Dealing with Butthurt

It has come to my attention that there are some folks out there on the Interwebz who are upset by some of the posts and comments on this blog. While Hogewash! isn’t in the business of giving offense for offense’s sake, I do understand that not everyone likes the way this blog covers certain topics.

In an effort to help such people deal with their issues, I’ve included this handy link to Amazon which may help soothe their pain.PreparationH96ct

28 thoughts on “Dealing with Butthurt

  1. I image that certain people will need more than that if it turns out their “threatening emails” originated from people they trusted…. O.o

    I look forward to absolutely nothing resulting from the “investigation”….

  2. I find it hard to believe that any person that follows this site would send those emails to BS.

    I find it a lot more likely, based on his previous deception, relationship to the Bullyville lawsuit, and his social network engineering, that these emails originated with NR at the bequest of TDPK. Accordingly, we will probably find the IP address to be spoofed as to provide maximum damage to this site or one or more of the people who comment here. Hopefully that will not happen.

    I suspect that TDPK is absolutely freaking out as both of his cases are falling apart, and he needs something, anything to change the narrative. Accordingly, BS may not even be aware that he is being used as TDPK’s tool to get at the venerable Mr. Hoge.

    If my theory turns out to be true, any investigation of the alleged perpetrator’s computer will show that the email did not originate from it. However, the damage will be done as the misdirection and mayhem will cost people time and money.

  3. Reading the three ‘death’ threats just posted. Un, nowhere is shaky threatened with death. They apparently deal with sex with his wife and killing his dig. Am I wrong?

  4. BS’s letter to the FBI takes the cake. Full of misdirection, spin, and hyperbole. Should the FBI decide to investigate this, they will quickly realize that they are being used as BS’s personal tool to bludgeon the free speech of everyone here. My guess is that the FBI will not like being tricked this way by BS.

    • If, in fact, BK is not actually at the helm. There is a fascinating parallel between CB and BK much in the same manner as in the fantastic “True Detectives” HBO series now playing. I find all of this very dark indeed.

  5. Heh. All leading up to what Bill really wanys, an involuntary commitment. Something he will then use to sue everyone on the interwebz in mimicry of his idol, Brett Kimberlin. BK hopes to time it so that he can refer to another injured party filing a RICO action against the more obvious usual targets …

  6. Cabin Boy can’t even report “crimes” correctly without the help of the posts and comments here. And yet, he gets all hot and bothered when “defamation” occurs… which help him by correcting his idiocy. So if he doesn’t like it, pound sand, little boy.

  7. Predictably, today BS has once again changed his blog. It is now more crazy & fun to navigate than before. Plus a bonus! Billy reads today’s blog entries, doubling down on his assertions that his photographs can’t be used because of copyrights. Oh the humanity.😡

  8. So according to Maryland Law: “To properly plead a claim for defamation under Maryland law,19 “a plaintiff must allege specific facts establishing four elements[:] . . . (1) that the defendant made a defamatory statement to a third person, (2) that the statement was false, (3) that the defendant was legally at fault in making the statement, and (4) that the plaintiff thereby suffered harm.” Piscatelli v. Van Smith, 35 A.3d 1140, 1147 (Md. 2012) ”

    I notice that there is no 5th qualification that includes butthurt.

  9. “I, on the other hand, will not choose the civil route to deal with Mr. Hoge if it is shown he is in any way connected to these filthy, obscene, depraved threats.”

    Just in case anyone is cataloging real vs imagined threats. That right there is a real one. This Schmalfeldt saying he will not be “civil” in dealing with WJJH. He is not saying he will take the route of filing criminal charges but that he will not be “civil” hence will be outside the boundaries of law.

    Oddly enough, he then throws a contradiction in by qualifying that this is on condition of WJJH being “shown” in connection to these messages. If it is unknown or undemonstrated then why have you been trumpeting from your wallow that it is all true in every detail and people must remove their defamatory statements and they must be punished. If your are not consistent then you are lying somewhere.

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