BREAKING: Xenophon Tells the Truth

In a surprising twist Xenophon the Troll finally tells the truth in a post at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) about The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious lawsuits against bloggers and media entities. In a prolonged screed about Paul Alan Levy’s representation of anonymous blogger Ace of Spades in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, Xenophon writes—BU20140221bYep. As TDPK has claimed, donations from big-time leftwing contributors are drying up for his not-for-profits. For example, the Threshold Foundation had given Velvet Revolution grants totaling as much as $65k a year, but it has zeroed out its support.

It was leftwing blogger Seth Allen who first shined some light on Brett Kimberlin’s current activities. The fact that it was mostly the right half of the blogosphere that rallied to Allen’s defense allowed TDPK to paint resistance to his lawfare as persecution from the right.

That dog won’t hunt anymore. Ken White, Zoa Barnes, and Paul Alan Levy are not rightwing nut jobs, but they have all provided pro bono legal help to victims of Team Kimberlin. The ACLU, which is also helping in Ace’s defense, is rarely thought of as a rightwing organization.

Because of the extra publicity stirred up by TDPK’s frivolous lawsuits, good people on the left are realizing what kind of person Brett Kimberlin is, and they are deciding that they have better things to do with their money than supporting his unprofitable not-for-profits. The Streisand Effect blowback putting a real crimp in his business model.

Team Kimberlin haz sad. I expect them to act out even more outrageously before things are settled.BU20140221a

On advice of counsel, I won’t reply with a Clint Eastwood quote.

85 thoughts on “BREAKING: Xenophon Tells the Truth

      • Heh. As Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry): “I know what you’re thinking, punk. You’re thinking “did he fire six shots or only five?” Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow you head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?”

  1. What is interesting is that the Cabin Boy and the idiots at BU never address the posts that Kimberlin does in his lawfare. They pick other posts that are NOT included to attempt to show “defamation”. They just assume that Levy didn’t do his due diligence, they assume the ACLU gives not a whit for anything but money. They assume a lot and present it as fact. Heck it’s like reading the Cabin Boys stuff. It’s a fact if I say it’s a fact. You have to wonder how hard it is to actually write those lies when they have to know the truth.

    • Harassing attorneys is par for the course. See, e.g., what happened to Aaron Walker for *gasp* trying to help Seth Allen; the prosecutors who pressed charges against Kimberlin. This pattern of going after counsel who represent parties he is at odds with is something that should be pointed out in motions to have him named a vexatious litigant. Exactly how many lawsuits does he have going on now, by the way? He mentioned another one in his letter to Ace.

    • The thing is, Cabin Boy is so deranged, it’s likely that he honestly believes the lies he tells (i.e., he’s a mythomaniac rather than a pathological liar). He has proven time and time again that he is mentally incapable of dealing with reality. As such, BS has basically invented a hallucination of reality out of a disturbing mix of his fantasies and paranoia.

      It’s not unheard of; nearly a decade ago I read someone who laid out his reasons for leaving the Chicago pagan community. Tell me if this does not sound eerily familiar: “If one’s perceived reality can be so easily be remolded by one’s will, how difficult will it be, really, for one’s wishes to remold it into a form that makes one’s actions reasonable ones, transforming one into the hero in the imagined drama that is one’s life? This all becomes a matter of pure behaviorism: that which is repeated with encouragement is reinforced.

      And which, really, is more fun – to be able to believe that one is a sorcerer who has travelled to other planes of existence and commands supernatural forces while thwarting dastardly schemes, or that one is just another ineffectual, untalented high school or college dropout who has been stuck in the middle of a dingy, decaying Midwestern US industrial town so devoid of anything remarkable, that when tourists ask the locals where a romantic place to visit is, those who have grown up here can’t think of even a single place? Escapism is very understandable in a cheerless place like Chicago, but then, so is alcoholism. All the same, neither is a healthy choice.”

      All you have to do is make a few substitutions here and there: “And which, really, is more fun – to be able to believe that one is an investigating citizen journalist and satirist thwarting dastardly schemes, or that one is just another ineffectual, untalented high school or college dropout living out of a trailer?”

      The pagan community isn’t the only subculture plagued by people who have forgone their meds because the hallucinations are significantly better than the reality. It goes far beyond politics. Cabin Boy has cast TDPBK’s “enemies” and right wingers as the necessary villains in the movie he pretends his life is.

    • I suspect Cabin Boy truly believes the lies he tells (he’s a mythomaniac as opposed to the pathological liars TDPBK and Rauhauser seem to be). BS seems to have several mental disorders, not the least of which is AvPD. (Which makes sense; he also seems to suffer from another Cluster C disorder, DPD)

      I’ve observed (albeit not directly) similar phenomena elsewhere. About a decade ago, I came across a series of essays by someone who was laying out his reasons for his break with the Chicago pagan community. he had been experiencing many of the same problems that people are having with Cabin Boy. Does any of this sound familiar?

      “If one’s perceived reality can be so easily be remolded by one’s will, how difficult will it be, really, for one’s wishes to remold it into a form that makes one’s actions reasonable ones, transforming one into the hero in the imagined drama that is one’s life? This all becomes a matter of pure behaviorism: that which is repeated with encouragement is reinforced.

      And fun, as we would find out soon enough, or more to the point, the unrelenting pursuit of fun, meant far more to many in the community than reality. And which, really, is more fun – to be able to believe that one is a sorcerer who has travelled to other planes of existence and commands supernatural forces while thwarting dastardly schemes, or that one is just another ineffectual, untalented high school or college dropout who has been stuck in the middle of a dingy, decaying Midwestern US industrial town so devoid of anything remarkable, that when tourists ask the locals where a romantic place to visit is, those who have grown up here can’t think of even a single place? Escapism is very understandable in a cheerless place like Chicago, but then, so is alcoholism. All the same, neither is a healthy choice.”

      All that’s needed is a few substitutions, and you have Cabin Boy in a nutshell:

      “And which, really, is more fun – to be able to believe that one is an investigatine journalist and satirist who runs a successful radio show while thwarting dastardly schemes, or that one is just another ineffectual, untalented high school or college dropout who has been stuck in a trailer in the middle of a dingy, decaying East Coast US industrial town?”

      it’s more than simply politics. Cabin Boy needs villains for the movie that he fantasizes his life is, and TDPBK’s enemies and right wingers are the villains he’s cast.

      • One more thing I wish to add here: psychology is merely a hobby which I find interesting, but I am by no means a proper authority. Take my observations and conclusions with a grain of proverbial salt.

    • Read their annual report. You can go through either the Foundation Center’s site, or through Tides, as it serves as an administrator for Threshold. I don’t remember if Threshold maintained a site of its own.

      • Interesting that he says that because (1) JTMP is not a party to the suit, and (2) since the donations were to JTMP, how could Threshold have cut him off?

      • Of course, referring to himself and JTMP as if they were one and the same person does go toward piercing the corporate veil. The defendants have an abundance of riches from which to choose.

  2. Defamation Bill thinks he just doxed Patrick Grady, who was not hiding. Defamation Bill also called Grady a “criminal,” without providing any proof that Grady committed and was convicted of a crime. Defamation Bill has a penchant for that sort of thing – “Defamatory Five,” “RICO Racketeers,” etc.

      • Then Mr. Grady needs to file a police report with screen cap of the threat. As an adjudicated harasser, all further threats to harass should be taken seriously and reported to Law Enforcement as a terroristic threat. A felony in most jurisdictions. Like here in Florida. Florida will prosecute (and has been known to arrest and transport internationally on a misdemeanor charge) …

      • Funny how you told him EXACTLY who you were yet he is a Sooper Genius for “doxing” you. And he apparently needed help from the trolls at BU to do it. Again, AFTER you had given him you real first and last name, place of residence ect.

      • One thing about adjudicated harrassers. They are not smart.

        I have a screen cap from wherein Bill Schmalfeldt (the aforementioned adjudicated harrasser, ACME law genius and all-around pointer-outer of “not smart” stuff) included my Facebook profile picture.

        In which he failed to gray out the face of my wife.

        So expect that page to disappear before too long.

    • Grady is having none of it. He notes that Defamation Bill is merely recycling old material that he had deleted when he was probably having one of his panic attacks. And he is calling Dr. Dementia “massa” in response to his “now I own you” “dance for me” taunts.

      • Yes, I finally recaptured his attention with a comment on Xeno’s post at BU. I think the rest of you can relax for the remainder of the day.

        The bluster has begun. The deletions and begging for mercy will inevitably follow, like sunshine after rain.

        I ask ya: Who’s really dancing here?

  3. bill continues to have a breakdown, i think someone should have the local 50 do a wellness check on him, sounds like he might’ve popped his head right off:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 4m
    .@Xcitizen10 @PalatinePundit I’m the coward? Oh, how fucking funny is THAT? Come and get me, Patrick. KILL ME, you fuck!

    • Heh. No one wants to kill Bill, he provides so much material of a foolish and/or snark-worthy nature. If anyone killed Bill we would have to seek the world over for another buffoon as lacking in self-awareness and intelligence.
      This is simply Bill’s attempt at victimhood, so he can say his life is threatened …
      Such delusion and attention seeking!

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 1m
    @Xcitizen10 @PalatinePundit Still waiting on definitive word from Go Daddy. But yeah, we’re close.


    • He is making veiled threats against the man’s disabled son. He is saying things like “I own you.” This type of behavior is why even though I pray for the man, with great effort because I’m no saint, I do not feel sorry for him.

    • Actually, someone needs to explain to BS that using the police to harass Mr. Hoge is a violation of the peace order. Everyone knows those are fake threats. And even if the fake threats weren’t fake, he has no proof that they came from anyone even remotely associated with any of the people who comment on this blog. So telling the police to call Mr. Hoge on his behalf is a direct violation of the peace order, since it constitutes indirect contact.

      Reader, as our resident legal analyst, would you like to point out to the group exactly where I went wrong here?

      • I’m not the only opinionated person, but nice of you to ask. Here are my non-legal thoughts.

        BS, starting on Feb. 7, right after Hoge had the outstanding charges dropped pursuant to the mediation agreement, has used Twitter and his blog as a platform to threaten some form of retaliation. Here is the best example because his intentions are transparent. From his blog (now deleted) on Feb. 7:

        “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased. I have news that I am sitting on until early next week. It is not good news for Hoge and his co-defendants. (I’ll tell you this much. I won’t say if it’s the state case, the RICO case, or both. Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation.)
        And I can’t fucking WAIT until I can write about it without risking the outcome.

        And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.

        Remember where you read it.

        Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.”

        “God forgive me, I want the man to suffer.” Reporting Hoge to the police for threats that have no link to his blog or to him, except in the hopes and dreams of BS, is not a wise move on his part. What BS is upset about is the ridicule he receives here from the comment section; ridicule is not defamation, nor is it a threat. If it were, Jon Stewart would be in jail.

        BS spends a lot of his time trying to dox people, often accusing innocent parties (and blaming others for his errors, as he did in the case of the guy he accused of being Jerry Fletcher for almost two years). A lot of people have cause to be angry with him, and there are others who have no compunction about using him to further their own agenda. His reactions are extremely predictable. In my constitutionally protected NON-LEGAL OPINION, based on the foregoing, if I were a prosecutor or a judge, I would question why BS keeps calling the cops without evidence of wrongdoing on Hoge’s part.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 4m
    We are done playing. Either Hoge takes charge of his blog, or the police will.

    Some explain to Slick Billy that blog != email contact form

    • Like that would get through to him.

      I wonder if anyone using the screen name that was attached to these alleged threats posts at any MSM sites. If they do, does that mean that CBS/ABC/Yahoo/Weather Channel/Legit Local Paper?/etc., etc., etc. is also on the hook for “harboring” the threatener?

      I’m still imagining how Mr. Hoge is “harboring” any of us who post here. Are we all little Trons?

      • No one has threatened BS on this blog. It sure looks like he is using criticism of his behavior here as a pretext for sending the cops to talk to Hoge, thereby circumventing the PO. It could look that way to a suspicious mind.

      • Circumventing the PO? No. Actually, what he’s doing is asking the cops to contact Hoge on his behalf. That’s indirect contact. He has no proof of anything. In fact, it’s more likely that he sent the emails.

        In fact, the call that the police made on BS’s behalf previously WAS a violation of the peace order. That WAS indirect contact that served no legitimate purpose.

      • Thank God we all have suspicious minds.

        It’s so interesting that not only has there not been a threat on this blog, but I haven’t even seen anything that looks serious on Twitter. The *only* “threats” seem to come through Moldwarp’s blog contact form, therefore leaving only his own contact information. Hmmm.

      • Billy seems to be his regular self again; always the threats. The medical establishment does have medication for your ills, you just have to ask. I am sure, being a “journalist” report about the medications you need to stop the strange behavior.

  6. Question for those with legal knowledge. BS is accusing Mr. Hoge of being responsible for death threats. Could he be charged with libel per se? (On top of breaking the PO, as well as possibly filing false police reports.)

    According to libel per se is: “n. broadcast or written publication of a false statement about another which accuses him/her of a crime, …. …. Such claims are considered so obviously harmful that malice need not be proved to obtain a judgment for “general damages,” and not just specific losses.”

    At least to this lay person, “general damages” would seem to indicate that the person being libeled would not have to prove actual financial or reputational loss. And malice can definitely be proved by the blog and twitter posts themselves, which would seem to open BS up to punitive damages.

    Not that Bill would seem to have any real assets to forfeit, but it’s the principle of the thing.

    • Falsely accusing someone of a crime, depending on the circumstances, could be considered libel per se, but it is a private cause of action, meaning that no one would be “charged” by a government entity. The aggrieved party would have to sue.

      • That’s what I thought. Not that there is any financial point in suing Bill, but he might want to keep that in mind, that charging folks with crimes he knows they didn’t commit could land him in some very hot water indeed.

  7. he just admitted he knows the threats are not real. Knowing this, reporting them as real threats would be filing a false police report. grab the popcorn, happy friday all

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@VeryBadRadio 2m
    I don’t expect anyone is really going to rape my wife and murder my dogs in front of me. But these threats are bullshit and must stop.

    These ‘threats’ only seem to come through some sort of contact email on his website, which he had said he was turning off. Why did he turn them back on? Why did he invite someone on twitter to come kill him?

    • Remember, only Bill’s victims have to turn off their comments, or better yet get off the net and email. Bill can demand anything he wants, and he’ll going to get it, by God!

      I think at this point he may have violated whatever the mediated settlement was, though he’ll never see it that way, since mediation to his little mind means he had some great victory. If this current bout of idiocy is breaking the settlement, can the state reinstate the charges? Or find new ones, based on all the crap Bill’s spewed in the last two days or so?

    • Mr. Grady – dare I ask what you did to attract Bill’s attention? Anything specific or did you just win his new victim lottery?

      • It’s a story that deserves a proper telling, with all the right emphasis and embellishment. Watch this space while I practice my craft in the meantime.

      • Well, apparently, the World’s Widest Worm™ had been in one of his patented tantrums. On Feb 7th, he had published a post (since deleted) at that was one long egregious whine-fest about he was a poor, poor, pitiful victim of Parkinson’s disease, and all the stress that the devilish fiend John Hoge had caused the Worm by letting his personal Lickspittles run wild and free in the Hogewash! comment section had shaved years – YEARS, I’M TELLIN YA!! – off his life.

        Truly, epically pathetic post.

        I left the following comment (if not verbatim, it was very, very close to this):

        “Wow. That’s quite a pity party. SUX2BU, huh?”

        What I did not know when I posted the comment was the content of the post immediately preceding it.

        In that post (also since deleted), he was throwing another Schmalfeldtian Tantrum™ demanding that the abuse and defamation and slander and libel and lies and mendacities coming directly from Hoge through the Lickspittles on Hoge’s blog which he is being forced against his will to read by the power of Hoge’s PSYCHIC MANIPULATIONS…stops. It stops. Now. It will stop. ItWillStopNow. Nownownownownownow.

        CONSEQUENCES, I SAY!!!!!!!

        So…I turned out to be the guy who walked into his little toy chainsaw. Fair is fair – I can’t say he didn’t warn me.

        So I guess he had a neighbor or relative install his prosthetic opposable thumbs, and he went to work doxing a guy who is probably easier to track down online than he is (and I speak from experience). In any case, I’m no Jerry Fletcher/Jeremy Kinsey/Howard Earl/God Knows Who Else/Chris Heather. No Kyle Kiernan. He published another post the following morning (which has since been deleted, and are we beginning to sense a theme here?) explaining the Herculean feats required to find my name, address and other pertinent information.

        Somehow, I managed to keep my composure.

        Then he posted once more (also deleted, because NO COWARD CHASES THE FIST-SHAKING FISHBELLY OF ELKRIDGE OFF THE INTERNET!!!ELEVENTY!!!), with a beg to his reader (possibly both of them, if you count him) that if they knew of a connection between me and KimberlinUnmask (who, upon their information and belief, lives in an adjacent county in the Chicago suburbs, so I OBVIOUSLY MUST KNOW who that is) then they should contact him. And he suggested that I could soon be expecting a – thunderclap! – Certified Letter!

        Ooh! Cer-ti-fied Let-ter……

        Again, I kept it together.

        Then my Twitter TL exploded. He started tweeting to me and about me. It was all very frightening. I thought I might soil myself, though that may have been the leftover chili I had the night before.

        Seriously, I laughed. Out loud. Loudly and repeatedly. For most of the day.

        A fact became quickly apparent – I have no connection to KimberlinUnmask, except that I enjoy the cartoons that used to appear at the website and hope for their speedy return. Further, I made it plain that having a disabled son is not an embarrassment; it’s a fact of life and often a source of great pride. I’ve been bipolar for many years, and I have excellent care on all levels. I live my life upfront, straight ahead and above board. If there is anything in my past or present that could possibly cause me shame or embarrassment, all the people in my life whom I most care about already know about it.

        He has no leverage over me. He certainly doesn’t frighten me in the slightest. I have never leveled a threat toward him. I make it a point not to do so. “Those who threaten, never do; etc.”

        I believe that once he realized he has no leverage over me, he worked hard to ignore me; I, on the other hand, have made it a point to needle him ceaselessly about the Certified Letter he promised. It’s been two weeks now, and I’m really beginning to think he was blowing smoke up my tushie about it in order to frighten me.

        Which, as I hope I have made clear, is a useless tactic.

        I continued to remind him this morning, over at BU. So he tried again, to no avail, to shut me up. This time he suggests a subpoena may be in the offing.

        Oooooh… subpoena… I hope it comes by Certified Letter…

        And in answer to his question from this morning, I must say: “Yes! I’m having a hell of a good time! How about you?”

        And by the way, what the hell happened to his blog formatting? I don’t think you could call it anything less than a piping hot mess over there, light-years behind what he had yesterday, which was in turn light-years behind what Ace of Spades is running right now.

  9. on one hand he’s claiming people are threatening him and he’s informing LE, on the other he’s calling out people specifically on twitter to “come and kill me”….O.o
    BS needs psych help seriously, complaining you are being threatened while at the same time asking people to kill you is NOT sane behaviour….

    • A cocktail of Cluster C personality disorders is my guess. I think he really does believe his own lies; they’re necessary for his fantasy world to work.

      • Really?

        I would have pegged him in the B category. Somewhere between 4 and 5. Comorbid => Sadism. And yes, I know that’s been pulled. But I don’t think it should have been. Case in point: he goes after children because he believes it causes pain to his targets. And that gives him pleasure.

        Still, it’s hard to pin down. There are some Cluster C traits there.

      • He certainly exhibits traits of just about every Cluster B disorder there is, but the Cluster C disorders (Avoidant and Dependent) are where his inability to deal with reality and his, ahem, rich fantasy life to substitute it seem to come from.

  10. To be honest, I’m surprised not just by the admission, but TDPK’s actual motives. I was certain this was yet more shutuppery rather than garden-variety lawsuit lottery. Anything to avoid honest work, I suppose.

  11. To be honest, I’m surprised not just by the admission, but by TDPK’s true motives. I was certain it was yet another case of shutuppery rather than garden-variety lawsuit lottery. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been; TDPK would move heaven and earth to avoid honest work.

    • Indeed it is all shutuppery. TDPK’s gravy train of left wing foundation money got shut off, together with having to shut down his illegal internet drug business because of the attention means he’s hard up for money, I’d bet.

  12. How odd. BS just posted excerpts from a series of communications with Zoa Barnes. Here is part of the exchange:

    “Commenters on Mr. Hoge’s blog are taking unwarranted pot shots at my attempt to launch a commercial endeavor that has nothing to do with Mr. Hoge or with his commenters. I am trying to live peacefully and run an online radio station of music and comedy. It doesn’t help my prospects to have your client (former?) allowing people on his blog to give non-critical criticism of my product. As I intend to try to supplement my meager retirement income with ad sales and donations, I do not think Mr. Hoge allowing his commenters to take ad hominem shots at my business is covered by free speech. Legitimate criticisms about my choice of music or comedy are fine. But to just constantly shout, “his station sucks, don’t listen to it” is defamatory.”

    Curious, of course, as to the nature and structure of his “business,” I did a Maryland business license lookup. As of the time of this comment, there is no business registered in his name:

    You searched for
    Owner Name schmalfeldt
    Jurisdiction Statewide
    Year 2013
    Displaying 0-0 (of 0) matching your criteria
    You may wish to reduce your search criteria to increase the number of responses found
    No Record Found

    • But to just constantly shout, “his station sucks, don’t listen to it” is defamatory.”

      No Willy, it isn’t. It is a statement of opinion, and that is protected speech.

      Live with it.

      • Er, I quite agree, but I’m having one of those, “But the only comments on his ‘station’ have been cursory, and some – such as those pointing out that the name isn’t helpful to a commercial endeavor – have been helpful. Other opinions have been supported by analysis, which could be regarded as feedback to improve the venture” moments.

        I can’t help it, I have to dissect these screeds of his.

  13. Now he’s on about how NO ONE CHASES HIM FROM THE INTERNET! And he’s turned the emails complete with headers over the police, and Mr. Hoge will have to explain himself to them. Unless Mr. Hoge has had a complete psychotic break, there is no way he personally sent them, and the headers (assuming they prove anything other than Bill’s own site information) will prove that, and the police will ignore the screeches about Mr. Hoge. If they do come or call Mr. Hoge about it, our esteemed host would be justified in taking whatever steps are mandated by breaking the PO.

  14. When did Kimberlin win against DBCapital? Did we miss yet another unknown triumph?
    Also where is Brad of Brad Blog, he’s supposedly Kimberlins buddy, highly opinionated, yet crickets…

  15. If Baghdad Blubber wanted to make some money from his “radio business” he some name it after one of his interests, Anal Rape Enthusiast Radio. I’m pretty sure that would attract listeners and contributions, especially from the extended Team K family.

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