Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

That’s Latin for “Who watches the watchmen?” It’s a phase from the work of the Roman poet Juvenal, and it fits the growing trend of citizens using their cell phones and other devices to record their interactions with the government, especially with the police. Joe McClean has a piece over at The Daily Beast called Stand Your Ground With Your Smartphone.

So as they spy on us, we have a civic duty to return the favor …

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9 thoughts on “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

    • Rather obscure, but yes; some of our leaders (rulers in their own minds) want to require that mfrs give them the ability to shut down our communications at thier discretion. Perhaps we should expand Juvenal to read Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Semper Vigilans!

  1. When did it become us verses them? I don’t like it, but I understand it. The article’s author was surprised when people approved of video cameras in police cars, not to improve logging and capture of drunk drivers, but to keep law enforcement in line. He was surprised that we distrust LEOs to do the right thing.

    Is it my brain or that I watched too much Dragnet when I was younger, that I remember a time when children were taught to obey and trust police officers? That at one time law enforcement were our friends and to be trusted. Or is it a remembrance not to be trusted? That law enforcement in reality has never been trusted, that my memories are what I wish it had been like?

    What has caused us to distrust law enforcement that we/I believe there is a need to record them to keep them honest? Is it the passing of what some consider “unjust” laws like the 55 MPH speed limit, or taxes, or the lying of government leaders? Is it that we want to live our lives without every little thing being regulated?

    I know that I started to distrust law enforcement when their efforts started to look like revenue generation and stopped being about safety. My distrust has increased with the militiration of law enforcement.

    With that said, yesterday I downloaded a dash cam app for my phone. I’ve even thought of buying a clip on camera that records your life and I’ve never been arrested! Am I being paranoid?

    • It is a natural backlash against the propoganda. LEAs have become increasingly militarized and less Mayberry. There are too many shoot first ask questions later and come home alive mentalities and not enough protect and serve. Here again, a short amount of time spent in confidence with a group of LEOs will gravely reduce their esteem.

    • Watch the video of “Officer Roid Rage” from Ohio, who repeatedly cut off a cconcealed carry permit holder attempting to notify the officer as required by law, then went berserk when he found the man’s carry permit. Death threats, real ones.

      Then reflect that the police union DEFENDED Officer Roid Rage, and realize the origin of distrust…

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