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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is now facing a show cause order for sanctions in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. It’s not as if the judge didn’t warn him. When Aaron Walker and I filed motions to require TDPK to file his court papers under penalty of perjury, Judge Grimm denied our motions, pointing out that he had Rule 11 at his disposal if sanctions were required.ECF 21 extractA few days later, when TDPK was caught diddling with service of court papers, the judge put a reminder to Kimberlin of his “obligations under Fed. R. Civ. P. 11(b)” in another Letter Order.

The summons sent to Twitchy is a crude forgery. Sending it was stupidly foolish, and now TDPK must explain to the judge why he should not be held accountable for his actions.

Meanwhile, back in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit, a hearing has been scheduled on 9 April for TDPK to show cause why he should not be sanctioned for filing a forged exhibit in that case.More SanctionsI wonder how Team Kimberlin will spin that news?

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  1. I remember during the height of the cold war the Russians felt left out of the auto racing circuit so they sponsored the Moscow grand prix – only two cars were entered a Chevy and a Moskva


    The Pravda the next day blazoned across its Banner

    Americans – next to last

    I predict the spin will be something along those lines

      • it was driven by bobby Unser crew driver I forget his name – this is a allegedly TRUE STORY and its an allegedly TRUE headline – apparently there were actually 16 to 17 cars all from the iron curtain all, probably carefully coached to block the American and get the Russian to win

        I also have bridges for sale, choice select beach front lots as well

  2. In the RICO case, does Kimberlin have to show up to explain his forging of the Twitchy summons or will it be all paperwork?

  3. So apparently four different things being heard at that hearing. Two motions on sanctions and one show cause. And a motion to compel discovery. I imagine the motion to compel is BKs against BU, and one of the motions for sanctions is BK against Ostronic. That leaves a motion and show cause.

    • The show cause hearing is against BK.
      The motion to compel relates to BU and BU’s lawyer and may be moot.
      The other to sanctions motions were filed by BK against Aaron Walker and my lawyer.

      • Dare we ask why BK wants sanctions against your lawyer? If it can’t be talked about right now, that’s perfectly understandable.

      • The complaint against AW and counsel are likely for the wearing of un-PC cotton blends in their suits. Or at least something similarly as obtuse.

      • I see. The one against AW is for filing something that was in support of BU. the one against Ostronic is for providing a false address for Ali (according to the motion).

        I think I can guess what the score will be on these.

      • Ignoring them is the deadly silent treatment – ignoring them couild cause them to go in apoplexy rage disorder of the mouth to keyboard to libel variety

    • Heh, You’d be surprised how little your taxes can accomplish, Leroy; or how they’re actually allocated/distributed. Believe me, some poor transcriptionist is one of the least concerns for politicians looking to get re-elected.

  4. Is this the one where the copy of the green card “resticted delivery” box was checked (who knows when), but the matching receipt for postage shows that BK did not pay the $ for restricted delivery?

  5. The funny thing about the motion to show cause is that there are two ways TDPK could respond: the right way and the wrong way. Unless he’s getting advice from a lawyer, he will probably do it the wrong way.

    Even if he responds correctly, he will probably be sanctioned, although not as seriously as if he responds incorrectly.

  6. Have there been any new developments regarding this blog and its policies?

    I only ask because Baghdad Blob has been doing victory laps over on Twitter. It appears that he’s been sprinkling mescaline on his corn flakes this morning.

    (There! I said it and I can’t prove it. I’m a dirty rotten libeller!)

    (This has been a test of the Lickspittle Broadcasting System.)

    • The last time I checked, I haven’t change the policy regarding comments for over a year. I did offer some clarifications over the past month or so, but there have been no policy changes.

      As to who or what I write about, I write about what interests me. If someone or something is not being written about, that may mean that I don’t find him or it as interesting as someone or something else at the moment. Or it may mean that I am collecting information for a future post.

      • It could also mean that you are engaging in that defamatory activity known as having another cup of home-roasted Kona. Have you no shame?

    • It happens every time Mr. Hoge has a slow blogging day.

      It seems to be a combination of Fat Willy’s need to be constantly in conflict with someone/thing and his insatiable desire to be able to declare imminent victory about something, no matter how nebulous.

      • Sounds about right. He would never admit it, even to himself, but I think he doesn’t want Mr. Hoge to stop writing blog posts about him, because then he will have nothing that he can claim is victimizing him or that he can use as a club to beat up someone on BK’s hate list (or both, why not have both personal satisfaction and “help” BK at the same time?). That he seems to be ignoring almost anything a “lickspittle” says on Twitter would seem to prove that; our “libel” and “defamation” only seems to be such when it’s on Hogewash.

      • If you read his letter to the SA’s office, it is quite clear that being mocked is what he is really excited about. There is whole lot of blather about hate (as though that is a crime) and a complete confusion about the distinction between communicating to a particular person and communicating to the public about that particular person. But over and over he objects to being mocked. He is not stupid; his writing is coherent even though ill informed or disingenuous or both. Nevertheless, he does very stupid things, and having thousands see how stupidly he acts infuriates him. He wants to be treated as the informed and wise person whom he has deluded himself to be. Whenever he is not so treated, he demonstrates again exactly why he should not be so treated.

        A bit off topic. Did anyone see his post, which I can no longer find, quoting Volokh and leaving off the final sentence of Volokh’s quote, which entirely destroyed the relevance of the quote. He does things like that and wonders why he is mocked.

      • Very well stated Jeff. As Mr. Hoge has said many times: “Bill has the right to remain silent. He lacks the wisdom to do so.”

        He is mocked because he speaks about things he doesn’t understand. Libel and defamation law for example. And this drives him crazy, leading him espouse more ignorance which leads to yet more mocking. And yes, Bill, mocking is protected no matter what you might think.

  7. “The summons sent to Twitchy is a crude forgery. Sending it was stupidly foolish, …”

    With respect, I disagree. It was stupidly arrogant. The unexpected actions of a sociopath.

    • When Alka Seltzer chose “Speedy” as its mascot, a “speedy trial” was reinterpreted to mean a trial that induces heartburn.

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