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sir robin shieldA famous Democrat politician once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” and running away is an appropriate response for a cowardly bully confronted by someone who won’t knuckle under.

When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled!

Unlike some places on the Interwebz, this site welcomes all visitors. Feel free to scroll around or use the search function to explore. If you like what you see, please keep coming back. If you disagree with something you see, leave a comment. Oh, and if you really like the site, please consider hitting my Tip Jar.

67 thoughts on “All Visitors Welcome!

  1. Why that’s just CRAZY talk! Who would want just anyone to see what they write? That could lead to people holding you to the truth and who wants that?? /sarc

  2. How many times does a person need to read this site before they’re stalking you? Asking for a friend.

  3. You publish and update material here with the expectations that people may read and comment. Amazing. I like what you are doing, keep it up please. I also hit the tjar with a wee bit.

  4. If reading and discussing blog posts and tweets is stalking and “fanning the flames,” why does BS admit he does it, every single day?

  5. Perhaps we should have an “Everyone Ignore Bill Schmalfeldt Day”, just to illustrate to Shaky McFullpants that we own him?

    Perhaps the Ides of March (for Bill, that’s the 15th)?

    Or sooner, to make the point.

  6. I actually avoid most BS discussions — but I should note: If someone spends hours on the Inertubes saying odd things, then someone else on the Interwebs mentions how dumb the first comment was…how harmful is that? If someone writes stuff for the ‘net, and others read it A LOT, then that’s just following closely.

    Some folks follow Mr. S. way too closely for my taste, but that’s their business.
    Now, doxing an anonymous private citizen just seems wrong. Screwing it up seems very wrong.

  7. As someone in another post observed, the current subject of interest is manifesting psychopathic abnormalities and in all probability has been identified as a person of interest by at least five different government entities.

  8. Amen Dave I gave him some space tried to reason with him tried to get him to understand that demonizing people is wrong, but Dave this guy tried to harm people directly so he said in his radio program and on the internet, tried to directly disrupt their lives, so he said on the internet and twitter – he just didn’t write things about people – he seemingly went and filed false charges against people, he tried to incite violence against people. He picked up the phone and knowingly told hugely exaggerated and made up stories to law enforcement and broadcast his intentions on his radio program to ruin people for standing up to a serial bomber who was suing people top shut them up.

    This isn’t a internet spat like the judge tried to marginalize his own guilt in letting it get to this point – BS tried to get people arrested, have families broken up in defense of nothing more than fantasies running around in his head.

    This is my opinion of what Bill was trying to do as he stated several times over many months of behavior.

    Its hard to say what to do with this guy report him to law enforcement? Report him to the interverse? What to do with a person who makes up stuff and is openly hostile

  9. I did try to sign up from my office server. I figured it was long odds, but what the hell.

    No go.

    Now I’m conflicted. Do I try to sign up from every free Wi-Fi hotspot in the tri-state area just to keep Mr. “I-Own-You-Dance-For-Me” hopping to my tune, or do I just ignore him and watch his readership drop to zero?

    • So he asks people to sign up then doesn’t let them sign up? What possible sense does that make? What is the endgame? To have a place where he can vent his spleen and get out all his sweaty palmed fantasies? He could do that in Notepad.

      • Remember, he is, at his core,

        1. a coward
        2. a bully
        3. scared spitless.

        This is a sadly transparent attempt to claim the tiniest bit of power of Hoge and the Lickspittles (who I saw open for the Dead Kennedys in 1983, by the way), by denying everyone access to his SOOOOOPER GEEEEENYUS.

        You’re right though – he might as well be writing on flash paper for all the good it will do him.

        I love the logic: I have a blog. I want other people to visit my blog. Everyone who visits my blog is a CRIMINAL STALKER.

        Conclusion: I should keep my awesome blog.

      • He is harassing you and trying to get your fired. Simple: note to your employer that he doxed you AND YOUR FAMILY. He posted a photo of your wife. He ridiculed your disabled son. Best of all? You have talked to local LEOs, and the guy is an adjudicated harasser. Mr. H. has helpfully posted a copy of the PO on his website, so you can show that to your employer. You can also tell them to google “Bill Schmalfeldt” and “anal rape enthusiast Bill Schmalfeldt.”

      • He also seems to assume that if you are on company property you are automatically on company time, forgetting that people have breaks and lunches, when they are allowed to do non-company stuff.

    • He invited people to join up and now he is saying by doing that you were spamming his website. Crazy is as crazy does.

    • 9 minutes from your post to his rabid tweet. you know he was just dying for an excuse to write about lickspittles again. I think he was running out of ways to bash Lee Stranahan. I mean, he actually had to start with Lee this morning and couldn’t get a good rant going about Mr. Hoge.

      The nerve of us Lickspittles not giving the Moldwarp his morning fodder!

      And he accuses us of “stalking”? He’s even more obsessive about checking this blog than all of us combined have ever been about his.

    • Ignore him. By going to his site you ennable his behaviors and delusions. Let his blog-hits drop to only his sycophants and sock-puppets (falsly inflated hits). My dormant blogs get dozens of links and hundreds of views and I haven’t published anything in almost a month. And those blogs were always very very minor league blogs with barely a couple of hundred hits per day combined. The best day for those blogs were Thursday, January 30, 2014 with 1,529 hits on Dead Citizen’s Rights Society, Friday, October 18, 2013 with 326 hits on Dead Republican Party and Sunday, October 13, 2013 with 310 hits on An Ex-Con’s View Revisited. Hardly exciting or earth shattering.

  10. What I want to know is IF and why BS admitted to viewing child pr0n:

    “Stranahan recently learned that Craig Gillette, an employee of the very-real JTMP, received a two-year federal sentence in 1999 for possession of a half-dozen images of nude females who appeared underage. They were on his computer in a cache of pornographic images and they were discovered when the drug flop where he lived got raided. Those pictures might just as well have been Stranahan’s own photography with childlike models, but in fact they were less disturbing than Stranahan’s “art.”’ (From BU site, which I wouldn’t go to without some protection. Title: Lee Stranahan and Aaron Walker Smear A Teenager’s Family And Try To Snuff Out Her Career )

    They “were less disturbing” than Stranhan’s photos of adult models? Please notice that BS is not quoting Craig Gillette, he is making the comparison for himself. Why was he viewing the photos of kids? Since he says they weren’t too disturbing, he is suggesting that he had access to those photos. How? Very disturbing that a guy who spends his day on the internet, has a fondness for photoshopping people onto male porn, seems to be admitting that he viewed these photos. I hope he takes the opportunity to clarify how he got this information, and whether he viewed the photos himself or he was quoting Gillette, in which case, there should be quotation marks around the quote.

    • Update: Bill Schmalfedlt has the good sense to respond to a QUERY that he saw by STALKING this blog, and confirms that he is not Xenophon, the author of the above noted piece. That’s good to know. I will take him at his word.

    • Please note the presence of the words “IF,” and of the phrases “I hope he takes the opportunity to clarify how he got this information, and whether he viewed the photos himself or he was quoting Gillette, in which case, there should be quotation marks around the quote.” I am thankful that he has acknowledge that “Xenophon” is NOT one of his many aliases. As a member of the SPJ, I am sure he will appreciate the fact that I asked him to clarify, and that I took him at his word when he did so.

      This leaves me with one big question: is Xenophon really Craig Gillette? Who else would have been in a position to view both Lee Stranahan’s photos and the ones for which Gillette was convicted?

    • CB’s BS arond Stranahan’s photos was where I first saw him mentioned as I was following Stranahan at the time. CB fixated on the photo of the model with the smallest breasts and then, under the excuse of making these suitable for all audiences, photoshopped in a Hello Kitty bikini top on the picture. Nice job of not trying to pitch the story the way you want it told Parky. That was the picture he used to try an damn Stranahan and report him to CPS.

      • funny, BS claimed in the past that he never called CPS about Stranahan, but tweets today that he knows that CPS got the unedited pic… O.o

    • Because he is a deeply stupid man that does not appear to know the meaning of the word “IF”.

      • I’m glad he admitted that he’s not Xenophon. Given (1) his penchant for aliases, the most recent being “Matthew Lillefielt,” and (2) his continued access to the BreitbartUnmasked traffic logs (IIRC, e.g., he used them to go after Patrick Grady and bragged about his continued access), I was not at all sure that he wasn’t “Xenophon.” In addition, we know that he has access to the BU servers or to someone who has access to them. He designed this stuff:
        But, remember: There is NO Team Kimberlin. None at all.

    • It’s a shame the don’t vet better, they could save themselves a lot of trouble having to bounce people all the time.

  11. Has the Blob talked about how the Gillette kiddie porn pics compare with the butt stuff he is really obsessed with?

  12. Aaaaaand he claims he has to shut down his blog because of Hoge not controlling Hogewash…again
    I call dibs on 2 days before it’s back, again.

    • good guys win!

      too bad its another stunt… part of his manic mood swings. Hoge pulling him out of his wheelchair and beating him (that might just be a fantasy of his)

      • round 2! Twitter gets taken down. and the internet breathed a sigh of relief, able to go on w/out this stink of Twinkie

      • well the real key is to find his new alias, on twitter and examiner. You know there is one. and he’s too stupid to keep it on the down low for long.

      • Oh he’ll be back, prolly with a new name to break the search links to the embarrasing stuff he’s already tweeted….
        he can’t go without the attention he craves for very long…

      • don’t worry, its all preserved, and as soon as he pops his vile head back up again, the truth will be shoved in to his face, and anyone stupid enough to work with him will know too.

    • Call the WAAAAAHBULANCE again. And tell them to restock on butthurt ointment.

      Poor guy. If only we would leave him alone to write mean things about us. The bully whines and cries about being hit back twice as hard. Boo hoo.

      The Cabin Boy’s tears lubricate my gun parts and strengthen my soul.

      They’re like a floor wax, AND a dessert topping!

      • We have a count down clock (doomsday clock!)…Fatboi says “something is going to happen” in a couple of days. I wonder if he can stay away from the Net that long? I am taking bets…it will only last until tomorrow morning. Anyone in?

    • He often takes his accounts private when he has doxed someone or has otherwise misbehaved. Given his efforts against Patrick Grady today, I wonder IF he got some blowback and did this to avoid a suspension.

      • exactly, kind of hard to claim someone is “stalking/harrassing” you on their employers dime, with evidence that shows the opposite right there on twitter for the employer to see…

      • I’ve got most of his tweets from the last two days archived, up to sometime between 1 and 1:30 this afternoon if anyone needs them. The joys of a nice Chrome app for screen shots.

  13. but seriously Librarygriffin has a good point, we really should just ignore BS, dont interact with him or respond to him on Twitter. I’m not saying we can’t talk about him *(within the guidelines) here or on Twitter, just dont respond to him in any way, and ignore him when he tries to creep into conversations, just cut out his handle when responding to others in the conversation…
    He “wants to be left alone” so let’s give him what he wants….don’t think it’d take 3 days before he’s directly tweeting various people desperate for attention.

    • Totally ignoring him and not even talking about him would work even better, though like the car wreck mentioned above it’s really hard to turn away.

      • actually I think continuing to discuss him and his master’s antics while denying him any interaction in the conversation (on twitter since he’s banned here), or at all (no replies to provocative tweets, cutting his handle out when he tries to creep into a conversation etc) would drive him crazier than he already is…
        after all the whole point of his stalking/harassment of Hoge it to make him (and the commenters by extension) shut up.

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