30 thoughts on “Non-GMO Salt

    • So true! I see the most amazing foods listed as gluten free. I do look because I have a wheat allergy, and really, cottage cheese is gluten free, who would have thunk it?

    • This^^^ They missed Gluten Free.

      I laugh when I see oatmeal or rice advertised as gluten free. Since gluten is a part of the wheat kernel.

      • It’s actually not that silly. Many celiacs have to avoid oats along with the wheat, rye, and barley because the gluten found in oats is close enough to the one in wheat that it triggers the same reactions. It’s trial and error, some celiacs have no issues with oats, and some once they’ve been diagnosed don’t want to risk it at all.

        On the other hand, while rice does have gluten, it is not at all similar to the one that causes celiacs problems, So “gluten-free” rice is true for wheat/rye/barley gluten, but not true for gluten generally.

      • Not a bad idea for a restaurant, or pre-prepared food with multiple ingredients. A lot of things have unidentified “food starch”, and often, but by no means always, that is wheat based. I’ve had wheat show up in stuff you would never put it in if you were cooking at home.

        Most of the soy sauces on the market in this country have wheat as one of the two main ingredients.

        Thankfully my allergy isn’t so bad that I have to worry about those small amounts. But a single donut will leave me with upset innards the next day, even if I don’t get a stabbing migraine within ten minutes. The instant migraine is a very good deterrent. Now if I could just find one for sugar….. 8)

  1. The real question for the, um…Constant Reader out there, is:

    If one were to pour non-GMO Himalania Fine Pink Salt on a convicted perjurer/drug dealer/serial bomber, or anyone who supports him, would it have the same effect as pouring regular table salt on a regular slug?

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