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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has been given until close of business this Friday to file any further amendments to his complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. One reason he wishes to do so is that so much of his existing amended complaint has been gutted by the various motions to dismiss. As we wait this week for TDPK’s latest magnum opus, let’s review some of the better bits from those motions to dismiss.

Here’s a look at what Twitchy had to say about the summons and complaint they received.

Both the “Summons” and the “First Amended Complaint” Mr. Kimberlin mailed to Twitchy appear to be falsified. While the FAC on file with this Court does not include Twitchy among the 21 defendants in the caption, the FAC that Mr. Kimberlin mailed to Twitchy lists in its caption 22 defendants – “Twitchy” simply has been typed into the caption between defendants DB Capitol Strategies and The Franklin Center. Compare, Ex A (R.2, p. 1) with Ex B & its Tab 2, p. 1 (first page of FAC mailed to Twitchy). The version of the FAC mailed to Twitchy also lacks the header mark imprinted electronically atop each page by PACER upon efiling, marks that plainly are visible on the actual FAC. Id. It also is missing the “FILED” time-stamp affixed by the Clerk on its p. 1, Id. Obviously, the document Mr. Kimberlin mailed to Twitchy, and represented as being the FAC, is not the same document that is on file with this Court as R.2 – it has been doctored to add Twitchy to the caption as a defendant.

Similarly, the “Summons” Mr. Kimberlin mailed to Twitchy, and addressed to “Twitchy c/o Salem” purports by its electronic PACER markings to be p. 14 of the 18-page set of summonses the Clerk issued on November 12, 2013. Ex B & its Tab 1. However, page 14 of the set of summonses actually issued by and on file with the Clerk is the summons directed to co-defendant Aaron Walker. Ex C (R.4, p. 14 of 18). Mr. Kimberlin appears to have simply inserted Twitchy’s name and address in place of those of Mr. Walker, the intended recipient of the summons actually issued by this Court.

Have I mentioned that TDPK has been convicted of perjury and forging document? I think I may have.

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  1. Is anyone keeping track of the number of falsified, er marking errors, documents in this lawsuit? Several return receipts, this doc, and 3 or 4 others is what I recall. I wonder what the judge will say about this large number of accidental mistakes…

    • I am just hoping to finally have the judge drop the hammer on TDPK. Every time I think he can’t possibly try something so stupid, he surprises me and forges another easily caught document.

      • And, so far, has been getting away with it. The Show Cause order for the Twitchy summons should be a real hoot to read. Anyone know why the judge would not have addressed the falsified Amended Complaint that Kimby sent to Twitchy?

  2. These forgeries may not get Brett Kimberlin in trouble, this time, but each additional carefully documented “bite at the apple” is an irreversible ratchet step towards making it impossible for him to pull this in the future.

    A careful forensic audit of the 100+ cases he’s filed in the past would show up a gold mine of forged and improperly filed documents, I’m sure.

    Grind him down.

  3. It’s not just that he is being out lawyered, he’s stumbling on the “easy” stuff: Who am I suing? Did I mail each document on the right date with the right type of delivery? Shouldn’t I have one envelope for each of the parties? Will anybody notice if I add Twitchy? When was Twitchy sold?

  4. Check page 217 of Citizen K. I’m particularly interested in that lawsuit. How an incarcerated felon of no relation was allowed to file as “next friend” I’ll never understand. I would lay money down he didn’t play straight with the court.

  5. Dave,

    He was just trying to get attention from his lefty donors – he never had any intention of winning the case – just making it a underdog story.

    He’s a serial criminal, convicted of many things, competence is not an issue here but motive.

  6. Anyone have access to US News and World Report Archives through Lexis Nexis or an Educational database? They took down their quick-access archive link.

  7. New Show Cause Order for Kimberlin on why defendants should not be dismissed due to lack of service. National Bloggers Club, Ali Akbar, Lee Stranahan,, and Kimberlinunmasked

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