool” Schmalfeldt”.

    Seeing just the info that is published, it looks like Lee has a story, and it needs to be investigated thoroughly. We’ll see if the conservative blogosphere follows up.

    That said, if Stranahan knowingly returned an email sent by the piece of human filth, I have huge problems with that. Or am I wrong about that?

    • I find it a bit hard to believe that Stranahan would’ve responded to anything BS may have sent it, but that is IF we believe BS when he says he did..
      and I don’t.

    • Oh, and Fat Willy, I did see your email from Stranahan on twitter. But if you would lie about death threats (I notice there’s been no action taken against anyone here) then you would lie about anything.

      Although actually faking those screencaps is probably beyond your meager abilities.

  9. It’s hilarious watching Fat Willy, trying to cozy up to Brandon Darby to get dirt on Stranahan hours after becoming Lee’s BFF, only to have Darby shut him down.

    One thing is for sure Willy, you ain’t no reporter. But you’re a hell of a back-stabber.

    • BS is trying to make it look like he is a conversation with Darby but he is just talking to Darby’s subtweets.

      • LOL, that was the best part of it. He’s pretending he’s interviewing him while Darby ignores him. Which is what Stranahan should have done if that email is true.

        That really hurts him in my book. How could you even acknowledge the existence of a piece of filth like Fat Willy after what he did to your family?

  10. I am not a fan of what Brietbart.com has become since Andrew’s passing. And while I have great sympathy for Stranahan and his family’s suffering at the hands of the criminal harrassment perpetrated by Cabin Boy on behalf of the terrorist, I am lukewarm on his reporting. But the idea that their differences is some earthshaking event is delusional.

    Like all of Cabin Boy’s bizarre fantasies.

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