38 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Just keep in mind that Examiner.com “articles” are ranked based on hits. Don’t let Fat Willy bait you into clicking.

    Not that he’ll be around there long enough to matter. He’s peering into a deep, deep abyss as we speak, just waiting to jump.

  2. Fat Willy, there was no “confidentiality agreement”. You lied about your name when you filled out the application. You aren’t a reporter, you are a blogger, and if you were remotely good at it, and could demonstrate the amount of self-control expect of most first graders, you may have been able to make a few bucks. But you couldn’t, so you can’t.

    However, had you an agreement, it was you who violated it by using the same false ID to post your own videos on YouTube, making it a simple case of clicking on your name to identify you.

  3. Fat Willy is working on some kind of “Twitter meltdown” record. 32 tweets in 35 minutes.

    How can you possibly do that with voice recognition software without any errors?

    • FALSE and DEFAMATORY comment pointing out potential logical contradictions and likely idiocy of BS is NOT ALLOWED OR ELSE HOGE GETS IT.

    • One would think if the voice recognition sortware is that good that he could he could have continued telecommuting at his previous position.

    • I think his voice recognition has trouble with “factual” and “definitory” and thus you have an explanation for his posts.

      At least it doesn’t confuse “definitory” it with “defenestration” or there could be even less pleasant outcomes…

  4. Cabin Boy is a bundle of irresistible impulses and projection. I almost feel bad for him as it’s so clear he cannot help himself. Give him gold and he’ll turn it to garbage in time without any prodding. Add to that the fact he sees ANYTHING as prodding, and he’s off to the races to burn every bridge he can. And he’s part of the “brass-knuckles reputation management” crew?

    • I disagree. His impulses are at least cognizantly resistible. He knows that if he tweets to @wjjhoge, all those “dismissed on lack of merit” charges will fall on top of him like so many large, painful snowflakes, so he doesn’t do it. Sure, it probably takes all the effort he can muster, but it can be done.

      If only he could show that restraint elsewhere.

      • That’s true. But I also think a survival/decay function is at play. Some big things (like @mentioning) will take longer for him to finally give in because of the clear deterrent, but they will give over time. Obviously, I’d guess he will fail in avoiding @mentions before the end of the peace order. First steps towards that outcome have already been made on his end. Yes, he’s not totally immune to deterrence (thankfully), but I think he also lacks a baseline preceptor for fully understanding consequences.

      • Yeah, he does seem to live in a very small bubble. He can only see the results of his amazingly stupid actions when they are right in front of his face. (one wonders if there’s a big sign next to his computer “DON’T TWEET @wjjhoge!!!”

    • Yes, how DARE you comment on his “personal life.” Thankfully, BS never does that and certainly nothing more extreme… totally unrelated, its about 30 minutes and is he still re-doxing one of the “felons” again on Twitter now?

      BS is just having a temper tantrum because his deception and poor reputation have caught up with him quicker than it would have taken for him to implode normally. So of course he reacts by… lashing out and building his poor reputation. Birds gotta fly…

      • Yep, and wondering if Kyle’s new wife knows about his felonious background. I wonder if he’s going to try to contact her (name NOT on the records he printed, but he gives it in the tweet) to ask?

      • that’s assuming as BS does that “Kyle’s new wife” is married to the Kyle on twitter….O.o
        other than the talking warts assertion that they are the same person, I’ve yet to see any actual proof that this is so…
        of course we are talking about someone who can’t see the difference between a convicted felon who admits his crime and repents (including paying all reparations) and a convicted felon who refuses to acknowledge they ever broke the law (while they continue to break other laws)…

      • I was indeed unclear. It’s hard to keep clear whether one is referring to our Kyle, or the Kyle with the Florida sheet. But it might be interesting if he contacted Kyle-with-the-sheet’s wife. Not that Moldwarp would actually have the guts to do it.

    • Heh. If you post something, anything online it iss everybody’s business because you made it so by publicly posting it. Or do you not understand the word “public”? Don’t want random strangers knowing your ‘business’ or making comments that you don’t approve of? Don’t publish it on the wide open internet!

  5. No Bill. You were not “hired” for your “writing skill”. The examiner happily took you on as a free (virtually) content provider to get more impressions. Get over yourself.

    • But then again, you have to be a good writer for an oganization like this, after all, they only add 3,000 articles a day. They must be picky.

      • And that’s a slow day! Guess how many are articles that attack various people, folks you are embroiled in a legal dispute with? Especially when you deceptively use the third person to try and disguise that these are your own “enemies’?
        Answer: If you haven’t published a post that day, zero. If you have published that day, then the answer corresponds to the number of posts you published.

  6. Dear humble host, I don’t know about the other lickspittles but I am getting scared about all the THREATS from BS that you are going to subpoena us. Can you make him stop it now? Give him a deadline please. I don’t want these threats to appear any longer. I am tired of reading his timeline to see if I have been threatened again.

    • Jem, we all use fake e-mails and untraceable ips. If you don’t, I recommend taking a new ID, and heading to the Bahamas.

      Hey, that’s not a bad idea…..

      Anyway, none of us are going down with Hoge, he’s on his own.

      I hate to think what he’ll do to stragglers. Get out. Get out now!!!

    • Stop punishing yourself by reading his timeline!

      I don’t use Twitter, and am blissfully unaware of any empty threats. It’s peaceful.

  7. Let’s see, he hates all felons, short people and people who live in their mother’s basements. Well, all but one who falls into all three categories.

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