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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction that would require my codefendants and me in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit to take down any blog posts or tweets made since 7 July, 2013, mentioning TDPK prior to any trial on the merits of his allegations. As you can imagine, I’m opposed to that, and, yesterday, I filed through counsel an opposition to his motion.

I don’t wish to comment any further on this matter until the court has ruled on TDPK’s motion.

You can help my codefendants and me resist Brett Kimberlin’s attack on our First Amendment rights. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

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  1. I’m trying to remember where I recall Brett Kimberlin answering a question about which statements he alleges were defamatory with “all of them.” If you could produce the quote, and all the posts he was claiming were “defamatory,” you could cite the obviously innocuous ones as an example of how Brett Kimberlin claims “defamation” in extremely bad faith.

    • I remember that too and want to find it.

      One of the better reasons to write about Brett Kimberlin’s past is his elisions or false stories about his past he floats to neutralize his awfulness and recreate a history as a martyred hero for social justice. This fictive biography he uses to springboard himself to whatever prominence he can gain in the public sphere on matters of public concern.) People should know the truth and be on their guard against it.

      This remarkable passage from the one of the Norton peace order hearings (taken from Aaron’s site, is illustration (L is for lawyer, K for Kimberlin):

      L: You’ve been in prison for bombings, correct?

      K: No, I haven’t.

      L: Where you served prison time, correct?

      K: No.

      L: [louder, more stern.] Correct?

      K: Yes.

      L: Okay. And it was related to bombings out of state, correct? Multiple bombings.

      K: No. You know, I’m not going to get into that. You know, if you want to talk about—

      Similarly he has snapped in response to the question about him being known as “The Speedway Bomber” , ” I don’t know it”.

      These delicate(!) lies for him are built around the premise that he never committed the bombings, and the story long floated by his friends and said to come from him, that he was “secretly exonerated.” He was in prison as a political prisoner. He can’t have served time in prison for bombings because hey, he’s totally innocent. That’s the kind of weasel liar he is, and he thinks he is entitled to the protection of the law against any false narrative he proposes on the subject.

  2. Hardly surprising that Brett wants all mention of his name to disappear. Truthful reportage of Brett is toxic to any potential monies his ongoing ‘social justice’ scams and thus deprive him of further income to hide from possible compensatory payments to his victims (as ordered by the court).

    • I think that it’s not so much case law as fundamental First Amd. issue. Unfortunately that means Dread Pedo is attacking the 1st itself and any judge worth his salt should realize that and take a very serious look. The Opposition above looks to do a fantastic job of reminding hizzonor of just that fact.

      • It might be useful to point out to the judge that he has tried this before and it has been reversed on appeal.

  3. I still find it amusing that the very thing that made the Cabin Boy squeal like a pig when done to his “lawyer” friend Shuler gets nary a mention when his Master tries to pull it on others. Some ethics he has huh?

    • One of yesterday’s highlights was Levy’s response to him: “I don’t know who you are ….”
      Well done, Mr. Levy, well done.

      • “I sent an e-mail to Paul Levy of Public Citizen to ask if he could square his column this morning with his obligation as an attorney to maintain Attorney-Client Privilege.

        Once again, here’s the Rule. I added the underlines.
        Well, he responded quickly.

        I don’t know who you are, but there was nothing confidential about the fact of representation. You should, in fact, take a look at the Kimberlin email attached to my affidavit as Exhibit A.

        Who starts an e-mail with “I don’t know who you are?”

    • The hypocrisy is beyond belief. But that’s what one should expect from the convicted perjurer and his “friends” … more criminal conduct, more lies and more dropping trou in public.

    • Actually, I thought his email was courteous. He just was unable to comprehend (1) that the underlying premise of his question, as he asked it, was flawed, and (2) Levy’s response.

      • Let me amend my comment – I did not see the text of the first email, but the EXCERPT of his second email to Levy was courteous.

  4. Good Lord, now the Cabin Boy is ranting about Mr. Hoge saying he is a journalist. Of course it was the Cabin Boys own lawyer who told a judge during a court proceeding that the Cabin Boy was NOT a journalist. He really is the World’s Most Self Unaware Man tm

    • It’s now “VeryBadRadio”. And the fact that we’ve noticed this at all, never mind within a less than an hour proves that we’re obsessive or something. Truth be told, I’d been off Twitter for over half an hour, because I do have a few other things to do with my life, like write cover letters and update/amend resumés.

  5. I notice that he doesn’t require Kimberlin Unmasked to take posts down. That’s because he was griping about Kimberlin Unmasked blogspot blog posts. Google took the whole thing down because he filed an impersonation complaint. There is little recourse one can take when somebody does that. Even though the blog was not an impersonation blog and never claimed to be TDPK. Hmmm.

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