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Here’s a useful utility that Mac users can download from the App Store.SiteSuckerAll you have to do to document a website is type in the URL (for example, hogewash.com), and SiteSucker will go the website, download all the files, and store them locally. This allows sites that may have been taken down to be viewed again.FTRRbackupI use the program quite often.P-Obackup

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    • It’s very nice. It uses flash memory instead of a hard drive and that definitely improves the performance. It boots up in well under 10 seconds.

      • Good thing you do this. Cabinboyradio site has been sanitized again, and efforts to rehabilitate his image are underway. P-U, sanitized, is back up. Countdown to changing his Twitter handle has begun.

  1. Sitesucker is useful for backup. I’ve used it myself on a number of occasions. But I’d be sure to grab a screencap that showed the originating URL in addition to using Sitesucker. I’m not a lawyer and am not at all certain what’s admissible and what’s not, but I can envision some issues (which I won’t mention in the comments. No need to give any ideas to Team Kimberlin) that might give a judge pause about Sitesucker. You’ve probably already considered this, Mr. Hoge, but if you haven’t, I’d be happy to detail my concerns in a private message.

    • Oh, there are all sorts of issues with authentication of evidence, chain of custody, yada, yada, yada … but I see no need to completely educate the other side.

  2. Question, not sure which thread is correct for it: does anyone know anything about that Bullyville tweet regarding NR being added to a lawsuit? Which one, where?

  3. Pro Tip:

    During the Deb Frisch dust up, we had a home grown site sucker that would surf her site(s) automatically, capturing both html changes and screen shots of the resulting pages, in real time, and keeping those shots is a subversion revision control database.

    We managed to screencap things that she only had up for a couple of seconds, which gave us great info when she’d slip and post something she didn’t intend to.

    Freed up a lot of time for the team, too, as we didn’t have to waste time monitoring her sites.

    The detective and the ADA that eventually got a conviction on Deb were both quite grateful for the ability to browse that repository.

    About the only thing I’d change at this point is I’d use git instead of subversion, but that is largely a technical nit.

  4. Oh no. I didn’t realize her parole was up next month. She still isn’t well, and I’m not too sanguine about her not reverting to old habits.

  5. Wait, that cannot be true. That image of the P-O website has Kimberlin filing the RICO suit, but it was not yet on PACER.

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