Prevarication Du Jour

A browser walks into a website, and the operator says, “We don’t like your kind. Your IP is banned.”parkypundit2013032346Z

The browser walks back in and says, “I have service via three different ISPs, personal, business, and business mobile. Guess which one I’m using now.”I'mBannedReading what someone has posted publicly is not stalking. Trying to stay aware of the wild accusations made by someone who has been harassing me for over a year is not stalking. If anything, I am the stalkee.


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    • Heh. I’m not letting his toddler like rage and anger (and transparent lies, both from himself and his sockpuppet ‘unibrow’) harsh my mellow. The truth shall set you free. I’m free from anger and hate. That does not mean I am free of disgust for disgusting things and people nor am I free from disliking certain people and actions. I am free from their hold and control over my life. Let the haters pour their hate on me and I am washed white as snow, for their accusations and twisted words shall reveal their own sinfulness and need for redemption. May God bless them and forgive them for I have forgiven them using Christ’s own words, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” I confess to frustration at their stubbornness in not recognizing their sinfulness even unto the danger of losing their souls.

  1. Given the bizarre actions of Shaky during the past few days as he continues to manifest serious psychological anomalies, it would appear that he is becoming dangerous not only to himself, but also to the community at large. His stalking and “outing” of an imaginary perceived foe in Florida without first verifying identity is not only criminal in nature, but a clear violation of his professed vocation as a “reporter” what Shaky has accomplished is to prove to all that he is the yellowist of yellow journalists. I pity those who are forced to reside with him as he clearly is now endangering their lives by his antagonistic behavior.
    Shaky is a textbook case of a psychopath, in my opinion, and is capable of even more bizarre anti-social behavior. I wonder where or who he picks it up from?!

    • Hee is treading thin ice. Florida has a very strict Criminal (Felony) Defamation/Slander ordinance. Florida also extradites from around the world for even misdemeanor criminal complaints. Last year (2013) Florida extradited a fellow from Australia for misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. All felony charged subjects are extradited to Florida, often with a county LEO flying to the location of the criminally charged individual with an arrest warrant from a Circuit Judge. Once on the ground, the local LE department is contacted and involved with execution of the arrest warrant, usually after a local Circuit Court Judge issues an arrest warrant of their own based on the arrest warrant issued in Florida. You can fight the arrest warrants and extradition but you’ll sit in jail while you do it. Zero sum game.

    • Last few days? He started this meltdown on Feb. 7. He has himself convinced that Alan Colmes was considering hiring him, when all Colmes did was retweet one of BS’s Shuler stories.

      • I like how he says that the “lickspittles” trolled the National Parkinson’s foundation. It was one tweet asking if they endorsed him because he was tweeting under the Parkinsons name. O.N.E T.W.E.E.T From that he asserts “trolling”. You can’t make up how stupid this man is.

  2. I also like how he has his ‘socks’ hold a faux conversation with him in the comment section. He also disingenuously refers to himself in the third person as ‘a reporter’. I need to double down on my prayers for him. If there is a spark of a soul left, the Holy Spirit needs to blow on that spark to re-kindle the fire of true faith. In order for that to happen, a change of heart must occur in Bill, said change can only come through prayer, that Christ rescue his immortal soul from the influences of Satan.
    (His false narrative regarding Brett and his depiction of me are skewed as well. As for the Kyle he identifies as @KyleKirnan, there is no evidence linking the two.) #FAIL

  3. So he’s going to ban every last IP that hits his blog?

    I know he quoted Stacy’s post on how to get a million hits on your blog; I guess he didn’t actually be bothered to READ it. I don’t think banning all your readers is one of the 5 rules.

    • Indeed. And he usually tweets at some lickspitlle when he emerges from an alias change. He cannot go without the attention. I also think this is a paid gig for him from BK and even though he enjoys it, he must do it.

  4. I’d guess that he would get more hits from “banned” IPs than the rest of his readers. But hey, who are we to say how to tank his page views… heck, he’s all the way back up to 121 Twitter followers! Good for you, Cabin Boy!

    • As of now there’s only one registered user on is site.

      That’s really sad, in a hilarious way.

    • And one like on Facebook.
      A normal person would get the hint and realize they were doing it wrong.


        This is clearly and obviously Hoge’s psychic manipulations preventing the leftists of the world from recognizing his SOOOOOPER GEEEEENIUS.

  5. He isn’t very good at keeping people out. I still have access.

    (But don’t tell Fat Willy, OK?)

  6. Fat Willy, why not just set up your website on your computer only? That way you can still post those hard-hitting articles, and yet you can be sure nobody else can read it.

  7. He must have been reading over here, because he’s made his site member’s only. You can see the header, but not the content.

    Of course he won’t have people seeing it so he can take offense that they’ve seen it.

  8. Oh dear. Once again he is banning Reputation Management companies from looking at his site. I wonder why he doesn’t want his traffic measured? He really is a very stupid man. He can’t even do an IP Lookup correctly. TROLLS! He screams while blocking companies that want to measure his traffic.

  9. Reference your article.

    A comment therein suggested a public mirror that could be used to monitor BS. Could you provide any links (at your leisure, of course)?



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