Prevarication Du Jour

2014Radio201402151815ZNo, it’s not one of the reasons I’m being sued. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is suing me because of what he claims I’ve written, not what commenters on my blog have written. I’ve posted his state and federal lawsuits. Read ’em for yourself.

Of course, TDPK isn’t really suing anyone for writing false things about him. He’s suing my codefendants and me because we’ve written truthful things about him, and he doesn’t like it.

83 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Maybe I am mistaking, but last time I saw a picture of His Oedipleness, he was really fat and ugly. I mean it was almost like he was a cartoon character or a caricature. But now his twitter picture is of a decent looking guy, who looks kind of smart. What happened? Did His Oedipleness suddenly gain a couple of dozen IQ points AND lose 100 lbs? What gives?

    • maybe he realized his previous pics showed how closely the outside mirrors the sewer that is on the inside??
      or maybe he finally clued into how butt ugly he was….

      Bullspit Bill has to accuse Hoge of something in order to “take action” against him, again, and as usual can’t point to (and doesn’t care that he can’t) to any ONE comment that proves the accusation as true.

      I guess when you lie and obfuscate as much as BS seems to, and consider the type of people he pals around with, he must assume everyone is as full of crap as he himself is….

      Stay Strong and God Bless Mr. Hoge.

      • Yep, just BS showing why he is an adjudicated harasser and deranged cyberstalker. Granted, we didn’t need further proof, but Cabin Boy is so generous to keep providing…

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio · 4m
    @kylekiernan @guntotingteabag You got something to say, felon? Say it to me like a man. Coward. Pussy. When are you going to come kill me?
    5:53 PM – 15 Feb 2014

    Sooo….if the night before you filed a police report saying that you were threatened by this Kyle Kiernan fellow and then the next night you are begging him to come after you, do you think the local law enforcement who took the initial report might be interested in the change of behavior 24 hours later? We’ll find out!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed CBBS’s rantations this morning (no way am I gonna hang on Twitter to pick them up real-time).

    He seems determined that I am continuously threatening him. I think its a wish fantasy on his part. Did someone recently give him the box set of Flint movies and he’s imagining himself as a suave and deadly secret agent fighting against terrible super-villains? It would make sense what with him being him.

    For a guy who croaks constantly about being threatened, he sure does a lot of it on his blog. One guy is being “button pushed by a capo”, He’s ready to metaphorical someone else to death in the river.

    The guy he really needs to worry about is TDPK. He knows too much about TDPK’s activities and aims. TDPK knows that CBBS is a about as strong and constant as lime jello and if any kind of serious investigation ever gets rolling CBBS will fold in a snap and become the source of way too much information.

    The only kind of threat I pose to CB is of giving him stress that worsens his PD. Problem is that judging by his recent vitality and capability he could probably weather a nuke strike without any significant increase in his PD disability. Now IANAD but sometimes it looks like he just doesn’t have it.

    Gotta go. Gotta do crimes.Gonna eat sushi and not pay.

  4. Is BS too stupid or just too far gone to realize that his behavior on Twitter completely undermines his stated excuses for calling the cops the other night?

    • Those are not necessarily mutually exclusive for BS. Another option is that he’s doubling down on dumb after undermining himself and hoping now to elicit a real, direct threat through this provocation… albeit in the most clumsy, ham-handed, unlikely to work manner. With Cabin Boy, all range of delusion and idiocy is possible!

  5. Maryland code 9-501 and 14-130 are interesting, especially given the cleansing of certain Internet content before filing a police report.

  6. Per Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, website owners aren’t responsible for content produced and posted thereupon by others. While Mr. Hoge is certainly entitled to do whatever he wishes with this comment, he has no obligations or liabilities whatsoever regarding it. ACME Law fails again. If only there were a way to cash in on being wrong, Cabin Boy would be a wealthy man with more interesting things to do than being the internet’s most pitiful troll.

  7. What was the specific charge against Mr. Hoge? I saw someone ask His Routundness about it on twitter, but he ignored the question, probably because it would be impossible to reconcile the charge he made with what he was saying last nite.

  8. Hoge: “He’s suing my codefendants and me because we’ve written truthful things about him, and he doesn’t like it.”

    And the things you have written have been very carefully sourced. You reported on his previous convictions, failure to meet obligations to Mrs. DeLong, public filings of his various non profits, legal actions, etc. The stuff about his wife and her age when they met and his relationship (platonic or not) was sourced and supported with legal documents and text from his authorized biography. In the case of SWATting, all of the articles I see from the codefendents show that folks were very clear that the incidents seem to happen to people just as they write about Kimberlin, or win a court victory over Kimberlin. Correlation was alleged. Not Causation.

    And as for ruining his reputation? Please! His pervy music does that.

  9. “People who threaten, never do; people who do, never threaten.”

    What kind of life must it be to live in a trailer, constantly updating the enemies list, posting photos of everyone you’ve ever pissed off next to your door, answering every knock on the door with a phone with one hand dialed to 9-1-1 just waiting to press SEND?

    What paranoia. And even if he isn’t that paranoid, he probably ought to be.

    If nothing else, it’s terrifically entertaining from a distance.

  10. Speaking of “constantly updating the enemies list”, Tubby has now named a new person who is @guntotingteabag.

    ..and this time HE MEANS IT!

      • He thinks he doxed Jerry Fletcher. Again. It’s driving him nuts that Jerry isn’t responding, yet he seems to be having quite a bit of communication with Jerry’s alleged enemies. Despite being trolled multiple times by the Knots, this does not seem to have raised his suspicions. Will they soon be posting his eager, panting emals for all the world to laugh at, yet again?

      • For someone who hasn’t always kept up with CBBS’s delusions, how many people has he misidentified as Mr. Fletcher at this point?

      • He’s probably “DOXed” Fletcher 3 or 4 times in the past few days. I’m not sure if it goes back beyond that though.

    • Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

      Sound like anyone we know?

      The only thing that ever changes is the myriad of ways the Knot has to apply the screws.

      • Actually, Einstein never said that. The earliest known citation is in literature published by the 12-Step program Narcotics Anonymous about five years after Einstein died.

      • Hoge’s comment on this is a great example of why I enjoy coming to this blog for the non-TK related stuff. Although I recently started getting hooked on the blog of that power plant electrician too…

      • They tell alcoholics that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. They tell investors its “staying the course.”

  11. I hope someone is saving all of the crazy tweets to show the SA and a judge what happens when mercy and compassion are wasted on the wrong person.

    • Someone needs to show is doctor his epic number of tweets. He just finished another hour of close to 40 tweets. No other Parkinson’s sufferer I’ve ever seen is able to type that fast.

      • He says he’s using “speech recognition” (but doesn’t ID the software). I’ve used Dragon and I find it hard to believe you can post almost one tweet a minute using it, without any errors.

      • I still believe that he has a very limited case of it. I believe he found a way out of work on disability with barest beginnings of symptoms and now it flares and recedes based on his need for protection.

        A question I’d like answered is did he receive any financial benefit for his DBS surgery? Not unheard of for trial subjects I don’t think and it was a way he could get it done free for when he might really need one later when symptoms actually start hitting him.

        Just got off Twitter back and forthing with him. Looks like he was trying everything possible to get me to compromise myself with something that could be called a threat. A bit like cops asking someone to “just imagine yourself as the killer. What would he do in that situation? Talk clearly into the microphone.”

        total freak.

      • Voice recognition does not work that well or that fast. I used it for a year.

        Yes, his symptoms appear to ebb and flow in direct proportion to his need for sympathy. So, when Kyle was winning a few nights ago, BS wasn’t “feeling well.” He couldn’t talk to Ali on the phone last year because, PD, yet he was able to do live radio. He admits he’s not wheelchair-bound, but just loves to say that WJJH pulls him from his wheelchair blah blah blah. Methinks he is headed the way of Deb Frisch.

      • Deb Frisch is a good example, although she was just crazy. BS is much more calculating (at least he tries to be).

        As far as looking for sympathy goes, here is a good example:

        Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·1 hr
        @wilsb8 @kylekiernan I then contact the police and tell them that a dangerous felon is threatening me, poor little me all crippled up.

        If he continues to play that game, it’s going to bite him in his copious ass.

        I invite anybody to try VR software and try to post tweets as quickly as he’s doing. Maybe it’s just because he gets so much practice.

      • When you look at everyone’s timelines, he is responding to tweets that are hours old. The other day, after doing a search for his anme, h was responding to tweets that were days old. #FAIL. Basically, he babbles to himself, with Renfield egging him on.

      • kylekiernan, do yourself a favor and watch the movie “Law Abiding Citizen.”

        Not only is it a fine tale of a citizen who runs rings around law enforcement (until the very unlikely ending where he gets caught), there’s an excellent scene between Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx that illustrates the difference between a confession and the implication/inference of a confession.

        Very educational vis-à-vis a threat and the implication of a threat. It’s a pretty clear line if you’re aware of it, as we all seem to be.

      • Tom, you can’t use speech recognition software that quickly. And because it causes tons of errors, it takes about the same amount of time as writing. I know this, because my friend who is vision impaired uses it.

      • Not to mention that sufferers of advanced Parkinson’s (I believe Willy has stated he has “end stage” PD, whatever that is) suffer from what is called “hypophonia”, a softening of the voice until it becomes a hoarse whisper, and as the muscles around the mouth further atrophy, it is hard to form words.

      • Yeah, this is just like Deb Frisch …. if Deb Frisch also had a “friend” who was a convicted violent felon …

        But the analogy is interesting for something, maybe Cabin Boy should look up how many more years it will be before she’s allowed to own a computer or touch one again….

  12. THAT explains a lot. You have made the unwarranted assumption that the program is working properly. What has looked like insanity is just defective code.

  13. He now seems to be going after Mr. Heather’s girl friend. I wonder how long before he’ll try threats to get her to give him the information he thinks he deserves.

    Seriously, I’ve been following this for over a year, and I still can’t figure out what his fixation with Jerry Fletcher is. Even if he figures out who the “real” Jerry Fletcher is, what will that gain him? Supposedly all the folks in Wisconsin already know.

  14. BREAKING: CB now identifying, harassing, and @mentioning some young woman who has nothing to with his recent “doxing,” other than she is in pictures with the person he thinks he identified (for purposes of his own spite). But it’s OK because she’s conservative and one degree removed from his enemies list? Further (unneeded) evidence for me that Bill Schmalfeldt is a scumbag.

    • He claims he was raised to respect and love women. One of his favorite passtimes is to show women respect by harassing them on Twitter, calling them “twats,” and making disgusting references about their genitalia. He respects and loves women so much that he photoshops men onto … male porn. Hey, wait a minute, there’s something fishy here …. Anyway, he also enjoys gay baiting guys, references to anal sex, preferably involving males . . . Hey, there’s that fishy feeling again. Something doesn’t add up.

      • He’s lucky that girl isn’t my daughter (I’m old enough she could be). I have time for road trips right now, as well as friends who would probably enjoy taking one with me. They are large men who really were brought up to respect women, and *love* playing knight in shining armor, looking for proverbial/metaphorical dragons to slay. Though comparing CBBS to dragons does dragons a disservice. And no, I’m not suggesting that there would be anything illegal or improper happening on said trip. Just a reminder that folks can’t always hide behind a keyboard pretending their targets aren’t real people with real feelings and concerns. (Mr. Hoge, please remove or edit this if you think I’ve crossed a line – I’m just getting mad enough to spit tacks or worse at CBBS. I tried to pray for him this morning at church. He’s making it really hard.)

      • BS seems to be a walking tangle of pathologies. If I wrote a character like this, it would be edited away as unrealistic and nonsensical. The world he lives in is a land devoid of reason and the nexus of mindless blustering and impractical action. He makes no sense, yet is entirely predictable. A scared, sad little man.

  15. Looks like Larda$$ has declared victory over his nemesis @guntotingteabag:

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·4 mins
    .@wilsb8 I have the distinct feeling that we’ve put the kibosh on @guntotingteabag, and the Deep Cheese crew will finish the job tomorrow.

    Yea Willy, you’ve “put the kibosh” on someone who, by all indications, hasn’t even been on twitter for the last day and a half.

    Well done, moron.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how this was going to work, since supposedly the folks in Wisconsin already knew who Guntoting was, and one would think they would be the only ones who would care.

      He is now saying that he has “exposed” “Army Diaper” and “Henpecked Pundit”, and is trying to chose a new victim. I assume by Henpecked he is referring to Mr. Grady, so it’s not exactly news, or hidden info. I haven’t seen anything about Army_Vet.

      Is Bill heading towards needing a thorough psych eval? He seems even more delusional than usual.

      • Good points. As if they couldn’t have doxed him on their own. They needed the help of a guy with 100 followers, mostly socks, who lives in a trailer and babbles all day.

      • I was amused at how he claims to have “effectively neutralized” Black Betty…gotta feeling he’s really gonna regret that, or at least he would if the part of his brain that could process complex emotions hadn’t withered away due to non-use…

        I also find it funny for someone who has no problem @mentioning as many people as possible, in declaring “victory” over all these people he neglected to name them….guess he didn’t want that “victory” to be short lived….

      • I haven’t heard anyone use banjax in years (like since I left Dublin in ’84). Makes me a little homesick. 6 years in Dublin, 8 years total in Ireland was the longest I lived in any one place until I got married.

  16. No, no, no. That “feeling” is not that. He needs to check his Depends – he could be “making bigs” again.
    (For those not well versed in Schmalfeldtism, that is how he referred to pooping his pants one time in another magnum opus).

  17. Well, look on the bright side. If he so chooses, out esteemed host has an embarrassment of riches to use as fodder for his writing tomorrow. He could expend a couple thousand words just dissecting the many “doxings” of @guntotingteabag.

    What a strange weekend….

  18. His Oedipleness is busy issuing his MONDAY MONDAY edicts again. Perhaps he’ll start another countdown clock. We love the countdown clocks!

    Problem is that his boss TDPK is too busy writing his own pleadings to write any more for His Oedipleness. So me thinks the likelihood of him making good on his threats to sue for extortion and defamation are about as likely as Rauhauser paying his back child support.

  19. Looks like Fat Willy has been having another twitter-snit:

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·52 mins
    And if it doesn’t, I will make it stop. And that’s the last thing Hoge needs right now, is one more truncheon up his ass.

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·53 mins
    It stops. The name calling, the false defamatory statements. Hoge’s blog stops being a conduit for defamation. It stops.

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·53 mins
    …but that would mean admitting he is wrong, and he can never do that. Extortion is a felony. And I will press the charge. Count on it.

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·54 mins
    harassment, electronic mail harassment and extortion on Tuesday. Am I serious? Ask Chris Heather. It stops. Hoge can make it stop…

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·55 mins
    Courts are closed tomorrow. If Hoge doesn’t rein in the comments and stop the untrue, defamatory bullshit, he will face charges including…

    Wow, that speech recognition software even translates the spittle!

    • On a serious note, the man needs a psych eval. Sooner rather than later.

      I wonder how he thinks Mr. Hoge can be charged with extortion? And how are Mr. Heather’s former allies in Wisconsin going to sue him tomorrow if the courts are closed? Why are they going to sue him?

      At this point, Bill would be a good case study for a psychology 101 class, or perhaps even a senior these.

      • He has also suggested that “Mr. Heather’s” associates may harm Mr. Heather, yet does not appear to have informed law enforcement. How short-sighted of him. Tsk, tsk.

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