14 thoughts on “Obama’s Crimean Policy

  1. Annnd Europe has been backslapping themselves into a small defense and large entitlement society – how’s that working out for ya guys?

  2. Come on you guys, you act like there’s some kind of “world crisis” or something. I mean, Obama skipped his national security briefing yesterday. How can their be a crisis?

    • Heh. Shades of the original Crimean war! Just like the original conflict in 1853, this conflict is rooted in the Middle East and Russia trying to exert control over other nations through strength of arms when political intrigue failed. The absence of the supposedly strongest nation on earth (America) from the conflict makes the Russian victory preordained. Only the US with it’s nuclear arsenal could restrain Russia from military adventurism in the region but pussy Obama is AWOL when the might of America is needed. Despicable!

      • Continue to extrapolate the old patterns. That which is lost through ego and pride and incompetence can always be bought back later through copious applications of blood and treasure.

      • Do you seriously believe any rational American president would threaten or even imply the threat of nuclear attack on Russia for an invasion of Ukraine?

        And it isn’t so much Obama being AWOL that concerns me. He is far more likely to get actively involved and make the most moronic decisions imaginable. In a year, we may be wishing he had only been AWOL. After all, his “leading from behind” have worked out so well so far…

        • True. An American President would simply tell Russia to stop or face actual consequences, from trade sanctions to blockade to ‘other’ consequences without blinking. We forced them to blink before and we can again, if (a big if) we had or have a President with both testicles and will.

  3. “He’s told Ukraine, “If you like your peninsula, you can keep it.””

    First, Obama consulted the lawyers.

  4. It’s a simulation, a replay of the Cold War but with actors who were doing very different things during the first go around. Putin was KGB. Obama was smoking pot, hanging out with Marxists in college, and likely pontificating with the Choom Crew on how he’d do things better than Reagan (which is to say, “accept” the USSR as was the style of the time). Putin knows this and it emboldens him, because back in the 1980s he was likely thinking of the next superior to stab in the back to climb ranks and how to maximize his power. This is what Putin has waited for. Obama just wanted the job to make some speeches and be told how wonderful he is. Sigh.

    • This will be interesting when we consider this confrontation is the first between a Marxist US president and a Marxist Russian president.

      What is the dialectic coming to…

      • Putin, to my eye, is not a Marxist. He’s capable of using that cant, if he must, but he’s more a warlord.

  5. We voters and taxpayers (not the same thing) are suffering through a rudderless and lost presidency. Much talk and finger pointing. Much injuring the goose that lays the golden eggs – taxes. Much neglect of long standing allies. Much erosion of Constitutional rights. Much erosion of basic humane decency. Much treating ordinary citizens as the enemy. Much trampling of canons of ethics. A foreign policy that is turning our country into a comical eunuch.

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