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Here’s a bit of legal nonsense from a motion that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.EFC 61-8

Yes, TDPK has tried to tell the court that because Aaron Walker cannot represent himself in federal court in Maryland because he is licensed as a lawyer in DC and Virginia.

Uh, huh.

Here’s what Congress had to say about that in 28 U.S.C § 1654:

In all courts of the United States the parties may plead and conduct their own cases personally or by counsel as, by the rules of such courts, respectively, are permitted to manage and conduct causes therein.

Here’s what Local Rule 101.1.a of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland says:

Individuals who are parties in civil cases may only represent themselves. Individuals representing themselves are responsible for performing all duties imposed upon counsel by these Rules and all other applicable federal rules of procedure.

Thus, it would seem that if Aaron Walker qualifies as an individual he may represent himself in a civil case (such as the RICO Madness) in the U.S. District Court.


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  1. if you were to list the things BK did right in his many filings, it would be a much shorter list than all the things he has gotten wrong, I’m sure.

    So when is the next date we may hope the Judge tosses this whole stinking mess in the trash (hopefully with ordering BK to pay all attorney & filing fees) ?

    Stay Strong and God Bless

  2. One need not be admitted to the local state bar to practice in a particular Federal court. The Federal court requires only that attorneys be admitted to a bar somewhere in order to be admitted to practice before them. The various Article 1 Federal courts like immigration and social security appeals work similarly. I’ve been admitted to Federal courts outside of the state where I am licensed. Aaron could represent others in that district court, should he apply for admission either generally or pro hac vice.

    It would be, obviously, a potential conflict of interest for Aaron to represent another defendant in an action in which he was also a party. And therefore probably unwise, but it would not be a court rule violation.

    So TDPK’s statement is utterly incoherent no matter how you look at it.

  3. As i draft my reply I am racking my brain to find a way to work in a reference to that scene in Monty Python and the Life of Brian that goes something like this:

    “Brian: You are all individuals.

    “Crowd: (in unison) We are all individuals.

    “Man: I’m not.

    “Crowd hisses at man.”

    Eh, probably can’t be done without being too obvious. Oh well, I am sure whatever i come up with with be independently funny and derisive. 🙂

    Btw, serious question. Some of you kind souls have said that Baghdad Blob was predicting some kind of doom on me this week. If you happened to screencap it, let me know by email. It might be useful.

    • You didn’t notice the milk in the ‘fridge going sour? One of your cows miscarrying? You know, the usual village hedge witch mischief.

    • Last night, Conspiracy Bill calls up some guy that he’s convinced is Jerry Fletcher, unlike the random innocents he has stalked for two years. Left a message with the guy’s DAUGHTER. Guy calls him back, Bill babbles, guy hangs up, then calls back to inform Bill he’s got the wrong guy. Closes his FB. To Bill, this is Proof. Of something. To a normal person with a child this is what happened: guy hangs up, checks his email, does a search for “Bill Schmalfeldt” and gets tens of thousand of hits for “deranged cyberstalker” and “anal rape enthusiast.” Panics that this loon has his address and has spoken to his child.

      • BS has never seems to understand “proof.” In his sweaty-palm pursuits, his threshold is too low – any wish-casting on his part is solid evidence. When discussing BK, his threshold is too high – no matter what BK does, he’s a victim for BS, it seems. Cabin Boy never gets it just right. Hence why he’s garbage at these “doxings” and pronouncements of doom. No sense of proportion.

      • And he is not a reporter, he is an adjudicated harasser. When people refuse to talk to a real reporter, the reporter notes that and does not stalk them. What adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has failed to learn is that there is no journalist, pseudo-journalist, or PD exemption to the harassment statutes.

      • What a Maroon!

        Think I’ll call up the other me this weekend, you know, the one that looks like he doesn’t take any crap from fools, and let him know what the big goof’s sayin’ bout him on-lin. This dox thing cuts both ways.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio
        @guntotingteabag Left a message with your daughter, Joe. Do you have a cell?
        5:14 PM – 13 Feb 2014 · Details

        Bill Schmalfeldt
        …How odd. Joe Koback just called me back. And as soon as I said “Knot My Wisconsin,” he hung up on me.
        5:34 PM – 13 Feb 2014 · Details

        Bill Schmalfeldt ‏
        Then he called back and said that the pictures of him hugging the wolves were photoshopped. That he is not @guntotingteabag…
        5:35 PM – 13 Feb 2014

      • Apparently, the gelatinous mass ‘Bill Schmalfeldt’ doesn’t like this post. It must have hit home. Schmalfeldt is really into the rhetoric of violence and murder. Schmalfeldt does represent himself as a troll who gets titillated by describing someone being raped or murdered. No wonder the gentleman deleted his Facebook page.

      • I don’t think Derango Bill, Cyber Stalker extraordinaire could convince his wife to drag his butt in to the car and drive him to the courthouse for this. maybe BK will drive you again, so you can get laughed out of there like the time you did that with ‘perjury’ charges? right shaky?

    • If you were to suppose that he was consciously and purposefully executing multiple vectors of action, the answer would be no. But since CBBS is inherently a deranged cyberstalker; it is a base function for him and the default mode of interaction. IMHO.

    • Multi, yet some can say that things are unfolding as foreseen. He can think only one or two moves ahead, but others can play a much better chess game. It’s an odd thing to know that traps have snapped shut, yet the one who is trapped thanks he’s in the clear.

  4. Wait, he didn’t mean Monday, like last Monday, he meant next Monday, or the Monday after that! That is when the hammer will drop. MONDAY!

    • Perhaps he meant the Platonic Form of Monday, when an Ideal Form of a Hammer may drop on the Ideal of a Monday at the Ideal Moment of the Form of a Defamation.

      • That’s right! How am I terrorize Popehat if I don’t have a pony?

        Now, about Monday. Is this theoretical Monday, rainy? Because those always get me down. And be certain to let me know when it’s time for the hammer.

  5. Now someone with the name “DailyKos Banned User” is talking with Jerry Fletcher.

    Gee, I know there’s someone else around who’s been “banned by Kos”, but I just can’t remember who…….

    Jerry, ask him about anal rape.

    • What is weird is a deranged cyberstalker sitting in a trailer issuing edicts and expecting to be obeyed as if he were someone with authority who commanded respect.

      • That’s weirdness, in the extreme. I didn’t think I could be creeped put more. I was wrong. It can always get creepier with BS.

  6. Perhaps someone should collect affidavits from people Schmalfeldt has mistakenly harassed. Might be interesting evidence in forthcoming criminal proceedings …

    • I’m just wondering if BS is going to have a visit from a not-so-pleasant-looking violent felon he was calling out on twitter the other nite. If he’s lucky, the guy is back in the can for a few months.

      Just not that bright, that Billy.

      • “Dear Kyle Kiernan of Tampa FL:

        Sorry to have to tell you this but this creepy deranged cyberstalker from Elkridge Maryland and his online “friends’/sockpuppets on Twitter have decided that you are me and have been saying quite atrocious things about you and posting your picture and house and things online. They have been bringing up your past and shouting about your arrest record over and over without regard to how much you seem to have been changing your life for the better. Good job on that BTW.
        They were trying to find me since I post online using the same name but I picked it long before I knew you or any others existed. Sorry about that.
        Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up what caused this and let you who is doing what and why. Sorry for the problems they are causing.

        Kyle Kiernan (not you)”

      • “Dear Mr. Stein, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel,

        Sir, you’ve been had. Google “deranged cyberstalker” and “anal rape enthusiast” and you come up with the name Bill Schmalfeldt. What you will find is a trail of victims of this adjudicated harasser who, as attorney Ken White of Popehat once noted, is “closest to his sweaty-palmed Happy Place when he is describing degradation of others[.]”

    • Screen prints, screen prints, screen prints….

      Maybe contact the Texas agency that Schmalfeldt said he contacted with “proof”
      to interfere with the Stranahans custody of their children.

      When it comes to kids, even the most jaded federal bench warmers can lose it

  7. Let me get this straight, a so called, self-named, we’ll use the term loosely here, “reporter” who lives in a trailer park is attempting to dox commenters on a blog talkback, but can not dox the turds in his own bed and blames the dogs? Cabin Boy Shaky McFatness is so scary.

  8. What username is causing the issue?: @2014radio

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

    Tweet I am reporting:

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    Tweet I am reporting:

  9. Folks, apparently, cell phones cannot access the internet, and people can’t pull over while they’re driving in order to use cell phones.

    • That’s news to me!

      I guess all the times I’ve read the WSJ on my phone while the riding the train were figments of my imagination.

  10. I feel like I’ve been slacking.

    Who is the unfortunate Mr. Fletcher? Why is BS troubling the poor man?

    How and why is the deranged cyberstalker bothering anyone?

    Which reminds me, I’ve some tip-jars to go hit.

  11. someone needs to tell shaky what ‘defamation’ is and is not. Opinions are just that. I think, and believe, that Bill Schmuckfeldt is a worthless sack of dog turds. not defamatory. He has shown himself to act like a deranged cyberstalker. Not defamation. He has the IQ of a walnut… that may be defamatory…to a walnut.

    • Yes, my opinion about how most people would react at getting a weird phone call is just that – opinion. He also forgets that he’s a public figure….

    • It also doesn’t help his credibility when he tweeted late last year that nothing he writes can be trusted. I choose to believe him.

  12. More demands from BS:

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·22 mins
    So, Hoge needs to remove the defamatory, untrue post from A Reader. And right now.


    I really don’t think Willy understands this internet thingy.

    Here’s a clue Bill, Twitter has nothing to do with the American Judicial System.

  13. “For the record”: BS admits to having hallucinations, but is offended when people question or doubt his version of stories:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio Jan 19
    Noted for the record: A moment ago, while seated at the computer, a motion out the bedroom window caught my eye. My brain misinterpreted…

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio Jan 19
    …the signal it was getting from my eyes. My brain thought it was a MARC Train or other passenger train rolling past my house.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio Jan 19
    Odd, since there are no train tracks within miles of here. What it was, on closer inspection, was a neighbor coming out of his house…

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio Jan 19
    …”hallucinations with retained insight.” Seeing things that aren’t there, but KNOWING you are seeing things that aren’t there.
    5:47 AM – 19 Jan 2014 · Details

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio Jan 19
    The motion and reflection of light on the door confused my brain. This is a normal part of late stage PD. It’s called…
    5:47 AM – 19 Jan 2014 ·

    Rick Buchanan ‏@BuchananRick Jan 19
    @CabinBoyRadio They used to be called “benign hallucinations”. Not any more.

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio 16m
    Hoge didn’t take me seriously. The deadline has passed. And law enforcement is eagerly involved. I have no more demands.

    Does that mean you’ll finally shut up? didn’t think so

    • he does learn though at least a little, by stating 4 and NOT naming who he has “contacted” by office it’s not obvious bullspit as his last claim on Christmas Eve was…..
      but prolly just as real IMHO O.o

      • I imagine it’ll be like when my brother reported his ex for keying his truck, the cop was like did you see her do it? and of course my brother didn’t but assumed it was her because they had just broken up. The cop said we’ll file a report sir, and that was pretty much it….

  15. [redacted]

    Comments that are actually defamatory or that encourage real defamation are not welcome at Hogewash!.—wjjhoge

    • Sorry Mr H, it wasn’t ‘real’ defamation, it was Shaky’s version of ‘defamation’, ie an observation or opinion (shaky smells worse than my farts after eating taco bell for a week), which Shaky will demand is ‘defamation’ but is in reality not.

  16. Shaky must have LE on speed dial at this point… i bet they have a contest, where the loser is the one that actually has to speak to him

  17. @kylekiernan I need to know because I am about to call the police and I don’t want to waste their time on a prank.

    I really hope he does call… Bill is seeing things again, that PD is acting up.

    • I find it highly amusing that BS’s interpretation of someone else’s words is apparently all that counts and not what the original poster wrote. Go ahead Billy, waste the time and money and prove it in a court of law…

      Cry Havok!!

  18. So, has anyone heard from law enforcement, demanding that they take down “defamatory” info on a blog? (Since that seems to be the dire events that were to have happened at 4pm ET today.)

    Gee, I guess Bill thinks I should have threatened my sister with the law when she posted mean things about me on her facebook page. Funny thing. I just unfriended her, and stopped phoning, calling, writing her. And I’m doing just fine.

  19. The Amazing Rick Buchanan:
    CBBS tries to dox Kyle. Gets wrong guy; publicizes the name and location of someone who appears to be a career criminal.
    Rick calls him out:

    CBBS implicitly acknowledges that Twitter Kyle is NOT the guy he spent a day calling a “felon.” Plays the victim, as Rick predicted.
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio
    @kylekiernan Is this just you being a smartass for Hoge, or did you send this somewhere? If you sent it, where did you send it?
    1:49 PM – 14 Feb 2014

    • he DEMANDS you REPLY, AT ONCE. Or shaky will have to call the police, and look like as arse… oh wait, too late for that

      • hmmm, maybe if shaky hadn’t been posting some random persons info on the internet, when he knew it wasn’t the person he was going after, none of this would happened. We just want the real Kyle to know where he can serve papers on the person harassing him.

      • but it Bill’s done nothing wrong by posting that info, why would he think there would be a threat in offering to help pay for someone to fly to Virginia? guilt conscious maybe?

      • maybe it was just all fun and games for Bill to call someone he didn’t know from Adam a felon, and make very nasty and rude comments to them based on that.
        Now that the person who’s info he was using to attack the person he didn’t know MIGHT find out what Bill was doing, and not like, and maybe even take action against him for his online behavior it’s not so much fun….
        I’m sure IF BS were to be contacted by the Kyle who’s info he was posting all over twitter just a few days ago, he’ll explain it was all Hoge’s fault that Bill acts/acted the way he does/did….

    • Bill must be pissing his pants thinking a “real” felon with quite a record might just have been informed that Bill has been posting his pic and info all over twitter….
      didn’t worry him while he was doing it mind you, and he has yet to openly admit that the Kyle he was trying to intimidate by doxxing wasn’t the person who’s info he posted, repeatedly…
      And now he thinks Hoge is responsible for any/all consequences of these actions take by Bill himself…

      he seriously needs to get some help, he has gone beyond delusional…

      Cry Havok!!

    • Because Bobo, doxing falls under criminal state and federal harassment and stalking/cyberstalking laws. It doesn’t matter that the information is public, doxing is still not legal (as some seem to think). Ever notice those warnings on the background check websites? They’re there for a reason.

  20. Welp, if Twitter Kyle hasn’t contacted FL Kyle, i’m sure someone will be tonight when they get home from work! LOLZ. Thanks to Shaky for providing all the info needed to get in touch w/him

    • Oh can you imagine the conversation BS would have with the cops on this?
      “Yeah this guy who I taunted and called a felon cause he has the same name as a real felon in FL says on this blog that belongs to someone else that he’s sent a message to that felon in an attempt to threaten my life ARREST THE OWNER OF THE BLOG!!!!!!”

  21. The problem Bill has is that he lobs these verbal hand grenades into the blogesphere and people pull the pins and throw them back

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