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Gentle Reader, I occasionally take a look at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) so that you don’t have to. 10 days ago, Xenophon (the Troll) had a celebratory post about The American Spectator taking down posts about The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin written by Stacy McCain. Those posts were back up in short order. That was the last bit of coverage of TDPK’s lawfare quest.

Also, over past few days, several motions have been filed by defendants the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness pointing out various apparent forgeries and lies from TDPK. Kimberlin’s responses have not denied any of those allegations, so, as far as the record before the court is concerned, they can be taken as true. OTOH, he has lashed out with irrelevant ad hominem attacks against Aaron Walker and me that are simply not germane to the case. Indeed, the big news from Monday was TDPK’s motion to disallow Aaron Walker’s 31-page reply to TDPK’s oppositions to various motions to dismiss. TDPK’s filing doesn’t cite a single reason based in law to deny the Walker motion, but it does contain a bigoted rant against people with learning disabilities.

Meanwhile, Xenophon seems to have decided that the current developments in the lawsuit aren’t worthy of coverage.

I wonder why?

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  1. Typo – should be “THAT are simply not germane.”

    Xenophon isn’t covering it? Gremlins. I’m sure it’s because of gremlins.

  2. Because Breitbart Unmasked covers only Kimberlin’s hallucinatory (and imaginary) “wins.” To my knowledge BU didn’t published the documents that are under seal that were handed to Schmalfeldt to publish. But BU has published pictures Brett Kimberlin took while stalking people in parking lots, so BU is being hand-fed things by BK just like Schmalfeldt is.

    • BU is sometimes Schmalfeldt. Was, anyway. May have ghosted there since..

      Remember how BS crowed he knew Roger S, and later described, in error, Roger Shuler as as a lawyer? I sometimes wonder if one of his fauxfriends was gaslighting him …. the commenter RS never bothered to correct Bill but responded to other comments and apparently read them.

      Since I think Bill sometimes socks himself, it’s even possible Bill wrote as Roger S himself under the mistaken impression that Roger Shuler was a lawyer, to promulgate or give more weight to the legal threats of Acme law.

  3. Imagine being Xenophon every day. Feeling stpuid, defeated. Bought and paid for flunky of a bomber whose signature achievements include making squirm-inducing songs about his stated interest in having sex with teenage girls.

    Does Brett Kimberlin have any defenders who aren’t totally pathetic? Where’s Jeffrey R. Cohen? Where’s Kevin Zeese, J. D.? Can they say anything about Brett Kimberlin’s lawfare, in which Kimberlin is making claims about his relationship with his “employer?” Are those two pathetic as well? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. My pet theory is that Brett Kimberlin is running out of money. Perhaps, once the checks stopped clearing “Xenophon” decided to stop posting. With Brett Kimberlin, every thing is a scam so you can’t tell which particular scams he is partaking. The Bethesda house in an example. My par assumption was that the house was a Kimberlin asset hiden from his creditors by the expedient of placing it under his mother’s name. I always assumed that grandma lived in the basement, or, was playing shuffleboard in Florida, as Kimberlin’s family had the run of the house. [The only reason I don’t suspect that the mother of the nearly sixty year-old Kimberlin wasn’t buried in the back yard, allowing Brett Kimberlin to pocket her social security check, is that she made a personal appearance at a court hearing.] I was rather shocked to read that Kimberlin, and family, and, for a time Craig Gillette, really were all living in the basement. It didn’t make any sense that a man with a “non-profit business” with a half-million dollars in revenue and minimal expenses would live in such circumstances. Nor, did his wife’s large unpaid hospital bill make any sense. A person engaging in a scam to hide a large income from judgment would offer his whole family a “Cadillac” medical plan that paid everything.

    The large claimed overhead expenses were a red flag. Then, it occurred to me that maybe the half-million gross income was the scam. Perhaps, the scam was upon a few foundations. Such foundations want results. They want to donate to businesses capable of creating their own independent funding. Providing “seed money” creates more result per dollar spent that providing ongoing funding. Perhaps, in order to maintain the illusion that his business was creating its own funding sources Kimberlin dutifully falsified an ever-growing stream of income, with a matching ever-growing stream of falsified expenses, to please the foundations he was bilking.

    His pleadings note that one of his foundations that had given him $400,000 over the years had stopped donating. Now, the remaining donations might not be enough to provide Kimberlin a salary for himself and his family, a cellphone, vehicles, computer resources, and house in Cabin John, while funding his aspirations to be a rock star and rock promoter. Money might actually be really tight. might have been an attempt to close that gap. Kimberlin’s extreme bitterness over being required to serve defendants by mail might just be out of financial frustration.

    Neal Raushauser gave the reality away when he noted that the strategy was to intimidate one of the defendants to settle so as to create a “war chest” to fund an expansion of the lawfare.

  5. My car got stuck in the snow. Bill Schmalfeldt has until 4 pm to make reparations, since it is his fault. And if he doesn’t, boy, is he ever in for it. Lawsuit-wise.

  6. Seems Cabin Boy isn’t interested in commenting on this subject, but still pushing his vague “defamatory comment” demand. Then again, no one is demanding him to comment and jump unlike His Highness of Elkridge, MD. You’d think that the “Lord of Satire” would have a better grasp on the subject of defamation… but then again, this is one of the people who might be an even bigger tool than Xenophon the Troll.

  7. Using BU and Bill to further his witness intimidation, his campaign of false charges, his use of forgery, and his attempts to smear his opponents under the cloak of privilege, is rising to the rare level possibly of obstruction of justice. Yes to the lawyers out there, its rare, very rare, for something like this to be prosecuted or even charged in a civil case but so was misusing the presidential seal.

    Using BU and Bill to constantly smear and intimidate the parties in this case and then translate that electronic media content onto motions and amended complaints while all the time being reasonably sure that these allegations were totally false, can meet some legal tests for Marylands obstruction of justice statutes. Bill actually tried to bring criminal charges against one of the parties in Texas by filing what was reasonably construed as a false and malicious report to a state agency. That if proven, could be a serious felony, Texas takes false malicious reports very serious.

    Time to explore if this can be feasible to pursue a complaint

  8. Sorry about that last sentence – never type while on the phone but really, Also Mr. Bill my source for all of my earlier post is actually your statements so before you think another legal victory is in your grasp – you are the source for many of these allegations.

    Having something like the defamatory 5 while at the same time referring to everyone as this and that and calling out people’s profession and that they are disgraced further claiming one of the defendants was engaged in child porn and prostitution numerous times, take care, these statements are going to require STRICT proof.

    Not your or mine opinion.

  9. People don’t write about you because you’re boring, Mr. Hoge.

    You’re not important to the political landscape, or even, the elections.

    You’re basically a way for liberals to get distracted and waste a huge amount of time. Thats what RSMccain is, too. I think you’ll find few liberals are willing to give you Twitter traffic or any attention.

    because you’re really nobody. The RWNJ’s USE you to generate controversy. They didn’t think about the lawsuits or court cases — just blog traffic.

    Who wants to write about a court case every day of the year? Right. YOU do.

    So bless your heart. Keep going.

    • You’re basically a way for liberals to get distracted and waste a huge amount of time

      – Are you referring to “OccupyWallStreet” or the “War on Women” or “Income inequality”

      Liberals get easily distracted from governing

    • OMG! Don’t touch it. And don’t respond to it unless you are wearing full body protection. Neal is the equivalent of the internet Hanta Virus.

      If blood starts coming out of your eyes…it’s too late.

    • Sorry, Neal, you missed a key point. Assuming your premise that RWNJ’s, whatever that means, are using someone to generate “blog traffic” seriously, I would merely note that it is folks like yourself, and Brett Kimberlin that are generating traffic for RWNJ’s, whatever that means. I guess RWNJ’s, whatever that means, ought to be thanking you as they laugh at you.

      Neal, you missed a second key point as well. I don’t care how many liberal read this blog.

  10. The Schmalettes have made an appearance:

    William A. Ferguson‏@wilsb8·50m
    @x3n0ph0n and I are just killing time until the hammer drops on Hoge.

    Translation: We’ll be back when the check clears the bank….

      • One of the main reasons BS changes his twitter feed so often is that it would be embarrassing for someone to look back and see just how many times it was said that the “hammer is going to drop” on Hoge.

        Seriously, is anybody keeping count as to the number of times he was going to do something to Hoge “this Monday!!!” or similar? And yet what was he left with? Sitting in mediation for 2 hours begging Mr. Hoge to agree to dismiss the charges.

    • If Brett Kimberlin isn’t paying them, can you really blame him? Their pro-TDPK posts are so transparently terrible and stupid that they don’t deserve any compensation for the “work.”

  11. Has it occurred to anyone that team Kimberlin seems to think complaints or motions or assertions are verdicts? Now they may say the same about us, but that is mistaken. What we are doing is to assess, usually with some experience about what actually prevails in courts, whether pleadings are well argued, grounded in law, and likely to stand up to factual scrutiny. Team Kimberlin seems to think that mere assertions are dispositive. No hammer is about to drop on Hoge. His filings are privileged, and his publication of court documents is also privileged. What they mean is that Kimberlin is about to file another ridiculous piece of paper.

    • I have an idea of what he may pull to salvage some claims. And, yes, it would be a poor decision on many levels.

      • I presume you mean “may try to pull.” He has not impressed me with his pleadings. Eventually he is going to have to provide evidence. Now no one is going to bother showing how laughable many of claims are, e.g. Ken White of Popehat is a “disgraced lawyer,” but he will be required to produce evidence for the assertions that are central to his case. And many of those are laughable too.

    • They have often claimed that a judgment of something was entered when it wasn’t, getting the procedural posture backwards when they are not just flat out lying.

  12. The Patriot-Ombudsman Blog is offline for awhile. I’m sick of constantly having to wipe away the troll spam sent by WJJ Hoge. I have given him a strict deadline to remove all defamatory and untrue posts from his blog. In the meantime, if he ever learns how to control his lickspittle followers, I will resume this blog at a time of my own choosing. When this blog returns, it will be with news that will rock the “Defamatory Five” to the core of their shitty little souls. Such as there may be.

    Just how long can a person hate before they realize they’ve hated their entire life away?
    I will pray for him.

    • And another lie, because he started another blog today. Just wiping his trail, or trying to. Oh, speaking of which …

      BREAKING: Willy Schmalfeldt calls other men fat. Seriously.
      BREAKING: Willy Schmalfeldt, close companion to infamous felon and bomber, criticizes Governor Walker for the company he keeps.

      I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

      • I’m sure Schmalfeldt in his current gelatinous form got the jiggles in making those comments. His smooth brain has all of subtlety of a surreal mind kinda like Zippy’s but more obtuse.

  13. Yes, remember, he completely gutted his website instead of clicking one box that would prevent comments and still allow him to excrete whatever he wanted to onto his webpages. Or, he could have clicked another, single box that would have required commenters to sign in, eliminating anonymous commenters.

    But no, BS was FORCED to take down his website because of commenters.


  14. Think about projection. Think about money laundering. Now, think about TKs reason for being. They claim that the problem with Aaron Walker is that he had an antiMuslim hate blog. (Note well in one of his documents, that BK was clear to say that the blog insulted the “Prophet Muhammed”). And JTMP made a lot of common cause with Muslim musicians. And the other thing that set them off was Weiner, who is the husband of Huma Abedin whose family is tied up in the Muslim brotherhood.

    There are many ways one could speculate about how all of those things relate. But don’t forget about the projection part.

      • Now if you really wanted to speculate. The nexus of the above speculation, plus the Occupy Movement (Zeese was a cofounder of Occupy DC, JTMP and VR both involved in it, and NR also), and OFA.

        Would it be any wonder that someone could get away with some of the stuff that has been gotten away with?

        Remember, BS claimed that the RICO suit was a lock because they pulled an Obama appointed judge.

        Again, that would all be speculation without some evidence acquired through forensic accounting, and possibly wiretaps. And of course if there foreign sources of funding there, those kind of wiretaps would have to be approved by a FISA court, and that would be secret, so it wouldn’t be possible to know if that is going on or what, would it?

  15. Deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldtvcontinues creepily stalking and trying to dox people. Part of his instruction to escalate attacks and psyops?

  16. Shaky still hasn’t found me. I’ve given him more than enough any competent reporter could do it. Come on senor neckroll, chicken?

    • I don’t think he’ll dox anybody unless you give him your full name (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be your real name, it doesn’t matter to him).

      Has he gotten ANYBODY right yet?

      I wonder how that felon in Florida is feeling right about now? It’s a good thing nobody follows what BS says. Not that BS should be worried, he’s pretty familiar in dealing with violent felons.

      • If he doesn’t name me and call me up by 1600 tomorrow There Will Be Consequences!1!
        I will do Crimes! I Gotta Do Crimes! Only Schmuckfeldt’s doxomagicka can stop me! Muwhahahahahahahahahahah!

      • “And a countdown clock. He loves countdown clocks.”
        Countdown clock or stopwatch? Doesn’t he use stopwatches for future events?

      • The guy is just flat out a creep. Just claimed to have doxed Jerry Fletcher(again), then called up some guy’s house and left a message with the guy’s daughter. His daughter. If Baghdad Blob ends up in a Texas prison, I wonder how he’ll fare?

  17. He’s a cyberstalker of the deranged type.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@2014Radio 21m

    I left a message for you at home, I’ve e-mailed you, and I will continue to do so until you agree to give me an interview.

    • Since yesterday, he went from Fight the Right Radio, aka Fart Radio, to Antiquity Radio, to Cabin Boy Radio, back to Fight the Right. In my opinion, he is cuckoo.

      • I will be checking the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel website obsessively over the next week for the publication of the upcoming blockbuster exposé that a man in Wisconsin is – gasp! – active on the internet.

        I can see it now: an email arrives at the political affairs desk. “Wow, this is dynamite stuff! Who sent it?”

        Sender is Googled. Websites are found, visited. Twitter account examined.

        “Oh. Oh my. Oh my God.”

        Email deleted. Email account disabled and renamed. Hard drive of computer cleared, reformatted, removed from computer, de-Gaussed, beaten with a mallet, taken to a construction site and steamrolled, and finally taken by dogsled to the edge of frozen Lake Michigan, lashed to a cinder block and dropped to the freezing depths of the lake.

  18. I was under the impression that DOXing people on Twitter was against Twitter’s TOS….

    Just sayin….

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