What’s All This, Then?

The Cabin Boy™ has published what he claims is his letter to Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office.P-O201402250301ZNote the salutation—”Dear Mr. Kirwan.” I wonder if he means T. Wayne Kirwin, Director of Community Justice & Public Information in the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office?

Wayne Kirwin? Wayne Kirwin? Where have I seen that name before? Oh! I remember.BKexpert4He’s one of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s expert witnesses in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit.

So let me get this straight. Bill Schmalfeldt has been sending his complaints about this blog to a person in the State’s Attoney’s Office who is an expert witness for Brett Kimberlin.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

48 thoughts on “What’s All This, Then?

    • Everybody: CBBS is probably salivating at the thought of some out-of-line comments here, so that he can claim either victimhood and/OR that commenters are “threatening” an employee of the SA Office. Don’t give him what he wants.

      • I’m sure Mr. Kirwan does fine work at his job. He has the perfect educational credentials for being a spokesman.

        Now, WHY Billy thought he was the guy to go to with all of his “evidence?” Only he knows.

      • well, being in essence a mouthpiece for TDPK, Shaky goes to the most likely person..nobody with authority, but a mouthpiece.

  1. So Kerwin has agreed to testify on behalf of Kimberlin? Or did Brett just list him as a witness willing or unwilling?

  2. So, Billy wants the state to pursue charges against Mr. Hoge, and he sends his “proof” to the public affairs spokesman who has a degree in public relations and communication, who also has a probable conflict of interest?

    Ignorance thy name is Schmalfeldt.

    • Ignorance, or done at the direction of his Master? Notice that the judge orders Kimby to explain WHY he forged the Twitchy summons. At the same time, Cabin Boy starts frothing at the mouth again and throwing around threats of legal action. Coincidence or coordination?

    • Hey, now! The Office of Public Affairs always handles the criminal prosecution of civil torts. Because LICKSPITTLES!!!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed his use of screwy similes. The latest in this letter is “flow like poisoned wine”. Is poisoned wine noted for its flowing capacity or poured more frequently? “dumped like..” would be an actually accurate simile, or “shunned like..”. Spent any time as a writer or editor huh? Believe it as much as anything else he writes. Or maybe PD messes up your grammar like everything else that needs shielding from blame.

    I still can’t figure out how TLFKAD completely fails to know of Instapundit.

    • If you take a barrel of fine wine, and put a teaspoon of sewage in it, you have a barrel of sewage. If you take a barrel of sewage and put a fifth of cheap vodka in it, you have a fair representation of Cabin Boy’s legal acumen.

  4. And POOF! The Cabin Boy is gone again. Maybe the people he keeps harassing with his letters told him to go pound sand?

  5. Once again, BS makes his intentions very clear:

    1. Creation of a false meme of trolling – @/thetruthitburns sent one polite tweet to the Parkinson’s Foundation, asking if they were affiliated with BS’s latest incarnation, @/radioparkinsons. BS, who threatens to have people’s children taken away if they won’t talk to him, labeled the following exchange as “trolling”:

    2. Create the false impression that he is the victim of unwarranted criticism, which he labels as “attacks” and “defamation.” He took his Twitter account private and then public again within a few hours. Why? He wants to goad people. He hopes that if he taunts or threatens someone enough, they will cross a line, and he will be able to pounce and Why else would he have dropped the name of his contact in the SA office? His outrage is laughable, given his visions of someone breaking a California prosecutor’s legs with a baseball bat, his promises to make Hoge suffer, and his original radio production in which he enthusiastically envisioned Lee Stranahan prostituting his young daughter.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@radioparkinsons
    Now, an example. Hoge has posted two non-me or BK posts. Let’s see how well they do with comments.
    4:24 AM – 25 Feb 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@radioparkinsons 3h
    I believe if my theory is correct, they won’t do well, at which time Hoge will have to revert to slamming BK or me.
    4:26 AM – 25 Feb 2014

    • Because his Master whispers sweet nothings in his ear. Gives him the pat on the head that the Cabin Boy craves. You know, tells him what he wants to hear so he can continue to manipulate him for his own purposes. But the Cabin Boy turns a blind eye as long as anyone will tell him what a good boy he is.

      • Have all of you noticed how he fixated on Stranahan, exhibiting his typical Pavlovian response to that name, but is tellingly silent regarding what I said about his goals to create memes and goad people into crossing a line?

      • I also remember how he tried and tried to get Aaron to mention Kimberlin’s name after Kimby won his unconstitutional Peace Order that prevented Aaron from even mentioning him. Cabin Boy certainly tried hard to get Aaron to mention him. Wonder what he got from Kimby for that effort?

      • Poor man must be losing his memory. He says he doesn’t recall contacting Aaron. All he has to do is a quick search on Aaron’s site and he will find his own words. Funny how he always wants others to prove things to him, but everything he asserts is fact.

    • My theory is that BS envisions himself as a superhero that will save BK in his various court cases … a fantasy from the fever swamp that pretends to be his mind. I’m quite sure Bill has a favorite fantasy wherein he saves the day by appearing at the federal trial of Kimby v the Universe et al … as a witness for the plaintiff, gloriously wheeled into a black and white courtroom dramatically lit, slowly being wheeled down the aisle and into the dock, dressed like Ironsides, dapper and sympathetic with a smarty crisp nurse in white with her starched cap propelling him in a wheelchair with a slight squeak in one wheel, just enough to attract everyone’s attention to his dramatic entrance. {pause} Reality Check If ever called as a witness in any Kimberlin trial, the chorus of objections from opposing counsel would be deafening! You wrote a letter to the Judge Billy, one in which you admitted to being a Parkinson’s patient who suffers from Parkinson’s Dementia! Sure Judge Grimm has had your letter stricken from the record but it can be submitted again by opposing counsel as proof that you are non compos mentis and unable to give testimony before the court. If that slamming door sound doesn’t register in that terra incognita you call a brain, nothing will. You not only overstepped the bounds by sending that letter (and a second one too) you’ve stepped on your own d*ck. Sucks to be you Billy-boy.

      • Scratch the nurse. He gets wheeled about by Kimby’s bodyguard whom the Cabin Boy falsely portrays to court officials as “my aide”, but other than that, yes, I can see this playing out in his deluded mind.

  6. The HoCoSA’s office is now closed for the day. Moldwarp was waiting with bated breath for them to get back to him with what the SA was going to to about all this defamation and libel. If there had been something, would he have been able to keep quiet this long? So, they didn’t get back to him yet, or they aren’t going to do anything?

    • Moldwarp is all worked up and thinks I’m “stupid” for expecting results in one day. But earlier he tweeted:

      Taking a break while I wait to hear what the State's Attorney plans to do, if anything. Carry on.— Bill Schmalfeldt (@radioparkinsons) February 25, 2014

      “Taking a break while I wait to hear what the State’s Attorney plans to do, if anything. Carry on.” If he thinks it’s going to take months, why would he be taking a break?

      • Or how about what he tweeted last night:

        “For my part, I expect a phone call tomorrow from Mr. Kerwan, if not tomorrow, Wednesday. Then we’ll know what’s going to happen.”


    • Exactly. The Moldwarp tweets something. We read it the way persons of normal or above normal intelligence would read it, and then he gets all pissy because we should have known that he meant something completely different, and therefore us “lickspittles” are the stupid ones.

      • then he doubles down on his stupid by mentioning how “hoge’s charges were filed in NOV and dropped in FEB” and then calls you a nasty name for “expecting results in one day?!”…
        HE was the one who first suggested he’d “hear something” today or Wed, not anyone on this blog and notice yet AGAIN he fails to mention those charges were dropped BY Hoge as part of the mediation, NOT because they were bogus.

        In the vein of “if you want to feel safe, don’t come to Maryland” I hope the SA tells him “if you don’t want to be upset about what others say on Hoge’s blog, don’t read Hoge’s blog”.

      • As McCain has said, all you have to do to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt. I’d love to see what a good psych would think of him, just from reading his twitter feed.

      • considering how long his deranged ass has run amuck in MD, it makes me wonder just want someone has to do outside of actual physical violence to get held for a psych evaluation.
        however long it is, I do believe the talking wart will be going bye bye on one eventually….

  7. For someone who just wants us to leave him alone, he sure is bound and determined to try and get us mad at him. However, toddler tantrums are kind of amusing.

  8. as Mr Hoge has pointed out in the past, he too receives threatening emails, probably daily. Yet I notice he doesn’t feel the need to blame Cabin Boy repeatedly for them, or threaten thru social media how he’s going to hold Cabin Boy personally responsible for every little nasty note in an attempt to shut down Cabin Boy’s blog.
    That right there is the difference between a grown man taking care of his own business and a punk ass kid.

    • I wouldn’t give Moldwarp that much credit. He looks and sounds like a toddler having a temper tantrum. Note his comment about IQs. He loves telling us how he’s the smartest person in the room, but when he gets called on it? Classic toddler, maybe as advanced as early elementary. Maybe. Most kids I’ve known when they were that age would be embarrassed to be caught acting that way.

  9. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

    Sound familiar?

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