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    • Indeed, the fact that Mr. Hoge has continued to blog without consulting BS as to what does and does NOT constitute defamation/libel in the comments to his blogging is just Hoge “whipping up the lickspittles into a frothing rage”….O.o
      I think Bullspit Bill needs to invest in a good dictionary, obviously ACMEs leaves a lot to be desired when it come to accurately defining terms…

    • ACME Law doesn’t impress me much and certainly didn’t impress Judge Grimm either! Perhaps the Huttite should attend one of Judge Grimm’s hearings and engage him in a colloquy at bar with regard to Jabba’s learned legal opinions! Perhaps that will get CBBS the attention he craves.

  1. *snicker* Serves the delusional and paranoid CBBS right. To attempt to intervene in a civil tort in which you are not a party is the height of stupidity. But then stupidity is a true and valid descriptor of Bill Schmalfeldt in my opinion.
    YMMV …

  2. You know, his behavior since Hoge asked for the charges to be dropped, which occurred on Feb. 7, doesn’t seem to adhere to the terms of the mediation agreement. The name calling, unfounded accusations of criminality, and photoshops sure don’t seem to be consistent with SPJ ethical guidelines.

    • Don’t you remember? SPJ ethical guidelines allow you to threaten a woman with having her children taken from her by the state if she won’t answer your questions about a third party. Bill calls this ” a little journalistic trick” or something to that effect. He claims that it was perfectly OK because he was investigating Jerry Fletcher for fraud.

      Which reminds me, has Jerry or anyone with OBN/KMW been charged with fraud? Ever? If so, why does Bill think they have committed fraud? Has he turned his concerns over to Wisconsin law enforcement?

    • Oh pffft, he decided he wasn’t bound by that what…a whole 24 hours after the charges were removed??
      He’s also already said for Hoge to “bring” the rest of the charges as if that’s just more pissin in the wind (something he is very familiar with giving his frequent almost incoherent rants)…

      I look forward to the day he’s literally crying in his cornflakes because all his behavior has come back to bite him in the ass legally…

    • And calling someone a felon (with no proof, just a theory), calling women all sorts of derogatory names, I could go on and on. There is a reason I joined the society (wink, wink)

  3. I wonder if the troll Schmalfeldt will call the Howard County SA and report Judge Grimm for defamation. Plus,it would be just peachy if Bill (let’s have a meltdown) Schmalfeldt would show the Howard County SA his avi from yesterday. I sure the SA might find it interesting. In any case, the troll Schmalfeldt has been ruled a non-journalist.

  4. He says he’s been working with someone already. Wonder if it’s that ever helpful court clerk that worked so late on Christmas Eve so Cabin Boy could talk to him?

    Say, has he ever addressed that huge lie? I don’t believe he has.

  5. “One thing I can go to my grave saying… I never take the first punch. I generally do throw the last one. See you tomorrow, kids.” – Adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt

    As a respected member of the Society of Professional Journalists, I feel threatened. I DEMAND you remove this threat by 2:16 pm EST tomorrow or I will contact the FBI, CIA, IC3, IOC, NASA, NOW, SPLC, ASPCA, NFL and Judge Grimm. You have been warned!

  6. He’s now saying that he’s working for “actual news organization” again. I wonder how he explained the Examiner dropping him, what was it, three times, for using his columns to persue personal vendettas.

      • HIS truth. Which means he lied. Who is going to hire someone that walks in and says, “Yeah, I was let go from my past couple of writing gigs because I used my employers platform to wage a personal vendetta, and then attacked any reader who disagreed with me using vulgar language and threats”?

  7. To parody Eddie Murphy’s song, sing along with me:

    I just want to non-party all the time, non-party all the time, non-party aaaaaall the time.

  8. What a ridiculous letter. Obviously this guy has no idea the purpose of the court.

    Too bad you can’t sanction a non-party.

    • Also re: the judge’s letter order:

      I was wrong when I said Hoge and Walker had standing to try to dismiss the other defendants; but that it was imprudent for them to do so. Apparently they do lack standing to move to dismiss claims against other parties.

      Handle your own cases guys. If TDPK is acting improperly, demand your own relief.

  9. Bill Schmalfeldt @radioparkinsons

    But I know damn well, and so does Hoge, that I have a shit pot more real evidence on him, then he ever had on me. We’ll see how it goes.

    This from a man who has a doom clock with a reset button

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