In Re a Second Letter

And the judge wasn’t gonna look at the twenty-seven eight-by-ten color glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us.

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    • *snicker* He actually claimed to the judge that the supplied loopback was a false IP address! (no stupid, every computer has an IP of as that is identifier for the local machine you are on, your ‘home’ IP addy …)

      • Defamation – pointing out that BS is both stupid and a liar. REMOVE IMMEDIATELY OR HEAR ABOUT IT AT 8AM TOMORROW.

        • “*snicker* He actually claimed to the judge that the supplied loopback was a false IP address! (no stupid, every computer has an IP of as that is identifier for the local machine you are on, your ‘home’ IP addy …)”

      • ATTN CBBS: Every computer that can connect to the Internet has TWO Internet connections (at minimum). One is ALWAYS the “loopback” connection, and is assigned the address by convention — though every address matching 127.0.0.x can be used.

        It is not “fake”, it’s an address of the SAME MACHINE, used when one program needs to talk to another ON THE SAME COMPUTER, but using an Internet protocol. What happened was “someone” used a web form to write an email — and the web form program connected to the email program via the address

        A few minutes with Google and a little reading would have educated you on this. It’s not a Deep Dark Secret; it’s one of the most open “inside jokes” in the world.

  1. Tomorrow, I am going to comment ALL IN CAPS if it has anything to do with BS. BECAUSE, IF YOU CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING, IT MAKES MORE SENSE. ELEVENTY!!!11!!!

  2. Oh, now he says he never intended his letters as filings. So, he only intended improperly to influence the judge? Guess that’s okay?

  3. Apparently, he has a new gig and thinks the Lickspittles are going to be mad at him. Speaking for myself, I don’t begrudge a man an honest way to make a living. If he can keep his nose clean, and not use his new platform as a means of advancing personal vendettas and attacking colleagues and his future commentors, good for him. There is plenty to write about that does not feature him and his travails as a centerpiece.

      • In the past, he has displayed very little self control.

        As for his reaction to a couple of the last few posts, specifically the ones where WJJH just posts a court document: it makes his goal palpably transparent, and that’s to intimidate WJJH and commenters into silence by claiming that posting court orders “inflames” us. Like BK, he wants no publicity unless it’s complimentary.

    • Bonus: with the usual grammatical mistakes. At least he didn’t get a chance to misspell “supersede” again.

      • Eh, grammar isn’t important. It’s not like it was his JOB, that HE REACHED GS-13 in. Oh, it was. Whoops. But no seriously, he’s totally awesome.*

        *warning: he is not awesome.

  4. Whats so weird is that BK must have been ok with what might be tactfully called BS’s clumsy interference. And even the BK-submitted Bill-centric brief was weird…and sounded as if BS helped write it. If you were BK wouldn’t you want Scmalfeldt as far as possible away from your court case, even if you found some utility in a judgement-proof crazy harassing people on your behalf?

  5. If some SA or LEO should happen to come across this, may I suggest that you Google the following two queries? “Bill schmalfeldt” and “anal rape enthusiast Bill Schmalfeldt.”. That should give you an idea of who you’re dealing with.

    • Popehat’s post on “Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt” wouldn’t hurt either. How many people does Popehat reach? I’d hazard a few more than this blog. Wouldn’t a title on a somewhat more widely read blog than this using those words be far more “defamation” and “libel” than anything we’ve done here? But he doesn’t seem to have tried to sue Ken Clark, who wrote that post. Could that be because Ken is a very well known and respected 1st Amendment lawyer who would hand Bill and his attorney their tuchuses?

  6. apparently Baghdad Blob thinks that if a person writes to him as X, that this person must actually be X and the same X posting on other websites.

    So he must be disturbed that former President Richard Nixon has 1) apparently risen from the dead, and 2) started commenting on this site.

  7. Just got an email with the letter he sent (I wouldn’t dare go to his website without serious anti-virus/malware software installed if I were you.). All I can do is laugh.

    • I could post a death threat to Mr. Hoge on here andut my name as Bill Schmalfeldt. According to his logic, that means Bill made the threat.

      He needs help.

    • In the early days of this, I innocently went to BU and P-O because I was just trying to find out what was going on. My system crashed.

    • Some of the comments in those threads he writes about in the letter are pretty funny. I hope the SA isn’t drinking a soda when he starts reading or he may snort it through his nose.

  8. Think I might send a little note too. Have some wonderful tweets screencapped. You know Bill, the false doxing, photoshopped pics of various people. The vulgarities directed toward people. Think they might find it interesting, no?

    • Don’t forget that Facebook page degrading an innocent man and his girlfriend. The threats to take away a woman’s kids. The anal rape tweets. Claiming to receive death threats and then calling people cowards for not following through.

      • I’ve tried reporting his Jerry Fletcher page as harassing, but FB wants me to list specific posts, as if an entire page can’t be harassment. If anyone *does* know Mr. Heather, I suggest you have him contact them, since if nothing else, he presumably knows who has the right to file DMCA take-down requests for some of the pictures.

      • Oh, I haven’t forgotten about it. I think it was Stacy who said the best weapon to use against Billy is his own words. And Billy, there are MANY words to choose from. I think the SA would like to know exactly who he’s dealing with.

      • I’ve reported a few specific posts, but I can’t find anyway to talk to an admin. They seem to have gotten rid of all direct contact forms. I’ll look again tomorrow and see if I just missed them

  9. The email addresses in the scribd document are not all redacted. Not sure if you were aware of that or not…

  10. so BS has attempted to get entered as a court document a letter, written by him, claiming not only is Hoge harassing him (thru this blog) but also inciting commentors to make death threats against him…

    with no proof to back up any of that, and blog itself as proof that what he has claimed is a lie… I’d think THAT is textbook defamation.


  11. I did a bit of Google-fu and located Mr. Kirwan, the gentleman with whom BS has been discussing his case against Mr. Hoge for defamation. Mr. Kirwan would appear to be T. Wayne Kirwan, Director of Community Justice & Public Information. He is the SA’s office’s Media Contact.

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  13. how soon does Bill have to realize that his behavior is well documented and anyone he writes to is going to google Bill and be greeted with “My complete Body of Work on Anal,,,”

    We at MArdi Gras got complaints that almost rivaled Bill’s at the DA’s office – this whole thing reminds me of the case where a teenage daughter of an extremely self important pompous person in NOLA. During the festivities she was in a single car accident in the company of two adult men and over two dozen insertable sex devices in the backseat where her passed out nude body was discovered.

    THe indignant father first accused us of making it up, then the confession, then the pictures, then the medical reports and after all that he wanted to sue me and Mr. Connick for asking her if she might have had “relations” that night….

    The guy still tries to bring it up every so often..

    Its like bill, his apparent fascination with rape and porn, his ruthless attempts to savage the Stranahan family by conducting an inquiry into a tragedy with including accusations of pimping his wife, conducting porn shoots in front of the children, using children in porn shoots, and supposedly calling the authorities in Texas to interfere with the Stranahans custodial rights – just totally blind to the fact that his behavior is the one he is actually describing to the authorities instead of Hoges – did he include the baseball bat wonderings, the screeds on the audio – the tampering with evidence by deleting sites and tweets – he is cruising for someone to finally charge him with something.

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