An Interesting Correlation

Matthew Lillefielt has a piece over at The Examiner about some of the lobbying done by law enforcement officials during the current session of the Maryland Legislature. He notes that those lobbying against loosening the state’s marijuana laws seem to be from the counties that voted for Mitt Romney, while those favoring liberalization are from … well … liberal counties that voted for Barack Obama.

Of course, correlation doesn’t prove causation, but does Lillefielt mean to say that the parts of our state where people are more likely to be clean and sober are the places that vote Republican?

NOTE—I live in one of those few red counties, but I support decriminalizing marijuana in order to make it less of a moneymaker for criminals. While I think dope should be a legal substance, I view it as a potentially destructive one similar to alcohol. I would like to know how marijuana DUI would be handled before I would be ready to change the law though.

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  1. My attitude towards the use of pot for medical purposes did a complete 180 ten years or so ago. A family friend was diagnosed with a particularly invasive and aggressive form of breast cancer. The chemo was horrendous. None of the pain and nausea meds helped. One day she begged her husband to take her into the woods and shoot her. Instead, he went out in desperation, and came home with pot for her. After months of agony, she finally found relief. It was the only thing that alleviated her terrible pain and nausea. She recovered and has been in remission for nine years.

    Driving while under the influence of pot should be treated the same as drunk driving, in my view.

    • Is there an easy test for marijuana intoxication? I know that breathalyzers aren’t 100% accurate but is there anything short of blood work for pot? For several decades at this point, I’ve heard people citing the inability to easily test for pot in relation to impaired driving as their major concern about legalization.

      • No. The laws vary between states as to what is required for a blood test. I think this may be what WJJH was alluding to when he said he wanted to know how pot-impaired driving would be handled.

      • There is a urine test that the feds use on prisoners in BOP custody that does detect the presence of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) conclusively. This is also used yearly on all those in federal supervision regardless of conviction type (associated with drugs or not). One of the reasons that I have refused to be prescribed appetite enhancer/nausea suppressant medications that have THC as a component (to have a ‘dirty’ collection would put me back in federal prison until 28Feb2015, my final day of supervision).

  2. I think it should be handled by reasonable suspicion of impaired driving, and clear contribution of impairment when an accident does occur, but it’s worth noting that the impairment and risks of accident are not identical for alcohol and marijuana. Where it has been studied, the latter is associated with lower driving speed, and in tests of reaction time shows a slowed response to emergency situations. Alcohol also slows reactions – yet has a stronger association with accidents and collisions. Alcohol increases risk-taking behavior and aggression, in addition to not only slowed reaction time but seriously impaired vision and judgment of distance and placement on the highway.

    FWIW, I believe have a similar outlook in general about use of intoxicants.

  3. Since when does a “reporter” do a story and intersperse personal, snarky comments…

    (Darn few potheads in Harford County, one supposes, which gave Romney a huge margin in 2012.)

    Sounding like a left-over from 1968, Harford County State’s Attorney Joseph I. Cassilly…..called the move to legalize pot “a rush to judgment,”

    …into it?

    Very unprofessional.

    Not to mention the reporter seems to not know how to report:

    According to a report in the Baltimore Sun…

    According to the Sun….

    The Sun did not report…

    I guess we should just read the Sun then.

  4. Here’s how I found out who you were Fat Willy:

    Black Betty tweeted an appallingly homophobic and racist YouTube Video:

    It was so sick I decided to see who made and posted it.

    It was uploaded by an account for “Matthew Lillefielt” .

    I then put “Matthew Lillefielt” into google and clicked on the very first hit.

    It was obviously you.

    For you to say “I still don’t know for sure how they did it” only demonstrates what a subliterate moron you really are.

    • Obviously, Black Betty knew who you were, and that is why she posted it as an example of you going after someone’s wife.

  5. i think this line in his profile is pretty funny: ” he wants to be read for his writing and not for his name.”

    Yeah, because when you google his name the first 200 or so hits are for “adjudicated harasser.” derp. If my reputation was as bad as Baghdad Blob’s I would hope to start anew again, too.

    Only Brett Kimberlin has a worse one.

  6. Pot is a damnable “gateway drug!” my own experience with pot smokers turning to cocaine, LSD, and other drugs convinced me to leave the stuff far in my past. It was pleasant to be “high” but a very close acquaintance could not control her addictive personality, and subsequently destroyed her home life, close family, and later her father and brother. Recreational use of pot and its products should remain against the law.
    A method to check instantly for pot intoxication should be developed soon. The sooner the better.

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