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This is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s Response in Opposition to Defendant Walker’s Motion to Exceed Page Limit and to Strike which he filed in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness this past Monday.ECF 61-15It is trivially easy to prove that statement false. Here are couple of examples:

On 9 January, 2012, Judge Rupp granted Aaron Walker’s motion to seal court papers filed by TDPK in the Kimberlin v. Allen lawsuit that contained Aaron’s personal information.

On 25 June, 2012, Judge Rupp granted Aaron’s motion for a partial stay off the unconstitutional peace order TDPK was granted against Aaron in May, 2012.

I’m very pleased that TDPK is putting this sort of junk in his motions. Having such easily disproved misstatements in his motions serves to undermine his credibility with the court.


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  1. Indeed, its as if he’s not even trying for a win, just a long, drawn out, expensive lost….

    Stay Strong and God Bless

  2. Could a lawyer (or even someone who plays a lawyer on TV) answer this question for me: Suppose, hypothetically, that I am walking through the park, and I encounter a large pile dog droppings that I know is really going to stink if I should step in it. Then suppose further that I proceed not to step in it, but to jump into it with both feet, stomp on it, then pick up the remnants and rub them all over my body. For good measure, I also dump out the nearest garbage can and roll in that, too. Finally I stroll casually over to the nearest stagnant pond and wallow in the fetid gunk for a couple more minutes.

    Do I have the legal right to complain about the smell?


  3. Big announcement from BS!

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·9 mins
    “Fight the Right Radio” will return with new content when I line up some people who care.

    (er, I changed it a bit)

    • Tom, did you notice that, for all the hundreds of times he’s described every gory detail of his medical condition, he took it as an unfriendly gesture for me to mention one aspect of mine (typing speed). Does he think I violated his “turf” by also having PD?

      Never mind that I didn’t even mention him. If I’d wanted to be uncordial, I would have referred you to some of his pity-party begging videos, where you can hear his clear, loud, well paced voice and see his complete lack of any facial masking.

      • Rick, no one has suffered like he has. No one is more successful and talented. No one deserves more sympathy, pity, and slack. No one is more heroic, honest and brave. How dare you even remotely imply (or, as he might say, “infer”) that any of your symptoms might be worse than his. How dare you, sir.

      • Just cuz I’m a bit of a language snob…

        When I say something, I imply.

        When you hear something, you infer.

        To speak or write is to imply, to hear or read is to infer.

        So, and again, we’re speaking in an entirely hypothetical, metaphorical and fictional way here, if some slithering little worm wants to imply, for example, that I afraid of my wife, then I may perhaps infer that this selfsame slithering subvertebrate desires to be stomped in the street like the worm it is, and be left to dry out crackling on the sunbleached pavement.

        Trhere, in a brief nutshell, is a correct example of the usage of these two words.

        But have no fear. This will not be on the final exam. Class dismissed.

    • And his new content will be sadism. Where he can talk about people being tortured and murdered to his heart’s content.

      I wonder how he would feel if someone re-tweeted that photo of his trailer, threatened to post his address online and then referred to a notorious rape/torture/murder victim who just happen to have the same name as he does.

      Oh wait…that’s exactly what Bill did to me last night.

      • Bill just doesn’t want to take responsibility for the evil he perpetrates. So he has to blame you or someone else for his sadistic imaginings.

        Bill tweeted that out deliberately. The Dahlia was assaulted, tortured, mutilated and cut in half. And her friends called her Beth and Betty. Just like me. That wasn’t coincidence. Bill meant for that message to be sent to me. He’s a sick and violent person.

      • Like I’ve said, one day he will hurt someone who has the means and/or time to take him to court, civilly and/or criminally.

      • Miss a little, miss a lot. Old Cabin Boy certainly has the metaphorical hard on for Ms. Betty. After his humiliation of being so successfully trolled yesterday by the Knot crew, once again I may add, you would think he would retreat and re-evaluate his life. How many times has he been trolled and fell for it hook, line, and sinker? How many more times will it take for him to be humiliated before he realizes how silly he constantly looks?
        And going after Betty? Yeah, don’t think that is going to work out quite the way he envisions it.

      • But Frankie, Betty, he says he was raised to love and “respect” women. The fact that he sends veiled messages he thinks everyone is too stupid to pick up on, see, e.g., Black Dahlia; calls women “twats,” “cun*s,” and “whores”; pens anal rape “satires” that get him banned; tells a woman to ingest poison (dee in Houston); mocks a female reporter while gratuitously rferring to her “tits” (Mandy Nagy); creates, broadcasts and performs in a radio “parody” about someone he hates prostituting his minor daughter (Lee’s daughter); harasses a woman repeatedly about the death of her child while calling her a whore, and refers to the foreign wife of someone he hates as a “mail order bride,” despite her law degree … why, all of these are irrelevant. It might be hard to prove that such a person is a misogynist who likes to degrade and frighten women.

  4. Well, here’s a shock:

    I went on over to Twitter to engage bold Sir William in regards to him referring to a member of the True Knot as a Racist Cat!

    Here’s how it went:

    @2014Radio: Fat Matt, the Racist Cat!

    @kirnberinunmask: @2014Radio I’ll regret this I’m sure, but what, pray tell, makes Fat Matt a Racist Cat? Other than a picture of GZ and your own prejudices?

    @2014Radio: @kirnberinunmask I generally find it racist to celebrate someone getting away with murdering an unarmed black kid. But that’s me.

    @kirnberinunmask: @2014Radio even if said unarmed black kid has U pinned to the ground, has broken yr nose & is beating the crap out of you? Self defense?

    @2014radio: @kirnberinunmask I would say it’s his oft-stated hatred of black people. Lynn Thomas, eh?



    @kirnberinunmask: @2014Radio nah, I’m just tweaking your nose a little.

    @kirnberinunmask: @2014radio “oft-stated hatred?” You show no evidence of this assertion-no links, no photos. Doesn’t seem to hold up to mildest scrutiny.

    So, if nothing else, I had a little fun, proved to myself that when invited into a reasonable conversation without rancor, Brave Sir William will bravely, bravely run away, will bravely, bravely turn about, he’ll gallantly chicken out. Definitely worth all the set up.

    And I note that he’s only just returned to live-tweeting after almost an hour. I hope he’s trying to dox me, because I don’t even exist.

    The name Thomas Lynne is an obvious red herring, based on a ghost they’ve been chasing for years. The handle @kirnberinunmask is deliberately misspelled because I can’t substitute ‘rn’ for ‘m’ without hitting the max size. My account header is FCI El Reno, Oklahoma, where some federal prisoners spent time in the 80s and or 90s. The avatar is the Kansas University Jayhawk, with KU emblazoned on his body – seemed appropriate. And the account bio is a hybrid of the KU football slogan and certain allegations that many of us have heard: “Rock, Chalk, Chickenhawk!”

    So I hope he has fun chasing that in circles for a while.

    • He’s trying to call everyone else a racist because his best friend Kimberlin is a raging, notorious and documented racist. Remember, he admitted that he assaulted a black man in prison. And we all know that Kimberlin called Ali and Tetyana’s friend racial epithets last year (and at a court house, no less).

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