Words Have Meaning

to preposition \tə, tu̇, ˈtü\ used to indicate the place, person, or thing that someone or something moves toward.

about preposition \ə-ˈbau̇t\ used to indicate the subject of something said or written.

If someone speaks or writes to another, that is a form of contact. On the other hand, it is possible for someone to speak or write about another without contacting that person.

There are certain persons who have asked me not to contact them. I endeavor to respect their wishes. There are certain persons who have demanded that I not write about them. They can pound sand.

This blog is about what interests me, and one of my prime interests is support for the First Amendment. That means that one subject I will write about is those persons who I perceive as its enemies. In doing so, I intend to stay within the limits of truth.

As a rule, I welcome comments on this blog, but there are some rules.

1. No spam.
2. No defamatory comments.
3. No spam.
4. No derogatory comments directed at third-parties.
5. No spam.
6. No threats—and any threat that does come to this blog will be referred to law enforcement.
7. No spam.
8. Keep it clean. This blog has a reasonable standard of decorum.
9. And no spam.

Since this is my blog, I reserve the right to block, delete, or redact comments I deem to unsuitable. However, my allowing a comment to be posted should never be considered an endorsement of that comment. If you want to comment here at Hogewash! and you need to know more about the comment policy, please read The Fine Print, paying particular attention to this:

Comments posted to the site remain the property of the originator of the comment who is solely responsible for the content of his comment.

UPDATE—Here’s a clarification of Rule 4. It is fair game to be critical of a person directly involved in a controversy. It is not fair to criticize a third party not directly involved. “Yo’ mama” comments are off limits. Person X may be a vile jerk, but that does not allow making comments about his wife or kids.

15 thoughts on “Words Have Meaning

  1. Good post, and you do us all a favor with your efforts, particularly the first amendment related stuff. I just decided it was a good time to purchase using your affiliate link.

  2. great post
    clear, concise and to the point.
    so clear even someone with their head up their bum could understand it.

    Stay Strong and God Bless

  3. Sec 230 agrees that content from others is content from others, and that moderating comments is the prerogative of the provider(=blogger) and the choice ( not legal duty) to moderate does not convert make any comment from the author’s to your speech, unless you change the content to substantially alter the meaning.

  4. Also, this blog is not monitored 24/7 as most blogs are not. So if something violates the rules and it’s not immediately taken down, it could very well be due to the owner having to answer other things called, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not having any authority to speak for the owner, just an observation of 15 years of commenting on various blogs that establish commonsense rules.

  5. I work to fashion my comments in such a voice that they are not defamatory, nor are they directed at a specific individual. I think it may be easy to tell who may be bothered by my comments, but my primary goal is to avoid actionable rhetoric without giving up its sharp edge.

    Mr. Hoge, I am only concerned about whether my comments violate #4 above.

    Please advise if I need to adjust.

    • I too am slightly concerned about rule # 4 because I find it virtually impossible to comment on either BK or BS without saying something that might be considered derogatory by some. My concern is slight, however, because (a) I doubt it to bar reasonable statements of fact or honest opinion on topic, eg BK is a convicted felon, and (b) our host seems far from censorious or averse to vigorous debate conducted in polite language.

  6. Your definition of Rule 5 does not appear to agree with RSM.

    You should consult with RSM at your earliest convenience in order to clear up any misunderstanding of the definition of Rule 5.

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