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Hogewash! has been on the Interwebz for a bit more than two-and-a-half years now, and every single post, except one, is still available online. That post was the donation page for Tetyana’s Fund which was taken down at the donee’s request. Some posts have been subject to correction, but I don’t take down posts.

Not every website is willing to stand by everything it publishes. For example, Breitbart Unmasked took this post down almost immediately after it was put up.BU20130716It contained a version of Brett Kimberlin’s story concerning his marital difficulties. It was a different version from any of the one’s he told in court. (And the version at each hearing was different from every other as well.) The post was taken down quickly when several bloggers noted the difference between it and the various tales Kimberlin had told in court.

However, the post has been preserved offline. And court transcript audio CDs exist of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s different scenarios presented to different judges.

IANAL, but I’m told that one of the exception to the hearsay rule is the production of copies of deleted records. The classic example is the case of a ledger from which one page has be removed be being supplemented by a set of contemporaneous photocopies that include the missing page. I suppose a 21st-century analogy would be a set of offline backups of a website.

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  1. Babbling Bill and one of his fans claim that all of this is inadmissible as evidence. BWA HA HA HA HA! Bonus: Jerry Fletcher is back! Is there panic in Elkridge?

  2. Yup, that is correct.

    And it is best to have several “reinforcing” copies – the underlying source, screencap(s) showing what the resulting page displayed, and a second set of screencaps that show the page, along with an independent page that has a verifiable time stamp, not under the control of the capture team.

    Hey, another pro-tip!

    • Yep. Timestamps are important, especially the internal timestamps on upload files. For example, a claim that information was not obtained in advance of a court filing on 15 October would be impeached if the webpage contained a timestamp such as: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 01:22:02 +0000.


  3. You don’t say. Like I said, traps have snapped shut and some folks still think they’re guilty as sin and free as a bird.

  4. You still need an exception to enter the original. That shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

    On an unrelated note, that is a beautiful typeface. I love the S.

  5. BS was still heavily involved in BU at that time, wasn’t he? Would be like him to helpfully screw up the fortunes of BK with his typical blundering.

  6. Just got off the phone.

    I had no idea how stiff the penalties were for disability fraud.

    They are keen on prosecuting, too, and the conviction rate is over 90%.

    Problem is the lack of investigators, so they depend on tipsters to lead them to the most egregious violators.

    The more tips on obvious disability violations, the more likely the violator will be investigated.

  7. And THAT, Mr. Oddswatch is why some folks are screencapping everything. Of course if you can’t work as a writer, but your hobby while on disability is to write a LOT, then somebody should investigate.

  8. To quote Black Betty, “ruh roh.” Acme Law, combined with malignant narcissism and delusions of grandeur, strike again.

    • Does he not think that someone might file something to show the judge what an utter pack of lies he dropped on him? That letter could be picked apart sentence by sentence to show what an utter pack of BS it is. Guess people weren’t paying enough attention to him.

      • Falsely accusing someone of a crime is libel. Because it is libel per se, Hoge would not have to prove damages to be awarded damages. It is now in writing, to a federal judge, no less. Time stamped by the clerk of the court.

        This act could also trigger certain criminal statutes, but Acme has it all under control, so they don’t need any additional assistance. This will not help BK. I would not be surprised if the judge and his clerks are sitting around, saying “WTF?,” and not to the benefit of the plaintiff. This is venturing into Deb Frisch territory.

      • The court can check the audio recordings and court transcripts and witness the train wreck that is BS for themselves. Now they have reason to, and can witness BS reading his “poop flaked beard” tweets.

      • Bk thought that would help? I still think BS had a hand in the BS-centric filing. This is his notion of damage control. BK encouraged this? Permitted it?

    • I seriously doubt the Judge will actually allow this letter into the record. Much less look into any of the claims being made. It’s a waste of his time and it just sounds crazy. Much like his “friend’s” latest filing regarding slavery and witches and unicorns.

      Just sayin’

  9. This latest tantrum has been going on since the charges were dropped on Feb. 7, thanks to Mr. Hoge. Is this a new record?

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