4 thoughts on “Ah! That Explains It

  1. His Oedipleness appears to have removed from his blog his recent attempts at “doxing” various people. Gone are his posts about Kyle, P. Grady, and his most recent “dox,” Jerry Fletcher.

    Perhaps he doesn’t want Law Enforcement to see what he has been doing. Or maybe he was worried that J. Stein over at the Sentinel might stop by his hate-filled excrement factory of a website.

    But hey, he’s a reporter, following his code of ethics from the Society of Professional Journalists. I’m sure somewhere in these ethics it tells His Oedipleness to dox people, get the information wrong, issue threats of more doxing, and then delete the record of it. http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

    • I may be wrong, but it also appears that he deleted all tweets prior to Jan. 11. I am not on Twitter, so don’t know for sure.

  2. I presume all this stuff is available through a subpoena whether he deletes it or not. You know that the most amazing thing is his failure to think of anything past his immediate need for emotional gratification. The fact that he deleted stuff suggests, although of course it does not prove, that he thinks what he did either was wrongful or at least imprudent. Those are cogent thoughts, but a bit too late..

    • I’m sure there are plenty of screencaps of all the things he’s posted over the last few months that he can’t hide from scrutiny, much as he may try to.

      His assumption (and it is an assumption) that others (mainly LEs) will see things the way he does when he makes the illogical leap from person A posts on person B’s blog therefore if A says something I don’t like then it’s illegal and person B is responsible, is truly mindboggling.

      I do have to say however that he may bluster and threaten and threaten and bluster about holding Hoge responsible for other people’s comments but the reality is it doesn’t matter what he thinks he knows to be true, it only matters what can be proven in a court of law.

      Liars lie as both BS and BK prove over and over…..
      God give you and your fellow defendants strength to deal with this ongoing mess.
      Stay Strong and God Bless you Mr. Hoge.

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