Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

There’s an old Army saying about a guy who is so dumb he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel. This may be the fellow they were talking about—@wilsb8_201402151553ZHogewash! has not banned anyone for making derogatory comments per se. False comments stated as facts are off limits. Comments which do not meet my sense of decorum will be stricken. However, comments that are merely derogatory—whether they’re about Barack Obama, Bill Schmalfeldt, or me—will not be censored for that reason alone.

VOSF might be more successful if he were to mind his own business.

55 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. maybe he’s just trying to keep BS from having a meltdown due to your NOT being dragged away to jail in cuffs after he “reported” his delusions of persecution to the cops??

    Stay Strong and God Bless

  2. VOSF is just like CB in that he makes a ‘statement’ and when called out on the ‘statement’ says that he did not make that ‘statement.’ When the ‘statement’ is repeated back to him he says something slightly different but never admits he did not make the ‘statement.’

  3. So, I would be within bounds if I stated:

    “Joe Blow is a thin-skinned, bloviating idiot, a bully who knows no shame, and he smells like dead crabs that have been laying in the sun for three days.”?

    Or is that crossing the line?

  4. I can’t help but notice how quickly they both disappeared (or forgot to reply), when asked a question. When that happens in the other direction, Schmalfeldt demands a response and takes a lack of one as tacit admission for whatever question he is asking.

    Just more hypocritical behavior from the children.

    “I didn’t say they were banned, I said they were banned.”

    • Indeed, failure to respond to Bullspit Bill’s DEMAND for an answer in his mind is affirmation of whatever accusation he has made, yet his outright refusal to respond to questions (such as what was the name of the county clerk he spoke to on Christmas Eve) doesn’t mean anything of the sort….
      He repeatedly accuses others of wrong doing, on the weakest of evidence, and then claims the burden of proof is on them to refute his allegations, not on him to back up what he claims.
      IF he offers any proof to back up his allegations, they tend to be weak and circumstantial at best (his doxing of Kyle is a great example of this). He seems to believe guilty till proven innocent in regards to everyone OTHER than the actual convicted criminal Brett Kimberlin.
      He is IMHO in everyway a waste of space and carbon and it saddens me to know there are those out there who have no choice but to live with his insanity in their lives.

      Stay Strong and God Bless You Mr. Hoge.

    • the meltdown usually comes when his shenanigans fail to bring about the “DOOOOM!!!” he claims is coming.

      Like the tempest in a teapot last night, where he claims that he HAD to call the police because of a threat against him in Hoge’s blog, yet neglects to show the threat (kinda hard to do when it doesnt exist).

      I guess when someone makes a habit out of sending veiled threats to others they can’t help but think they see them in other people’s comments…
      of course his being delusional and hallucinatory himself probably makes that easy for him to do…

  5. I’m hard pressed to think of a time where VOSF and CB were this CLEARLY wrong before. Granted, they’re usually wrong but this feels like fully blind unwillingness to read. It’s a mix of wish-casting (they’d love for blogs to ban “speaking poorly” of them… though I doubt they’d accept the same terms for their blogs) and incompetence. But this sort of thing is common among those who never face consequences, or rather never see consequences as their own fault.

  6. they are helping TDPK by trying to gin up something that will make it into another amended complaint, they are trying to muddy the legal waters and get any, ANY, gravitas to Bretts wild assertions, don’t twitter war, don’t respond, at all.

    Seriously, out of context is where they live, they are trolling and trolling with miles wide nets of random insults to claim mommie mommie he hit me first.

    Just staaaaay away and record their attempts to initiate contact.

    And their will be hundreds…

  7. I find xcitizen10’s desire for Not Kyle to come visit him so he can deal with him amusing. I suspect that if “Not Kyle” (is he referring to our Kyle or to the guy Bill was doxing as Kyle?) were to merely offer to take him up on his request, he’d be fainting from terror between bouts of screaming about threats on his life. Of course, if xc10 were to talk about showing up at any of our doorsteps, he’d inform us that we were totally overreacting if we thought it might not be a pleasant experience.

    • Between Wee Willy & XBox, I think it’s a toss-up on who looks more ridiculous. Willy gets extra points for not deleting his moronic tweets to FL KK, but XBox gets a boost for posting runt-chest pounding tweets saying Hoge has put new limits in place. (I haven’t seen any.) They both need a nap.

      • Sadly, I think this is them “trying extra hard.” You can just sense the effort and arrogance from them. Yet, such statements and declarations are as nonsensical as a Fellini movie. Just seems funny that both turn stupid to 11 at the same time. Feeding off each other, or both being told to do so by a common source?

      • The real question is this: how do people reach adulthood while still not gaining any maturity? These guys are immature compared with the average grade school playground, and yet they have supposedly held jobs and are “contributing members of society”. But based on their tweets, blog posts, and other communications, I know pre-schoolers who would be embarrassed to be seen behaving this poorly in public.

  8. And point them out, dissect each comment and ask for opinions on what were they meaning. I don’t twitter but I will grab some of the next stuff tomorrow and we can have a field day wondering what they meant and why they said it without getting into TDPK amended complaint material.

    I didn’t want anyone to think that commenting on them shouldn’t be done, just don’t engage them directly

  9. Bill has just threatened @Guntotingteabag with doxing at 8pm ET. He is ordering him off of twitter by that time or else.

    He also seems to think that Guntoting and Jerry Fletcher are the same person. Not sure what Bill’s evidence is, or what he thinks he’s going to do about it. I know if I were Guntoting, I’d be posting like crazy starting at 8pm.

    • The funny thing about this iteration of “8 PM!!!”, is that he’s talking to himself. I don’t think @guntotingteabag hasn’t been on twitter for 6-7 hours, and hasn’t tweeted Jabba the Feldt in over a day. I takes an extraordinarily self-centered person to assume other people sit around refreshing their browser just waiting for you to issue your next edict.

      • Damn, I’d missed that while I was so busy trying to figure out what the heck Bill was talking about! I’m not sure why he thinks @guntotingteabag should obey him and remove himself from twitter, and/or remove all his tweets.

        Personally, I’m waiting with very, very slightly bated breath to see what Bill is going to do when nothing happens as a result of his threats. Judging by the current twitter feed, vosf to be hardest hit if that’s the case.

        I ran Ferguson’s conflation of personal and private past my husband yesterday, and got a very satisfactory snicker.

    • And I see why I was confused about guntoting and Jerry Fletcher; it’s Bill talking about Mr. Grady?

      I obviously need a score card to keep track of who is who, and who CBBS/VOSF think is who.

      Put it down to having sinus surgery on Tuesday, followed by getting a really bad cold; I’m not thinking totally clearly.

    • So, has the unfortunate (and completely uninvolved) Mr. Fletcher applied for a restraining order, yet? I surely would, after the tale I read yesterday!

      • That’d be me.

        Not the cleanest of slates, but nothing in my past that could possibly embarrass or humiliate me to the level of a homebound pig fetus with nothing to do all day except play Pretend Woodward/Bernstein.

        “Follow the money…”

      • He and everyone who reads his TL should be reporting BS for his flagrant Twitter TOS violations…
        While I’m pretty sure BS thinks it’s perfectly legal to post any/all personal info he can get his grubby fat hands on, about someone else on Twitter, Twitter doesn’t share that same belief.

    • This is the thing…it all smells like another Knot Boys con. Only this one, is even better. I’m just waiting for the punchline.

      • It can be a con on one side and still be blackmail on the other. You know what would be hilarious? If Jerry Fletcher’s real name IS Jerry Fletcher!

    • He calls somebody a vexatious litigant

      Somebody else a violent felon.

      Yet another person he belittles for living in his mom’s basement.

      Has he ever talked to Kimberlin, or does he just use him for a taxi service?

      Next up. Laughing hysterically at a guy who went to Russia to get a bride?

      60 year old wanna be rock star?

  10. This countdown SUCKS!

    Come on Willy, this is the worst one ever. Get with the crazy already. Maybe threaten an old lady with dirty pictures or something…..

  11. Have my popcorn popped for the DOOM and NIGHTMARE that Cabin Boy is ready to deliver after his ham-handed, clumsy extortion to get someone off Twitter!

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