Catching Up

Wow! I’ve spent the morning working and not paying attention to the blog or Twitter, and look at all I’ve missed!vbr2014022211640ZI have no idea what the Cabin Boy™ is going on about. It seems as if he’s complaining about some sort of threats. If he really has received credible threats, he should call the cops. If he’s simply trying to stir the pot, he should reflect on Maryland Criminal Law § 9-501 before he gets in over his head.

I may have more to say after I’ve reviewed the comment threads.

164 thoughts on “Catching Up

    • THIS! John and his loved ones have all of my sympathy, and my never-ending prayers for their safety, and eventually some peace. This long-term situation, constantly and continually stoked by Bill Schmalfeldt, is beyond the pale and must end.

      God bless, John… always. My heart breaks.

  1. it’s really simple actually,
    1 you let people say what they want on your blog as long as they stay within the guideline standards you have set for this blog
    2 by doing so YOU are responsible for everything said in the comment section
    3 anything said by a commenter that he finds objectionable is by his definition a lie or defamation.
    4 therefore anything posted in the comment section he decides is a lie or defamation he will hold YOU responsible for so You Have To Rein It In!!! and make everyone stop upsetting him or else!!!

    personally I think he’s just trying to get you shut down the comment section so he doesnt have to read our mocking his stupidity, completely ignoring the fact he could just Stop Coming Here.

    Stay strong and God Bless!

  2. OH and apparently he’s been getting emailed threats that he thinks are being sent from commenters on this blog, so he wants you to give him all the ISP’s for all commenters to turn over to the police… or something like that…. O.o

  3. I am trying to reconcile how WJJ Hoge can be the moron CBBS claims he is, yet have such enormous power over the internet and influence over the masses.

  4. I know I’m repeating myself yet again, but I really do believe he suffers from Cluster C personality disorders. He is incapable of coping with reality and has retreated into a fantasy world where his life is a movie and the people he picks fights with are the necessary villains he’s cast. It’s possible he’s been threatened, but more than likely, he simply needs to believe he’s been threatened for the next “plot twist” in his fantasy-life movie.

  5. So…he thinks he fixed the headers. Who wants to wager that he didn’t get it right? If BS is so sure that he fixed the headers, he should post them and let Rick have a look. I bet he could verify that they’re legit.

  6. Does Bill realize that having LEO contact Mr. Hoge is a violation of the peace order? Unless Schmalfeldt has actual evidence that Mr. Hoge is directly involved in threatening communications sent to his person…asking anyone (aside from Mr. Hoge’s representation or an Officer of the COURT) to communicate with Mr. Hoge on his behalf is a violation of the peace order. He doesn’t get to use LEO for the purpose of harassing Mr. Hoge.

    I don’t know how many different ways I can say this. So I guess I’m just gonna keep saying it. Schmalfeldt needs to stop using cops to violate the peace order.

    • If it is for a legitimate purpose, like threats on the blog, then having the police contact Hoge would likely not be considered a breech…

      however, if he is (as I strongly suspect is the case) only being stupid and having the cops contact Hoge because of things outside if Hoge’s sphere of influence…

      Well, I already wouldn’t want to be Billy, but that wouldn’t be any better..

      • If Hoge is not directly responsible for the threats, then how would contacting him not be a violation? No person has made threats on this blog. Is BS saying he has evidence that Hoge sent the threats? If he doesn’t, then why would the police contact John Hoge? For what purpose? There is nothing he can offer them, that they can’t obtain through their own investigation. Schmalfeldt is doing this to harass him.

      • Cabin Boy is now saying that the threats he is getting are like Mr. Hoge driving to his house and firing a gun at him. WTF? No, there are some random bozo (if not Bill himself) sending them from Bill’s own blog. The threats are not coming from Mr. Hoge, nor are any threats posted on Mr. Hoge’s comment section. The sheer stupidity of the Cabin Boy is breathtaking in is vastness.

    • so it’s only ok for Shaky to demand others to ‘get off the internet’, someone does it to him and its criminal? got it. Sounds like more projection

  7. This maroon wonders why random people are threatening his life… he’s probably left people steaming after him for years. Karma says eventually one will catch up to you.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 7m
    I think we all need to focus some attention on Bettina Haper. This girl has more hate than brains.

  8. Funny, the more I read of Cabin Boy, the more of him I see in “battlefield earth”* character Brown Limper Staffor, a human antagonist in the story who blames every bad thing that happens to him on the main character.

    *the decent sci-fi book, not the horrible movie

    • Gotta differ with ya on that one JDoe. There are very few books that I have started reading and not finished. It takes a lot for me not to plow through to the end. Battlefield Earth is a 20 footer as in that’s how far I threw it when I finally became too disgusted with its crappy writing around about page 100.

  9. Cabin Boy Bill has been acting like a child with a new toy since he learned that his blog offers a ‘visitor log’. He’s been showing it off, but unfortunately for him, he has no idea how the toy works. Or the how the Internet works, for that matter.

    He’s been calling out people who he thinks have visited his blog. For example:

    He sees an entry from San Antonio, and since he claims to have discovered that Black Betty lives there, it must be her. But if he had even the slightest knowledge of the net or any ability at investigating it, he could have easily found that:

    1) that address is part of a netblock owned by Rackspace, a server farm. Not a likely place to find Betty.

    2) that specific address currently belongs to, a firm that collects data on social networking sites.

    3) the host currently parked at that address is a web server with automatic scanning and collection functionality.

    In short, it took me 15 seconds to discover that Bill mistook an innocuous webcrawler for Betty.

    This is the quality of Bill’s investigations. Whether its misidentifying visitors just because of a coincidental city, or misidentifying Kyle because of a coincidental name, or identifying _everyone_ as Jerry Reynolds, he is a HACK, and his work SUCKS.

    Keep this in mind when he cites “likely suspects”.

      • I think that if Betty is distressed by his cyberstalking and it is affecting her health, she should see a doctor immediately.

      • that tweet is a more credible threat given his actions over the last 2 weeks than anything posted in the comment section anywhere on this blog….

      • What does this mean? Is he coming after me? He has a picture of my house. He did say he was going to post my address and phone number. Is he going to send his friends to my house to cut me in half like the Black Dahlia? Everyone knows he’s a sadist. He’s always writing those threatening, violent posts. Is he finally going to do it?

  10. He just called us goons. I, for one, and deeply offended and feel defamed. I shall now issue an edict: . . . mmm, popcorn!

  11. BREAKING: Cabin Boy keeps digging. Accuses Black Betty of committing crimes.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio
    Then Bettina should talk to them about the crimes she is committing.
    12:11 PM – 21 Feb 2014

    Betty, don’t tell me what your lawyer thinks, but I’ll bet as you keep bringing him stuff he thinks he’s entered the Twilight Zone.

  12. Wait – “we all” need to focus attention on…

    So, he has people at his command? That sounds like he is the Godfather. And there must be some consigliere, someone who plays lawyer….

  13. Bill goes after Aaron Walker, who has a disability. He goes after Grady, who could be said to have a disability (the manic-depression) and his disabled son. He goes after Bettina who he says has a disability.

    I’m sensing a pattern here. (I know that all his targets don’t have a disability of some sort, but a lot of them seem to.) Does Bill hate people with disabilities? Or is he just stupid enough to think that a disability in one area of one’s life makes on incompetent in the others? And if that is the case, what does it say about how he views himself?

  14. Wow, here is something I did not know. If you live in a town near someone who someone else suspects has made funny cartoons about you, you are subject to being subpoenaed for everything you could possibly know.

  15. Bill Schmalfeldt is either delusional or out an out lying. I read this blog everyday, including the comments, and I have never seen any commenter say anything remotely resembling a threat, to Bill S or to anyone else. As a blogger myself, I am sensitive to such matters due to the legal consequences of allowing such commentary.

    • “Bill Schmalfeldt is either delusional or out an out lying.”

      Can’t it be both? Like a Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup? Two great tastes that taste great together?

      Why limit our options to just falsehood and fantasy?

  16. At least part of this tweet is true. He does, indeed, “retaliate” if you give him a “no comment,” or “I don’t want to talk to you.” In keeping with the standards of the SPJ, he then harasses people, their families, and friends. Ex: disabled children, dead children, Stranahan, Hoge, Walker, Dee, McCain, etc.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio
    I “go after” no one, stupid. I retaliate. Big difference.
    12:30 PM – 21 Feb 2014

  17. I just had a thought….maybe these “threats” are from a certain court clerk that likes to work late on Christmas Eve. Hmmmmmmmmm

  18. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 5m
    Lickspittle throws shit. It hits me. I scrape it off and eat it

    Fixed that for you, no credibility Bill.

  19. I think Bill’s actions concerning this blog and comments is pure ‘shutuppery.’ It may also involve attention seeking but has gotten beyond his perceived control. He has demanded on many occasions for our host to do as he says or else. He tried to silence individual commenters without success. IIRC he said something to the effect that he ‘would pick off each commenter on-by-one like he had Betty and Grady.’

    Failing to be able to do that he has turned to the police to reign in our host.

    His physical problems could be a large portion of ‘why’ he is doing this but I think it is mostly TK influence to achieve the end result of shutuppery.

  20. You see, Lickspittles LIKE it when you absorb their abuse silently. Ain't gonna happen. Wanna be left alone? Leave me alone.— Bill Schmalfeldt (@VeryBadRadio) February 21, 2014

    Actually its something like a trainwreck. We simply cannot stop watching you squirm in your filth.

    • Here’s the thing — if he stopped coming here there wouldn’t be any “abuse”. There would just be discussions he had no idea were occurring. There’s nothing happening here that’s in any way threatening; he admits as much with his citation of “emails” containing threats — why reach for those if you have evidence of it here?

      So, Bill, just stop reading Hogewash. You think we’re all low-lifes, so take to heart a favorite quote, “the opinions of worthless people are worthless” and ignore us.

    • Total trainwreck. Since I’m not working right now, it’s a great source of procrastination in between writing cover letters.

      I know that I wouldn’t be paying any attention to him if he didn’t keep attacking this blog and it’s hard to keep from answering Every.Single.Illogical tweet he puts out with questions for clarification. If only Moldwarp and Ferguson realized how often I sit on my hands to keep from typing. Or type and erase an answer. Though they wouldn’t believe it, even if given a live camera feed.

  21. Wanna be left alone? Leave me alone.— Bill Schmalfeldt
    Isn’t that what our esteemed host tried to say, then had to have the courts say, then had to have the DA say until finally the Judge dragged CBBS into mediation? Which of course he’s tap-dancing with now anyway.

    • And CBBS has said he will harass people who pay the wrong attention to his friend the Speedway Bomber. Which is why he started harassing Hoge.

      At the root of all his “torment” is Bill’s decision to be a jerk to people who would otherwise never be aware of his existence.

  22. Prevarication du jour? As your read this, keep in mind that to Bill Schmalfeldt, any negative thing written about him is an attack deserving retaliation.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio
    Stranahan attacked first. Someone told me about his past, I asked him for an interview, he gave me one. Next day he called me a liar.
    12:59 PM – 21 Feb 2014 ·

    What really happened: He FIRST wrote an Examiner article about Lee Stranahan entitled, “Lee Stranahan, Misunderstood Media Maven or Deadbeat Dirtbag?”

    This is Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, “retaliating” yet again after being asked by Lee Stranahan to leave him and his family alone:

  23. I really would be overjoyed to hear the rat sphincter explain the true gravity of the offense I committed that so aggrieved him.

    I know the precise truth of it. I’m sure I would get a solid belly laugh out of his version of events.

    • You left a sorta negative comment on his blog, right? Not a flame, as I recall. Just mild disagreement.

      You have to remember, we’re talking about a person who went totally berserk, war path rampaging, over someone “Like”-ing a Facebook page he didn’t approve of.

      We are not dealing with a stable person here.

  24. So Cabin Boy tweets an article about a man who killed a blogger. What does that have to do with someone who, seemingly, sends death threats to themselves. After all, Cabin Boy hasn’t disproven he sent the threats and by his logic, the burden of proof lies with him. All he has to do is post all of the headers. By not doing so, he’s admitting he sent the threats. See, Billy Boy, we can play your game too!

    • although he has been complaining all week about “threats” towards him on the blog, he has yet to screen cap and post even one…

      what threats he *CLAIMS* he gets thru email has no relation to this blog regardless of the “connections” his feeble mind attempts to make.

  25. And now I hear Billy has spoken to the SA? Was he patched through by the same county clerk who he talked to Christmas Eve, when the courthouse was closed? Just curious….

  26. Upon reflection, I have decided that BS is aiming for nomination as the Most Egregious Troll of the Decade. He certainly is in contention both for that title as well as for the title of Most Inept Troll of the Decade. The least that the Academy of Trolls could do for him is to name their annual awards after him: And the “Billy” for Most Profane Troll of the Year goes to __.” It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?

    • I’ve ascribed his rantings as trying to beat out his Boy Toy VSOF as World’s Most Stupid Man. They are running neck in neck with the X guy running third by trying hard.

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