Don’t Know Much About History

The Volokh Conspiracy reports on yesterday’s decision by the 9th Circuit in Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School Dist. (9th Cir. Feb. 27, 2014) upholding a California high school’s decision to forbid students from wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. This shows a lack of historical awareness all around.

The original purpose of Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla which was fought on 5 May, 1862. The Battle was a Mexican victory over an invading French Army. It is not Mexico’s Independence Day. That’s 16 September. It isn’t even a national holiday in Mexico.

I wonder if the Morgan Hill Unified School District allows French flag t-shirts on 5 May?

12 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much About History

  1. Where in the constitution does it say to choose A over B? Especially if no one’s rights were infringed on before the incident?

  2. Indeed! When I originally read this ruling yesterday, I had to laugh given that I always saw Cinco de Mayo as an Americanized “Mexican” holiday (given it’s not even a holiday in Mexico) pushed to give people an excuse to drink. Maybe instead of American flag shirts, the students could have worn t-shirts from beer companies, perhaps even Corona or Dos Equis. While surely there are rules against minors wearing alcohol-related attire at school, booze shirts would be more in the spirit of the “holiday,” sadly.

  3. “Heckler’s Veto” indeed. Students who did nothing wrong were threatened with violence. In response the school trampers on their rights while doing nothing to those prompting the violence. I am truly saddened that it has come to this in this country.

  4. Heh. I am not surprised. By all means, wear a French flag, the school administrators will not see the irony … as long as it isn’t an American flag, go ahead. Sponsorship and fostering of the hatred of America by her own citizens is to be encouraged according to the Marxist overlords … welcome to the collective and hatred of all things American and individualistic.

  5. My child was given grief for wearing a cross around her neck once at a Murfreesboro City School. I gave the principal heck for that. He threatened to take the cross, so I explained to him about his being a government employee, and the particulars of “Due Process” regarding the seizure of personal property. She stopped wearing that cross on her own after that.

  6. The dunder-headed policy was apparently created to avoid some kind of conflict based upon the unstated meaning behind wearing the flag of the USA on a Mexican holiday. This is from the folks who think “diversity” and “multicultural” mean only the minority cultures should be taught or celebrated.
    I’d get on the blowhorn and say “Attention. Wear the flag of any country tomorrow — just remember we’re a school. We tolerate differences. You’re XXX High School students. You all are welcome here. Be nice to everybody — or else. That is all.”

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