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  1. Good old Kimby must be “making bigs” about now. What can he possible say? “I forged the summons because I forgot to name Twitchy as a defendant and this seemed easier then doing it the legal way”?

    And strangely enough, the Cabin Boy goes POOF! just as this comes out. Hmmmm….. Wonder what the tie in may be? Or is he trying to hide from his abject stupidity of the past few days?

    • I just saw Willy flushed the toilet again.

      Then I see this.

      Can’t be very comfortable, being fat Willy right now….

      • He flushed and took it private, in my opinion, for the same reasons as before: to destroy a trail of misbehavior (hey, if he filed complaints with LEOs, he doesn’t want them to see the trash he tweets), to make it more difficult to search for past tweets, and to forestall Twitter canning his account – AGAIN, which would make him start from scratch – AGAIN. In other words, he is gaming Twitter, something Twitter uses should point out.

      • I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I have most of his non-radio tweets through Saturday evening on my Storify account, in case anyone needs them….

      • He’s unblocked it again. @/radioparkinsons. And it goes back all the way through the weekend. I should go back and get Sunday’s meltdown too for posterity.

      • Methinks Shaky is staring dead-on into the oncoming headlights of an Obstruction of Justice criminal charge with all its attendant consequences.

  2. It goes without saying that if he is given leave to amend the complaint, the amendment should include ONLY what he asked for, which was leave to amend the caption, not a rewrite of the deficient portions of the complaint.

  3. And on schedule Baghdad Blob has a post up claiming Glorious Victory for his Dear Master. Apparently a judge demanding to know why Kimberlin forged a summons is a minor thing to Baghdad Blob.

    It’s strange. Cabin Boy is so quick to jump on anything any of the defendants write or say, yet he claims to have heard his Master’s explanation for why he forged the Twitchy summons and nary a word is written by him about it. You would think he would be filling the interwebs with the magnificence that is his Master’s legal reasoning behind the forgery. But nothing by crickets. Very strange.

      • Several motions to dismiss unserved defendants, I think, as well as WJJH’s motion to amend BK’s status of service.

      • Based on what CBBS says on his site, primarily all of the requests for dismissal. Since federal cases at this state are to assume that the plaintiff’s complaint has merit (or at least that is my IANAL understanding of what folks have written so far about this case), that would seem to be understandable if annoying.

        CBBS is claiming that by only discussing the show cause order, Mr. Hoge is making us think the defendants are winning. CBBS is therefore positive they are all going to lose and have to hand over all their worldly goods to BK.

      • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: litigation stinks. It has its ups and downs, and can go on for a long time, which is the goal of some plaintiffs. If this case goes on, there will be counterclaims, including against CBBS.

      • library is wrong. most of the MTDs are still alive, but are likely to be mooted if Brett files an amended complaint which he is now allowed to do.

        The MTDs that were denied were as to unserved Ds. and the reason why was I and John didn’t have standing to bring them. I disagree with the standing issue, but it is the law of the case now and i won’t contradict the judge.

        But the MTDs on the merits are still very much alive.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Aaron. That makes even more sense.

        Right now I’m having fun watching BS try to spin a demand that BK prove Twitchy’s allegations untrue as a win. Apparently the important part was that the judge didn’t demand an answer as to why he did it.

        Can you imagine a Judge Judy episode with BS appearing before her in either role?

      • Library,

        Btw, re-reading my comment, I might have come off as brusque. That was not my intention, but bare text can do that sometimes in my observation. in your mind you hear a tone of voice that doesn’t at all get communicated.

        Hey, its a severely mixed bag. On one hand, brett gets his opportunity to amend.

        Otoh, these sanctions could literally kill the entire case. Or just get Twitchy dismissed. Or make him have to pay attorneys’ fees and then if he doesn’t pay…

        Brett is going to need an AWESOME response to avoid some pretty negative results. And i am sure its forthcoming, right? right? 🙂

    • Frankie, its funny how a deranged mind thinks. Fatboi seems to think it was a victory but did not mention the possible sanctions. I wonder what the Master is going to do now? I’m sure Fatboi will report something with a countdown of some sort.

    • Quite all right Aaron. Maybe it was a bit brusque, but I didn’t read it that way and I was wrong. Unlike certain trolls of our acquaintance I can handle the truth. ☺

      Of course I was dealing with BS’s interpretation of the info; I probably should have made that clear too. I’m sure he wants to think that all the MTDs were dismissed.

  4. Is that what a..a hammer, looks like?
    I mean, I thnk that’s waht a hammer looks like but I’m not sure.
    Does anyone else think that looks like a hammer?

    PS: boom

    • Hey, you’re still alive! So, the “Black Dahlia” threats have not yet born fruit, for which I am very glad. How’s your lawyer? In good health, I hope?

      • Yes, he is. Seeing them (there’s several) this week.

        I took the weekend off. I’ve been cutting foam. Lots of it. And not doing a very good job. I’m still working on it. Today will be my last attempt and then I’m just gonna strap everything down in bubble wrap.

  5. Onlooker: according to CBBS, in a post he put up and deleted this morning, the judge also struck his letter from the record. The first one. No word about the second letter he mailed last week.

      • It’s still there, the title starts with “judge”. And now he says we’re going to get Mr. Hoge into trouble by having no ability to comprehend what we read, and understand that the judge didn’t say that BK forged the document, he just asked BK to explain it.

        Seriously, he thinks a judge is going to come right out and say a document is forged at this point? He’s asking BK to prove that Twitchy’s allegations are not true because they are very serious allegations. And based on everything we’ve seen, from what was posted on PACER, there’s no way that document sent to Twitchy was an accident. We aren’t lawyers, and we’re not in court, so what we say has not standing in court. I’d like BS to PROVE how it’s going to get our host and the other defendants in trouble for us to call it a forgery.

        I said it yesterday over at TheOtherMcCain’s; one of these day’s BS is going to piss off the wrong person, someone who is either not law-abiding, or has friends who aren’t, and when the inevitable happens, I won’t be sorry. If BS wants to take that as a threat? Tough. It’s just describing what often happens to folks who go around threatening everyone they meet, especially when doing it online. You never know who they really are or who they know. Heck, I‘ve got friends who used to hang out with a guy who is now doing life for his part in a mob hit.

      • librarygryffon said: “…he thinks a judge is going to come right out and say a document is forged at this point? He’s asking BK to prove that Twitchy’s allegations are not true because they are very serious allegations.”

        I believe it’s called “Giving him enough rope to hang himself with”.

      • Later on the same order says:

        “Within twenty-one days of this Letter Order, Plaintiff SHALL SHOW CAUSE as to why sanctions or other appropriate relief should not be assessed as a result of his alterations of summonses issued by the Clerk of this Court”

        So is the judge saying there that the summons was definitely altered, or should we read into it an implicit “allegedly”? In order to be appropriately cautiously optimistic, i will say the latter, but its food for thought.


      • That was my fault librarygryffon. I said, and have said in the past, the Twitchy summons was forged. Bill can’t grasp the fact, despite his love of Occam’s razor that

        1. Twitchy was not named in the caption, therefore the court clerk did not prepare a summons.
        2. A summons went to Twitchy with a Pacer number
        3. Pacer numbers are not printed on a summons when it is sent.
        4. The Pacer number shown on the Twitchy summons matches the Pacer number assigned to Aaron’s summons once it was recorded.
        5. The typeface used for Twitchy’s address does not match any of the other summons or the rest of the summons in question.
        6. It was sent to the media group that bought Twitchy, but at the time the Summons was allegedly sent, the media group had not bought Twitchy, nor were there any media reports that they were in negotiations.

        Taking all that into account, the Cabin Boy seems to think it was a mere clerical error and that his Master has done nothing wrong. Once again proving that he is such a small pathetic excuse for a man that he will ignore just about anything for that sought after pat on the head and a “Good job Igor” from his Master.

        I’d LOVE to read the Cabin Boys version of what happened with the summons. I’m sure it would be good for a two day laugh.

    • Do I understand this correctly – the judge has not yet considered any Motions to Dismiss based law? He’s extended the time for more MTD’s and has not considered them yet?
      This letter was dealing with other filings, not any MTD’s?

  6. Forging documents is one way to get a case thrown out or to have such severe penalties as to not be able to continue.

    Remember, he wasn’t in this to win he was in this to show that he was wronged and to reestablish the flow of funds to his causes because its where he gets his funds.

    Please remember there is the normal set of right and wrongs and then there are the liberals own set of perceived rights and wrongs.

    He doesn’t, never has, cared about winning, Just to cause damage.

    He may end up in a criminal trial if his conduct isn’t explained, be prepared to see a continuance and a lawyer suddenly appear to represent him.

      • I have no pity for Kimberlin or any attorney deluded enough to represent him. I am a law abiding ex-federal convict and have foresworn criminal acts and follow my restitution schedule. I have redeemed and restored my standing with my Church and live a life that should shame Brett Kimberlin if he had a truthful bone in his body. Alas, he doesn’t and his psychopathology prevents him even recognizing truth and morality.

    • fyi, not everyone against Kimberlin is a conservative. I personally disagree with a lot of Hoge’s political views. Doesn’t mean I can’t be on his side in this though.

      • Re: 2nd letter to the poor judge… where he attaches ‘death’ threats that don’t threaten death or violence towards Shaky…his dogs, yes, sex with his wife, yes…death? no

      • Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@radioparkinsons 1m
        Hoge’s lickspittles are actually EXCUSING the death threats because PEMason54 did not explicity say he would kill ME!

        Um, yes.. death threats usually involve ‘death’… see, look over here. no, over here. its in the name/ ‘death’ threats…. did i hold your attention long enough? good. glad we settled that.

      • Ugh. Not with the fake threats again. I’m gonna refill my coffee. Let me know when something interesting happens.

    • yes, especially that he has ‘referred the matter to law enforcement’ and then posts a definition that says it is a civil issue. Please, someone contact popehat and Hoge, tell wheezy to ‘snort my taint’

      • Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@radioparkinsons 1m
        Mr. Hoge needs to post a clarification of what he will permit from his readers regarding defamatory threats, and he needs to post it soon.

        hey, Shaky, look, over here!

        How about your get a hobby and stop reading the site you don’t like. ok, all done, shiny object over there.

      • Shaky! Over here! put down the twinkie for a minute:

        Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@radioparkinsons 14s
        Raping my wife is not “sex” with her. It’s rape. pic.twitter.com/LbTWjdiXVG

        rape/sex, still not ‘death’, see those different shapes, those are letters, they spell words. Just like your cereal spells in the morning.

      • I thought shaky was a ‘reporter’, details like ‘death’ being in a death threat might be something a reporter would pick up on.

    • And so long as this remains the case (which, lets face it, encompasses the period between now and the Second Coming), CBBS remains one of the best spectator sports available for free.

    • Reporter? Nah, remember when he wrote this on his blog?

      “I have too much respect for journalism to willingly abuse it. I will continue to run my little Internet radio stations and write for entertainment purposes. But I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.”

      That was published 1/11/14. So remember folks, you heard if from Baghdad Blob himself. Anything he writes is NOT to be trusted, or even considered to be a fact.

      Ohhhhh…I bet he hates having written those words. Who knows where that whiny post may end up. Who he might have complained to that now know that he admitted months ago he was losing his faculties and can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

    • Fatboi is a “journalist” in title only; a real journalist checks his sources, Fatboi doesn’t. Making up crap doesn’t consititute “checking” references.

      • Heh Bets, I think the fact the Judge implicitly stated he believed the Twitchy motion regarding the “forged” summons and will apply sanctions unless the Bomber can pull a miracle out of his a** to explain how that happened is apretty good signal he was a mite peeved …

      • That’s not what was in part VI. It referred to petitioner and respondent conduct with respect to the “deluge of filings” on the docket. The judge specifically noted that “some of the parties” had clearly been engaged in an ongoing dispute. And he actually had to redefine for all parties, what was appropriate at this stage of the case. The judge then, assigned a Case Manager to maintain order on docket, essentially so that this case did not turn in a carnival. Of the Letter Order, one commenter spoke of Grimm as acting as the adult in the room. This would be accurate.

        Like I said, he seemed “less than happy”.

  7. Being that all the defendants know that the de riguer motions to dismiss were most likely to be denied (as per usual in 95+% of civil torts, the simple fact is/was that none of the defendants held their breath or anticipated any result other than the one passed down my Judge Grimm on Friday. What I find interesting were the two jewels that are in his decisions on Friday. Tossing out CBBS’s letter from the record and this HOW CAUSE order. It is not a simple order to explain away the allegations levelled by MM and Twitchy. It is an order to prove to his satisfaction that what was alleged by Twitcy didn’t occur. Failing a believable response proving that the allegation holds no truth within the 21 day window, sanctions asked for by Twitchy (an actual non-party to the instant case) will be assessed, in whole or in part as Judge Grimm decides. Not quite a victory nor a defeat for anyone, plaintiff or defendant.

  8. It seems to me, in other words, it is my opinion, based on CBBS’s past and current behavior, that he is trying to develop a meme around WJJH by falsely accusing him of a number of crimes.
    William Ferguson

    See, because this is signed William Ferguson, and CBBS gets tweets and cm,ends from him, that means that we are the exact same person.
    The Tooth Fairy

    • Reader, did I ever mention that I wrote press releases for a business journal when I was in my early twenties? I never really talk about that, because writing press releases is kind of a bullshit job and it’s NOT journalism. Essentially anyone who can rub two sentences together can do it. Which is why they hired me when I was twenty and hadn’t finished college yet.

      But it was a job and I was grateful.

      • I’ve had many jobs that didn’t thrill me but kept me from living in my car, for which I was grateful. A few nights in the car was plenty.

  9. I know: I COULD subscribe to PACER, but I have not. Would someone be so kind as to give me a summary of what happened? The motions to dismiss by Hoge and Walker based on improper service were not granted; Twitchy’s motion remains pending; the other motions to dismiss based on failure to state a cause of action remain pending; BS’s letter is stricken, and BK is ordered to show cause or risk sanction. Is that what happened, or did I leave something out?

    Quite frankly, the only thing that strikes me as anything but routine in that is the order to show cause.

    • That’s how I read it. Also, it seems BK gets to amend his complaint again. Not sure if that means just to add Twitchy or if he can make other changes too. If he can make other changes all the MTD’s seem to be up on the air if they need to be refiled or rewritten in response to the amended complaint.

      Oh, and there’s a case manager assigned so that the nothing from BS ever burns a hole in the judges brain again.

  10. “The items I posted on my blog last night qualify as libel. They are defamatory and untrue. You THINKING they are true, not a defense.” – Bill S.

    So, Billy, sort of like the stuff you posted about “Kyle?”

    You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Looks like the “hours” you spent were a big waste of time.

  11. @radioparkinsons?

    Gosh, I bet all the Parkinson’s charities and other related groups are just THRILLED to have their cause so ably destroyed buy a demented sub-literate moron….

    How self-centered does one have to be in order to use the name of the disease one suffers from as a shield against ridicule?

    • Fat Willy, only a sub-literate moron would believe the word of a convicted terrorist, drug dealer and perjurer.


      • From the International Business Times (http://bit.ly/1fOqKZa)

        “Kimberlin would go on to build up a rap sheet littered with charges stemming from offenses such as forgery, perjury, drug dealing, domestic terrorism and possible murder and child molestation.”

      • Without supporting documentation, and considering that this would be privleged, the following is moot; is it not: “am not sub-literate. I was reading before Kindergarten. I am not a moron, despite TomB’s Opinion. And yes, @parkinsondotorg likes my help.”

    • We just have to get beyond the idea that one example of something is indicative of the others.

      One black guy mugs you, it doesn’t say anything about all black people.

      And if one parkinson’s sufferer is a sociopath with an obsession with the butt stuff, well lets remember the positive example of Michael J. Fox, too.

      I do think his tendency to put his parkinson’s front and center all the time is annoying like he is nothing more than a parkison’s patient. he shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it, but its not like i am going around naming my site “Dyslexia Radio!” sigh.

  12. The most significant part of Judge Grimm’s letter order is “I remind the parties that the issues in this case, as framed by Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint, revolve around Plaintiff’s allegations of a RICO conspiracy to defame him…” Those words carry a lot of freight.

    I note that Judge Grimm is acting as the adult in the room as he should.

    • I think the most significant part is “Within twenty-one days of this Letter Order, Plaintiff SHALL SHOW CAUSE as to why sanctions or other appropriate relief should not be assessed as a result of his alterations of summonses issued by the Clerk of this Court” AS A RESULT OF HIS ALTERATION OF SUMMONSES (plural) ISSUED BY THE CLERK OF THIS COURT

      The Judge seems to agree with Twitchy here that something was forged right?

      • The RTSC, is interesting, but little more that an appetizer. It will not result in a dismissal of the action. The Judge will require BK to pay Twitchy’s attorneys’ fees for responding to the summons.

      • In light if the other claimed forgeries with service, I think this may be his make or break moment in this case.

      • Unfortunately Frankie, I have to agree with tmitsss. Looking back on this, the summons might have had more weight if the docket had not been muddied by everything else. Now, it’s lost it’s lost some of its potency and the judge feels he needs to focus his attention on controlling the docket. I can’t imagine that’s a good thing.

    • Respectfully tmitsss, Hizzonor does seem to be pointedly patient with regards to the depth and breadth of filings, and does seem to want to reign in extraneous commentary in briefs; but while Mr. Hoge is the model of economy and Aaron is wise enough to find a balance, TDPK is unlikely to be able to refrain from all manner of “arm waving” (SWIDT Aaron), and as such will shortly be reminded that he has an idiot for a client.

      That said, TDPK is acting pro se and is due a bunch of leniency. However AW’s filings have certainly gotten Judge Grimm’s attention and that means that Hizzonor is now aware of TDPK’s penchant for lawfare and his potential to be deemed a vexatious litigant. Even though he doesn’t wear that badge, yet; AW has sown the seed!

  13. Cabin Boy has a new “Countdown to DOOM”!!

    “Mr. Hoge needs to post a clarification of what he will permit from his readers regarding defamatory threats, and he needs to post it soon. And by soon, I mean before the Howard County Courthouse opens tomorrow morning.”

    Why does he think he as the right to demand anything of Mr. Hoge? There are no threats in the comments here, nothing defamatory or libelous as much as the Cabin Boy wishes there was. Seems like every time his Master suffers a setback here comes Baghdad Blob trying to distract.

    • I’d like to know why he thinks the States Attorney is going to do anything about defamation, even if it were to exist.

    • I saw that too, Frankie. I new Doom’s Day countdown to tomorrow morning. It can’t be truthful because Fatboi is always lying. I wonder what the drama queen has in store?

  14. ” Saying I am”demented” is not an opinion.”

    No, in that you are correct. You have stated, as a matter of fact, that you suffer from Parkinson’s-related dementia. How badly is immaterial.


  15. Lulz. CBBS sure can type fast when he’s frustrated. Doesn’t have a clue, but types fast. I wonder if he’s ever considered consulting with the DA before telling him how to do his job. Oh well, 07:30 EST will be here soon enough. Then we can laugh some more. Oh and Res Judicata

  16. The deadlines have been published again. If “Daddy Hoge” hasn’t “taken control” of his blog by 8AM tomorrow morning, Bill will be showing everything to the HoCo SA’s office so they can see what he has had to deal with.

    If HoCoSA hadn’t been the folks announcing that “If you don’t feel safe, just don’t come to Maryland”, I’d have hopes that they’d either tell him to get a life, and stop reading stuff he doesn’t like.

    • (finishing sentences before hitting post is good)
      either…. or perhaps suggest a 5150 was my thought. Really, does a sane person spend all day hanging out at a blog so he can read comments that raise his blood pressure and claim that he is being defamed or libeled? He really seemed to be losing it when we ignored him for most of 12 hours.

      How are we destroying BS’s reputation? Just because BS doesn’t like something doesn’t automatically make it “libel” or “defamation”.

    • True dat LG, plus, exactly how much of our conversations are TO the Cabin Boy? So much of his twitter feed is quote and response to these comments.


      Mr. Hoge, shame on you for beaming your web-page directly into CBBS’s (self-professedly) demented brain! Now we know what all that wavelength and frequency mumbo jumbo is about on your pro page. Mind control!!!!!eleven!!11!!!.

      • Yes. Whenever I have had cause to address BS directly on Twitter, I have been (or at least tried to be) polite. But it’s a lost cause. The man really can’t understand why someone might not agree with his “facts”.

  17. “Dumbass. If I say something is a fact, and then source why I know it’s is a fact, it is a fact. If I say something is an opinion, it is that.” – Adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt

    I clearly stated my post was OPINION, and you place it on your blog as libelous. This is why I say you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You don’t. I guess you think you get to live by your own set of rules. You don’t.

  18. Have any of yourselves ever asked the question, why did Stranny and Walker have to file charges against me in HoCo, but Hoge in Carroll?— Bill Schmalfeldt (@radioparkinsons) February 24, 2014

    Uhm, ’cause he can? Being as that’s where he lives?…

    I, dunno, Why?

      • What he did is not a crime in Virginia but it is in MD. I couldn’t file in VA because there is no statute on the books that addresses what he did.

        But it still violated MD law, so i filed in the only county that had an interest in his behavior, Howard.

        By comparison, John actually lives in MD, and he chose to file where the driving distance was shorter. Carroll Co. has a valid interest in protecting its citizens from idiots like this.

  19. Is Adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt implying that Howard County law enforcement judicial system will be prejudicial against Mr. Hoge? This could be an interesting can of worms you’re opening Adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

  20. “If I say, it’s my opinion that you fuck little boys, that is still libelous. You can not take libel and make it innocent calling it opinion.”

    So, in other words, you’re contradicting yourself. Again, you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You HAVE shown you know how to use Google. Congratulations. Too bad you don’t understand what you’re reading.

  21. Has anybody been arrested for making the death threats against Bill’s dogs yet? How long does it normally take a police department to investigate that sort of thing?

  22. Stop the presses! Fatboi is a “journalist” again! Who gave him the title, someone needs to take it away or he might hurt himself! Again!

  23. Sorry, I was at a meeting. Did Fat Willy have me arrested yet?

    Is there a countdown clock?

    Has he changed his twitter handle?

    These things are so hard to keep up with.

  24. Sorry, he hasn’t had anyone arrested yet. But just you wait until tomorrow morning! So I guess there is a clock.

    Right now he’s reminding us that he never throws the first punch, but he “generally throws the last one”. Meaning what? Threatening to have someone’s kids taken away, simply because they don’t want to answer questions from a “journalist”? Doxing someone incorrectly? I’d really like for him to explain how that woman, and the people he incorrectly doxed, (who had probably never even heard of him before it happened) threw the first punch.

    • Facts are irrelevant. As for the fight imagery, he does indulge in that from time to time. A few months ago he told the story of an alleged fight when he was about 15 that he allegedly won, and which he claimed was the last fight he’d ever been in. Of course, I think it may have been antvq16, he was called on that because of all the other times he had claimed he was the last one standing in bar fights. He is fond of imagining himself punching other people, along with indulging in vivid Twitter descriptions of male anal rape. See, e.g., all his tweets to Stacy McCain last night.

      • Yep, he had many stories about how he was the last one standing in his bar fights, then said he hasn’t been in a fight since he was 15. Man can’t keep his lies straight.

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