Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is the excessive mental stress and discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs. For example, …Bill's PetitionWhat goes on in the mind of someone who works with a leftwing outfit like NRA Watch sponsoring a gun control petition and, yet, who also plays with an AR15 like this?GEBS20130406UPDATE—”A cleared rifle”? Nope. The magazine is still in place, and the selector lever is pointing upward to FIRE. I’d be willing to bet that the bolt was never locked to the rear either.

Rule One. All weapons are always handled as if they are loaded.
Rule Two. Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy.
Rule Three. Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are aligned with the target.
Rule Four. Be sure of your target.

73 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Bill has yet to offer one shred of proof he contacted law enforcement or the SA about the fictitious ‘threats’ found on this blog. He also refuses to release the headers of other ‘threats’ knowing they will most likely point to him or one of his cohorts. Bill, filing a false police report is a crime, you know that, right?

    Let me guess, you forwarded all of your ‘evidence’ to the court clerk you talked to on xmas eve, what was his name again? oh yea, Ura Dumass.

  2. How can Billy really complain about this. I’ve even used the pic now for my Twitter background. @church_on_F1 😖

  3. Marketing guns to kids is an oxymoron. They cannot buy them, they would be unable to pass the mandatory background check.

  4. Baghdad Blob outdid himself this morning. Nine (NINE!) error free tweets in five minutes flat. That’s under 34 seconds per.

    You don’t want to know my average time for a tweet.

    I’m actually a bit pissed that this malingering FRAUD gets away with his self serving exageration and outright lies.

    Stage IV my #%^!

  5. Oedipal Troll Deranged Cyber Stalker Pedo-Friendly Brown Limper Phsyco Bill Schmalfeldt HAS WARNED YOU TO STOP TELLING TRUTH ABOUT HIM. Keep in mind HIS TRUTH and REALITY are two COMPLETELY SEPARATE THINGS. anything OTDCSPFBLPB doesnt like is henceforth and forewith defamation per se, and he will be entitled to snort my taint twice for each infraction.

  6. BS’s latest is rich indeed. Demanding that his image not be used due to copyright law(his pic taken by a family member). That’s a laugh since he does love to post and use others Facebook pictures. No problem there I guess. Public domain is a funny thing.

  7. He has just posted two pieces of evidence. One is the e-mail he sent the HoCoSA, though it doesn’t include the emails he received. The other is his post about the Blognet post, including fantastic evidence of his copyright infringement. If I’m reading the statutes correctly, statutory damages per infringement start at $750 and it doesn’t look like there is enough commentary for him to claim fair use.

  8. I think everyone should totally and completely ignore him this weekend. Just flipping ignore him. Don’t speak to him, Don’t comment about him. Don’t play with him. Nothing. Just enjoy all the nice things on twitter and the interwebs. Completely Bill-free.

    At least that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

    • I was thinking that too. Don’t even read him. We can catch up on Monday if we’re still feeling masochistic enough. I’m sure the Mr. Hoge will post if he hears from Law Enforcement. And anyway, I’ve got to write another cover letter today. Job hunting, grrrr.

      • I have a ton of photography equipment and I’m trying to build a customized bag this weekend. I’m cutting all this foam to custom fit all the cameral equipment inside, but it’s not going as planned.

      • Sounds more fun than cover letters. My experience with that sort of thing is: measure twice, cut once, and make sure to have extra foam. 8) After the first really wrong cut, take a long break, drink some coffee/tea/whatever, read a book, do a puzzle, take a walk, anything but think about the project. My mother and I have discovered this with sewing projects. Once you’ve made the first major error, if you don’t take a break after ripping out the bad seam, wrong stitch, wrong color, you’re far more likely to do worse right afterwards.

    • I’ve actually done that for most of the past week. It’s funny to have some free time to see what BS is up to now… and realize that it’s the same crap just different flies for him. All puffery, all stupidity, no logic. Same themes as last week, just sounding more pathetic about it. Wasn’t there a deadline last week for defamation? He’s still ranting away about it. What a sad, impotent little man.

    • Sorry, I didn’t get this memo from Lickspittle Central Command before engaging today.

      Although I am a free and independent Lickspittle, I will disengage at once and return to my IRW activities at once.

      Over and out!

  9. And in other breaking news, there is not a scintilla of evidence supporting allegations that TDPK or CBBS have ever engaged in the manufacture, marketing and transfer of thermonuclear weapons to underage extraterrestrials in Cleveland.

    Any such allegations remain pure speculation at this time.

  10. Sad that grown men like Bill Schmalfeldt are doing their damndest to keep cap guns out of the hands of little boys. The only way you can play cops and robbers or coyboys and indians anymore is with an index finger. Don’t even know if they’ll sell a cowboy costume to parents anymore with a play gunbelt. Little boy traits are being discouraged today; IMO, they’re being compared to little girls. They’re not girls. The phrase ‘boys will be boys’ comes to mind, and it is true, no matter how much ritlin you stuff into ’em.

    The NRA has a program for kids and gun safety. Anti-gun folks don’t want a kid to know how to use a gun (whether male or female). That scares me…a nation of girly men who’ve been trained to be afraid of guns, who’ve been brought up to believe that owning and knowing how to use a gun is bad.

    A lawyer I know grew up in Missouri. He took his shot gun to school every day when he was a kid–it was a part of every day life. He turned it into the principal at the beginning of the school day and picked it up after school for the walk home. He laughs at the efforts of people who want to destroy that part of being American, and vehemently opposes it. So do I.

    Funny. When reading Citizen K I learned that Brett Kimberlin loves his firearms. Seems somewhat hypocritical for him to be supporting an effort that opposes the NRA. But it’s interesting that Bill Schmalfeldt is helping in that effort…

  11. “holding an unloaded and cleared legal rifle”, holding it improperly with your finger on the trigger, unloaded with a magazine in place, and cleared with the bolt forward, like the rest of CB’s work he says lots of stuff that there is now way to validate but leads off with a lie that tells us up front that the rest is probably not true as well.

    Nice to see he’s trying to tie me in to one of his unsubstantiated and probably non-existent “death threats”. How terribly clever of my supposed self to include specific ISBN references to the text book where such horrid images can be found. Everyone get hate mail with footnotes all the time. Its the only considerate way to send hate mail.

    The content of one his threat mails tells me why he went out of his way the other day to reinvigorate the meme of the dogs crapping in his bed and emphasized that we believe it to be literal truth instead of just mocking him for coming up with the term in the first place. Can’t use the reference in fake threat if no one knows what you’re talking about can you?

    Nice to see he’s written a nice letter to some authority about all the terrible letters he thinks he’s been getting. But like those messages, there’s zero proof that he actually sent it. Just like the received messages, show us the headers to prove you sent it. Show us a read receipt with headers. Stop showing bits and pieces in isolation then claiming the part we can’t see proves we are terrible awful people. We know who that is because you prove it every day.

  12. According to the Blob’s latest mis-intrepretation of the law, he is demanding John moderate the comments herein, etc. The usual delusions of an assclown. Go ahead Bill, sue me. You are an assclown and that is my opinion one that I am allowed to bellow from the rooftops in any media format I choose and their isn’t a damned thing you can do about it. Say what you want about me as long as it is the truth or stated as an opinion, that’s all good.

  13. “What goes on in the mind of someone who works with a leftwing outfit like NRA Watchsponsoring a gun control petition and, yet, who also plays with an AR15 like this?”

    It’s a live demonstration of how easy it is for a card-carrying psycho to get his mitts on one in America. Think of it as performance art.

    One of these days central casting is going to get him the gig as the Criminal Minds guest unsub of the week.

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 9m
    I am not deranged, am less of a cyberstalker than any of the Lickspittles, am NOT “Pedo Friendly.” Defamatory. False. Requires removal.

    BS, you are clearly deranged, a stalker as the judge has found, and you are friends with kimberlin and his child bridge, and associated with other pedo friendly people, henceforth and with you are pedo friendly. Truth, does not require removal. That will be two snorts of my taint please.

    • and to be clear, you have no issue with oedipal troll or psycho? so you admit to those? got it Admitted Oedipal Troll Schmalfeldt, IMO also a cyberstalker, pedo friendly deranged nutcase.

      That work?

    • Oh, that goofy Cabin Boy. Defamation does not mean “you say stuff I simply don’t like.” He must have learned his definition from BK. Or maybe they both had the same definition before meeting, and their friendship blossomed because of similar ideas (bird of a feather, etc.).

      It is my opinion, as a member of the human race with sound faculties and functioning eyes to read with, that Cabin Boy seems quite deranged and has many qualities both consistent with and necessary for cyber-stalking (and he threw down quite an absolute – “any of the Lickspittles” – so if just a single one of us is less a cyber stalker than a man who engages in regular doxing and apparent violations of the SPJ ethics code, then he’s wrong… SO THAT CLAIM MUST BE REMOVED, per Cabin Boy Logic).

      Additionally, he has associates who in the past potentially acted in a way reflecting a more nuanced perspective on romance with a younger cohort. Yet, he remains friends with them. Towards the later point, if Hoge is responsible for any comments on his blog or random emails sent (by whomever) because Hoge “tacitly agrees”, then why does BS not understand a broad stroke of guilt by association?

      Alas for BS, the problem is not that we have opinions – it’s simply that said opinions are not the same ones BS constantly pushes. For that crime, we must be silenced. Pound sand, little buddy.

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