Prevarication Du Jour

A few hours ago, I noted that Breitbart Unmasked posted photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Walker taken by Brett Kimberlin while he was stalking the Walker’s at the Howard County District Courthouse on 1 March, 2013. Bill Schmalfeldt was the editor of Breitbart Unmasked at the time the pictures were published. A few hours ago, the Cabin Boy™ tweeted this.@parkypundit201403010222Zwalkerandwife1walkerandwife11Here are thumbnails of the pictures that were published. There’s no question that the pictures were taken by Brett Kimberlin. He was photographed while he was taking a picture of Mrs. Walker, and there is forensic information tying the images to his iPhone. There is also no question that Bill Schmalfeldt (in his “Liberal Grouch” persona) was editor of the blog at that time. As of 12:01 am ET today, they were still on line at and

These aren’t the greatest images, but the Breitbart Unmasked posts using them claim that they are, in fact, pictures of the Walkers.

UPDATE—The thumbnail on the right is a picture of the Walker’s car with Mrs. Walker sitting in the front seat. It was taken from a fairly low angle, suggesting someone sitting in a lower car parked in front. If you look closely, you can see that something is covering Mrs. Walker’s face. It turns out that it was an iPhone, and that she was using its camera.TDPKstalkingHer photo shows someone in a gold Prius holding an iPhone up as if to take a picture. According to the contemporaneous records, that Prius has the same tag number as the one shown in the online court database for a traffic ticket issued to Brett Kimberlin, and Brett Kimberlin was driving it.

Breitbart Unmasked, a website over which the Cabin Boy™ exercised editorial control, published the pictures in question on two occasions, tagging them as “walkerandwife1” and “walkerandwife11.” But the Cabin Boy™ says that he was not responsible. He’s right. He was irresponsible.

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  1. no matter what evidence to the contrary (and there is usually a lot) of what Bullspit Bill claims (with little or no evidence in most cases) his hubris knows no bounds….

    Since Twinkie views any factual correction of his claims as instigatory . I’m sure , in his mind at least, just by posting this you’ve “attacked” him, again,and YOU WILL PAY!!!1!!11!!eleventy!!


  2. Fat Willy responds that they aren’t recognizable to him. Despite obviously being pictures of her.

    So his end game is “well, I don’t know what she looks like, so it isn’t recognizable anyway”.

    Willy, second graders everywhere read you and hang their head in shame.

    • If they aren’t recognizable by looking at them, he made them recognizable by tagging them was “Walker and wife.”

    • Yet editor Bill managed to label the pictures so people who did know or planned to introduce themselves would recognize her.

  3. I have an idea, and because I’m just an ignorant Lickspittle incapable of using Google or anything like that, I thought I would ask the rest of Team Lickspittle their opinions.

    Let’s say, hypothetically of course, that I were to write something vile and defamatory and actionable about some random person. Hypothetically, let’s say I printed out 500 copies of this hypothetical false and defamatory statement.

    What if, continuing in this hypothetical vein, I went to my local public library and slipped a hypothetical copy of this statement, which, hypothetically could not be traced back to me, between the pages of 500 hypothetical titles?

    Would that be libel, slander or defamation? Hypothetically speaking?

    Of course I would never DO such a thing, because I have plenty of self control.

    But if I did…pull such a hypothetically HILARIOUS prank…would I get in big trouble, assuming hypothetically that I was caught at all?

  4. “One more time. Hoge needs to take control of his blog, remove the defamatory untrue comments, and run a decent website.”

    You first, champ. If you do, you might see it looks far more like Hogewash! than a yellow “journalism” cesspool.

  5. The BU blog identified the pictures as “walkerandwife” yet BS is maintaining that he can’t id them. And further claims that “I’ve heard two sides of the story. One from a person I believe, the other I know to be a craven coward and liar.” Since he didn’t say which side was the liar his statement is true. I can and do make that same statement.

  6. Those pics demonstrate what an evil twisted little weasel bully Kimberlin is. WHO does that? What possible use besides intimidation does a move like that have?

  7. Apparently when other people’s pasts (often not theirs) catch up with them courtesy of Moldwarp, that’s just karma being her normal, female dog-like self. When his catches up or threatens to, it’s us not letting him have a life.

    A bit of a double standard.

    And if he had even the tiniest bit of honesty in his body in matters not relating to his wife (and he won’t believe me, but I am glad to hear that she is doing well after the cancer – I’ve worked on a cancer floor and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone) he’d admit that.

    • I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either. I’ve volunteered in a child oncology ward, and have had many family members and friends fight or pass away from the disease. Glad his wife fought and won the battle.

      • Which reminds me, Mr. Nixon, hope you are feeling better today. Maybe you’ll laugh enough again to need fewer pain meds.

      • Thanks Betty, mucking around it the filth for us.

        Just when Fat Willy has something he thinks has a bit of purchase (outrage over the mention of a family member’s cancer), his past yet again comes back to bit him, hard.

      • My humor is good and my pain meds are reduced, thanks for asking! It appears that the Readers Digest is quite correct, “Laughter is the Best Medicine™”! Of course looking over Shaky Puddings Twitter TL is an adventure that I would not recommend to anyone without a clean conscience or being in a state of Grace, there are some real nuggets in there that show he is a fool and a child of Satan. No Christian could blame a man who had his leg blown off and was in intractable pain and suffered both emotionally and financially from that event, for that event itself and his subsequent suicide due to those injuries and sequel events while simultaneously embracing the bomber who planted the bomb as a distraction in a murder investigation …

    • Good question. Because you aren’t going to get a loan for a $25K car if your reported income is under $20K.

      • I think that might actually be known (JTMP). The organization’s company cars are used as personal vehicles, if any aspect of Kimberlin’s dealings with the courts earlier this year are to be believed. Will go look to see if it is stated outright about the Prius.

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