18 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. All this craziness, with your calm sanity in the midst of it all, has built a nice little community here at Hogewash!

  2. Shaky, c&d all you want your radio stations are as horrible as your breath. Anything you try will be a commercial failure because you are an unoriginal hack who can’t avoid changing formats every six dad. Loser wit a capital. Schmuckfeldt

  3. Congrats on the milestone. Fwiw. I really enjoy the space/science posts and hope they last long after Bk gets shut down as a litigant.

  4. I frequent this site due to the amazing story in progress. I have read your posts with amusement and love the structural dismantlement of the lunacy for whom you stand against. This is my first comment, mainly because I am an Australian and do not believe that my knowledge of your legal system would enable insightful assistance.

    I shake my head at the disparity of argument from DPSK when he states in one submission that Aaron is not a lawyer as such and cannot make a defence and then follow this up saying that he is a lawyer and is to be treated as such. I have followed this story from before the “assault” in the court house and am amazed at the facts on display and the disturbing arrogance of Kimberlin. I hope that the rulings are based on law and are financially devastating against him. Yourself, Patterico, RSM and especially Aaron deserve a respite from the harassment and I hope that this and any response makes sure that you are all protected from Kimberlin, Cabin Boy and the ring master Rannhauser (not sure if I spelt that right).

    So, from a concerned but supportive Australian, Well done on cracking the big one, please keep posting the space photography, and all the best in your future endeavours.

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