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Brett Kimberlin is the co-founder of an organization called Velvet Revolution US. One of the things it does is agitate for left-wing causes by attacking other, more successful organizations. One of VRUS’s targets is the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.StoptheChamberVRVRUS is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit that pays no taxes that seems to have nothing better to do than to attack organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, a 501(c)6 not-for-profit, because it advocates for businesses that do pay taxes.

The Stop the Chamber webpage is rarely updated, but there’s one feature that always works—the Donate button.


2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Brett Kimberlin in his federal filings has identified himself as the proprietor of the JTMP. He does not mention VRUS. That might not be an oversight. VRUS may very well have gone dormant, existing only as a cash cow from those that stumble onto its dead sites. Its makes a certain sense. As long as the occasional donations exceed the cost of maintaining the site it is work-free income.

  2. In his pleadings, at times he seems to characterize alleged JTMP losses as his own. Of course, JTMP is not a party, so that’s improper.

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