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As part of his rant against Paul Alan Levy, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is upset that he might be paid for his legal services.ECF 93 extractThere’s nothing unethical about a lawyer who is doing pro bono work being reimbursed (wholly or partially) by a third-party so long as the client is aware of the payment. Given that Ace has asked people to donate to Public Citizen and the ACLU, that issue doesn’t exist.

BTW, the DONATE button is still live at the Protect Our Elections website run by Velvet Revolution US. Considering that among the things funded by those donations are the frivolous legal filings made by the organization (e.g., a bar complaint against Justice Clarence Thomas), some lawyer may be getting paid by TDPK’s online fund raising.


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  1. I would like for Kevin B. Zeese and Jeffrey R. Cohen to explain their association with Brett Kimberlin’s “charities” and such frivolous legal filings.

    • So would I.

      Heck, just getting a serious look at any aspect of those “charities” would be interesting.

      • That is the crux of it. As they say, follow the money. It would be interesting to see if any of these cases move forward if anything comes of that aspect of it. If anything it would be fun to watch Rauhauser, Zeese and Cohen do a Barrett Brown on Brett and Cabin Boy. It’ll never get that far though.

      • What I find hilarious is that Rauhauser is expecting a big payday from Brett’s RICO case. Since he isn’t the plaintiff Neal must be shaking Brett down for a big percentage of the hypothetical “win” (sorry, I had a laughing fit typing that …).

    • Kimberlin might still be buds with Ciff Arnebeck too. His 2012 threshold grant to VRUS involved arnebeck a Columbus institute

  2. about 100%, he’s also indicting the entire tea party as well, 13,654 organizations, oh and Santa

  3. sort of surprised he hasn’t brought the Koch brothers in yet, given the left’s general obsession with them.

  4. Might as well post this here as well since it will never see the light of day over the Examiner article by TLKFAD about Mccain:

    “Sure didn’t take long for Schmalfeldt to turn your platform to his own harassment targets. Now when you boot him he’ll claim that you dumped him cause we harassed you. I suggest you keep him on but start a new news section, “Cranks, Morons, and Sociopaths Who Write For Us”. Put an entry disclaimer on entering the page and let them flog each other unconscious.”

  5. Poor Fat Willy doesn’t know that the “Front Page” of the Examiner doesn’t exist. Each front page is custom tailored to the users location and, if logged in, preferences.

    When I went to there was no McCain diatribe. I clicked through numerous pages and didn’t see it. The only way to find it was to do a specific search for “Stacy McCain.”

    • In a way it’s symbolic of his worlview. What he see’s is the only truth and therefore must be true for everyone. That’s why he’s got such definitional variance from what everyone else thinks. Used to be the prime sign you were dealing with a barbarian.

      • “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it; those who fail to learn history correctly-why they are simply doomed.”
        –Achem Dro’hm,
        The Illusion of Historical Truth
        CY 4971

        One of my favorite opening quotes from Andromeda

  6. Using this Kimberlin theory of conflicts, does that mean we should be able to boot Holder and the gang of GITMO prisoner butt kissing shysters he brought with him to the DOJ to the curb because on the surface they are now on the other side of the table from former clients?

    Asking for a friend.

  7. He’s blogging about Breitbart, Sarah Palin, McCain, The Tea Party, Zombie Tea Party Conservatives…and observes to the few readers of the McCain article that 110 words of McCain’s 325 word article were someone else’s. Hmmm. I wonder how much of Bil’s own writing is in that piece wherein he quotes McCain extensively.

    He also writes in the McCain piece that Ms. K. went back to Kimby. Strange that he didn’t use an affidavit from her in any of these proceedings, if that were true.

    Ain’t it a shame that of Kimberlin’s over 100+ press contacts he’s stuck with quoting his own Breitbart Umasked and BU’s “correspondent” Bill Schmalfeldt to lend legitimacy to his wacked out version of events…

    • And now he’s accusing Mr Hoge of using his blog to cost him (BS) a job he had a confidentiality agreement with?!?

      • In his delusional world, when he wrote his bio as he was applying for his blog on the website (try it, just go to the main page, mouse over the “log in” button at the top right, and you’ll see the “write for us” button, click on it), he wrote that he was using a fake name. He just assumes someone read that and was OK with it. From there he pulls “confidentiality agreement” from is already-ample arse.

      • Even if there were such and agreement, he (BS) broke it by linking his pen name with his own identity. Examiner didn’t do that, he did.

  8. KU, I was wondering the same thing…and all his lying, I don’t believe anything in the article.

  9. Dear

    Matthew Lillefielt is officially off your reservation. In short he’s posting claims about somebody who is “not me” based on shoddy research, fallacious logic, wild jumps in conclusions and a brain that may be under the influence of chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and possibly out of the fridge too long.
    Once again for the slow-witted writer category “not me”, note the negation.
    Your publication is your business but you might want to muzzle this pup before he craps the bed and causes trouble for you. Please note, the trouble will not be from me or caused by me (apparently its required to explicitly state these things since IQ’s took a sudden dip around there.).
    Have a nice day.

  10. Shorter Kimberlin: “Your honor! They keep doing things I don’t like. They tell people my bad stuff, and they don’t stop when I stomp my feet. I hatethemIhatethem!

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