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RICOMadnessThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed an opposition to one of Aaron Walker’s motions in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness on Tuesday. It is the most mind-bogglingly off-the-wall, bizarro, whacked-out legal filing I have ever read.

I’d love to tell you more about it, but that should be Aaron’s privilege. I suspect that he will something up at Allergic to Bull fairly early in the morning.

UPDATE—Aaron’s post is here.

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  1. Peeked over there this am. Didn’t see anything yet, (except discussion of an AW motion to strike). I’ve been suspicious that BS had a hand in the “reporter” motion and will be interested to see if this one can top that one for rubbish, that isn’t even relevant rubbish.

  2. Couldn’t see the whole thing — maybe a problem with my computer, but it cut off the document. What I read was normal for a Team Kimberlin blog post, but not really appropriate for a legal argument. Shorter version of the first 7 pages: “Walker keeps saying bad things about me, your honor. Waaaaahhh.” As Robin Williams once said,”That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

    I’m amazed Kimberlin has time to oppose even the simplest motions. Of course, the more he puts down on paper, the weaker his case becomes and the greater likelihood that he’ll write something which screws up the case for him. Of course, that is one more reason why he should not have sued 21 or 22 entities all at once. I think chess is not his best game.

  3. Uff. DPBK is just embarrassing himself.

    My fear is, the judge will be amused enough by Brett Kimberlin’s thrashings and floppings that he’ll let this go on for a while.

    And I don’t like popcorn.

    • I have never heard of nor suspected that a judge let a meritless case go on because the improper antics of a party made him smile.

      And i would be very surprised right now if the judge is smiling. one can never be sure, but I think the judge is really starting to understand what an SOB Brett is. His latest filing will not help him, especially when i have a chance to respond.

      • don’t respond at his level, resist the temptation….

        I know its great provocation – but that’s the only tactic they have – the law thingy isn’t working for them

  4. Ok, yeah, it’s up now and boy is it …. really the worst opposition I have ever seen f(rom someone who wasn’t frankly schizophrenic and writing in word salad.)

    It’s cringeworthy.
    The scarlet letter bit was…. amazing.

    If terrorizing a town with bombs, planting one in a high school parking lot on game day, and blowing a guy’s ( a guy who was trying to protect others) kneecap off and injuring him so badly and ruining his life to the point where the victim decides death is the solution to those injuries, isn’t something that should follow BK. the rest of his days, or at least result in public contradiction about claims of being a political prisoner or having been secretly exonerated.

    He made money off a biography that centered off his bogus claims in the 1990s. He was quite willing to trade on his criminal acts for fame and profit. He was SENT BACK TO PRISON after that.

    When he denies his crimes and blames his victims, he should expect contradiction. If he presents himself as a hero, he should be contradicted.

    I frankly feel he is a danger and shouldn’t be free to abuse and torment others. He shouldn’t escape his past or have access to very young girls and be able to present himself like a man who has no baggage.

    Moeeover , He has had a string of relationships with very young and/or very vulnerable tween or teen girls, and he has more than once reacted badly when attempts were made to curtail them. In fact the bombings themselves may have stemmed from attempts to exact revenge on a thwarted romance with a Tween. (In another he sued for re-establishment of contact with a troubled teen in a facility that ended his access – sued as next friend – when he was still in prison and running a pornography business in the cellblocks). This, in the book he authorized and was compensated for his participation.

    Is this someone who should be able to demand his past remain obscured so noone knows what he did?

      • Whose big idea was the phony summons, I wonder.
        BK could have sucked up the “clerical error” and asked leave to amend his complaint. He chose to doctor up a summons instead. Way to get that big scarlet F off your head.

  5. I wonder what the Load of Satire will have for us today…probably something satirical, but not libelous, defamatory, or invasive of privacy. Certainly not that.

      • Sounds like he’s trying to scrub anything that might be libelous. Unfortunately, people have already capped that stuff too.

      • Twitter is back up. Weird. Oh well. I’m turning this mess over to my attorney. I’m not taking any chances with these people.

      • Good. Something odd with Twitter. 0 followers, following 0. Says he’s going private again. This is shaping up to b one bizarro week on many fronts.

      • So currently Twitter is protected (build a better sockpuppet and the world will beat a path to your door!).

        Website down, no replacement detected yet.

        Would like to know who’ll be around to read its next stunning revelation about my public life.

        Why The Weekly Star hasn’t snapped this beast up just escapes me.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on Aaron’s blog. He updates it so infrequently that I’ve stopped checking it regularly.

    • my apologies. sometimes court work has to take precedence but i am back to regular posting. So if you check it once a day, you will see something new for now. That’s my pattern with patterico. i make a point to check his site daily. by contrast i check instapundit, hot air, and twitchy several times a day while drudge is checked constantly.

  7. Some might see a pattern here of at times accusing those who challenge him of having psychiatric disorders.

    • And that infamous story in Wyoming has since been discredited as not a homophobic assault and murder, but as a case of the killing being part of drug dealing gone bad, Does DPBK really want his motion to bring up anew the issue of drug running?

  8. Every time I read that bit about psychiatric disorders, knowing that Walker is dyslexic and made it through law school, I get ticked off. That’s actually a rather offensive and grossly inaccurate statement.

    • Yeah, I hope it cheezes the judge off, too. “Rather offensive and grossly inaccurate” would be a suitable caption for him in almost any context.

      He has, and would, and does use or attempt to use his criminal career as some kind of asset to boost his public and private works; he trades on his “bonafides” (and his rewrites of his magnifigence) but expects he should go forward in life in full control of his past, without anyone challenging his revisions or lies.

  9. Does Virginia require all attorney’s to work for someone in order to be a member of the bar? Can not a person get a degree, pass the bar exam, join the bar and hang out a shingle? Thus work for oneself as a sole practitioner? The DPBK seems to state that Virginia does not allow this to be a member of the bar. Like most things that DPBK asserts, I tend to doubt it.

    • And yet your envelopes seem to find their destination. You must also be a wizard. Or maybe, just maybe, with some effort, work-arounds for bad handwriting can be employed when one is dealing with serious matters that require accurate and legible information.

  10. TDPK is really showing the full scope of his psychosis. If anyone thought that BS was the most insane of their crew, you are wrong.

  11. AW is a current active member of the Virginia State Bar.
    He’s admitted to practice law in the courts of VA.
    He does not have to have a salary or an employer to practice law, and any full or part time practice suffices. In fact active status implies he is engaged in the practice of law in this state.

    • And he can defend himself and his interests in the case in which he is a defendant, without jumping through any special hoops to use his training to defend himself and his interests in Maryland.

  12. I am gratified by those who were offended by his bigotry toward me. I have updated the post to remind people of the last time he pulled this kind of crap in court.

    One small correction. i am not merely dyslexic. i also have ADD and dysgraphia. Which doesn’t make his argument any less bigoted but there you go.

    And hey, David Boies is not the only famous dyslexic or person with ADD or dysgraphia. As you might imagine i will be pointing out several famous examples. Edison, Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell come to mind. Jim Carrey having ADHD will probably not be mentioned (although is anyone really surprised by that).

      • bluntly there are at least two very different conditions grouped together as dysgraphia. in my case there is no impairment in content formation (except from the actual dyslexia). Instead i have a fine motor impairment but not a gross motor impairment. So writing by hand is fine motor skills and i have a great deal of difficulty. That is why John can say without offending me even a little that he can tell Lee Stranahan’s writing is not my own because it is legible.

        But you might have noticed it only affects my hand writing. Apparently typing on a computer involves gross motor skills because it doesn’t affect me at all when i type. Which means I frankly have probably been born in just about the best time possible. i can’t tell you how much my laptops have changed my life. It literally neutralizes that disability which has been my most debilitating.

        The other kind of dysgraphia i have encountered does result in some kind of content formation issue, but i admit i don’t know it the way i know my own condition. your theory that it is a form of dyslexia might or might not be true.

    • My best friend’s 6 year old daughter (who is essentially my niece) has the dyslexia/dysgraphia/ADHD combo.

  13. I get the “throw everything at the wall and see if it sticks” feeling from this latest attempt at shutuppery from BK….
    When’s the next court date where the judge may dismiss??

    Stay Strong and God Bless 🙂

  14. Congrats all on getting the troll under the bridge of the internet, cabin boy, to hide his twitter and wipe his sites. We know it won’t last, but enjoy the silence.

    • I think what did it was realizing that he may have crossed quite a number of lines. For example, with Black Betty.

      • I don’t know what he’s thinking. Posting a picture of our house. Posting information related to our residence. Threatening to post our actual address. That’s restricted data. I let the previous conduct slide, but I not this time.

      • He keeps issuing dire warnings that unless his demands for removal of what he vaguely deems to be defamatory comments are removed, blah, blah, blah. It is his obligation to identify specific comments. Exactly what are those posts? What part of each comment is defamatory and why?

    • It should be noted here since here is where he is pointing, that this post in no way shape or from implies creation, origination, responsibility, or accessory in any way with the emailing or posting of that link. Just needed saying even though someone doesn’t have the ability to percieve causality properly.

      • BREAKING: BS claims to receive email with link to distasteful photo. Decides to publicize it and disseminate it by tweeting the link out to everyone. Cries foul when the photo is mentioned in a comment section.

      • reader

        that reminds me of jerry fallwell whining about that hustler parody. he gave it more publicity than hustler ever could and that was before he obtained a Supreme Court level Streisand effect.

        he is only drawing attention to it.

      • Check his timeline. He helpfully posted a url that he claims was emailed to him, which led to what I consider to be a disgusting picture.

      • P.S. I don’t think Mr. H. wants that kind of stuff posted in the comment section of his blog, so I will not provide the link.

      • I’m going to talk to my attorney about all of this but I don’t have to file anything in Maryland. And if I file any complaints, state or federal, they are ALL felonies.

    • considering he’s affiliated with someone who had already attempted to foist a forgery off on the court, I’d need some sort of proof that it wasn’t sent by BS or one of his few “friends” to give him something to rant about….

  15. His paragraph 8 is hilarious! “Walker can represent himself pro se, but cannot do so as a attorney unlicensed in the State of Maryland.”

    How can Walker un-become an attorney? He IS an attorney. Whether he signs A. Walker, pro se or A. Walker, esquire, VA, he is still A. Walker.

  16. My two cents – part of what makes it cringe-worthy are the dramatics. I think that a reply should be emotionally restrained yet forceful in order to provide a sharp contrast. Oh, and here are some folks with what BK claims is a “psychiatric disorder”: “Presidents with dyslexia include Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, George Washington, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Andrew Jackson.”

  17. I continue to believe it possible (though of course not certain) that the whole purpose of this litigation is to vex without ANY expectation of prevailing. Deliberately defective process and laughable irrelevancies may be part of the the strategy. After all, if the case is dismissed on procedural grounds, it will certainly be excused on his self-proclaimed technical ignorance of the rules of civil procedure coupled with an assertion that his claims were substantively meritorious. In the meantime, he gets to vent his spleen and defame with absolute privilege in publicly available documents. That is why it will be best if the court declares him a vexatious litigant in addition to dismissing with prejudice. I have, however, only limited hope that the court will go that far; the American judicial system is far too tolerant of vexatious litigation.

    • Agreed, it’s obvious to me this is just to waste the defendants time and money, which is why after it gets tossed the judge needs to order plantiff to pay ALL court costs and attorney fees….
      (which I’m sure Kimberlin has no intention of paying when he loses)

      • and that’s why at least one of the recent filings asked for him to be made to pay all costs and fee’s to the court for later disbursement, court’s a lot harder to blow off with nonsense.

  18. “Hoge has spent two hours in a room with me. He knows, despite his bluster, that I am dead fucking serious.”

    Hoge knows you are full of crap..and probably smell like you are too. Care to confirm?

  19. I have reached a point of total confusion. He has opened up his Twitter account and is going on and on about Black Betty being Bettina, etc. This was a secret? She tweeted under her own name for two years. How was this a big secret?

    • Apparently it wasn’t a secret, that’s why his only response is to call me a simpleton for calling him out.

      • Oh, it was a secret to Team Kimberlin. They were the only ones who had to “figure it out”. Neal actually told me that he knew my name for several months. I almost peed myself laughing at that one since everyone else already knew from the beginning. The best part, was that my old avatar and name were screen-capped and posted on their BreitbartUnmasked website. It had been sitting there the entire time.

        So much #FAIL.

    • Cuz I haz teh genius.

      Well, I went back to his twitter feed. OMG. I’m the Black Dahlia now. I almost want to open up a new twitter account just so I can steal that name. Anyway, I didn’t find that dirty, dirty tub girl. But according to Bill, even though I’ve been pretty much bed-ridden for the last 4 months, I’ve managed to run the KU blog. I’m AMAZING!


    Here is the only comment on this site that meets any of those:

    Bill Schmalfeldt is the smartest person on twitter. He is smarter than lawyers, judges and lawmakers.

      • Yes… he should read more popehat. Asshattery i think it what he calls people who scream libel and defecation without pointing out specific things. Of course he also uses the famous line ‘snort my taint’

  21. oh, and at Cabin Boys patriot site…looks like it got taken down for TOS violations, not voluntarily. Notice the hard error rather than his typical re-direct.

    • No linky-love for Lardo…here is the current contents of the home page:

      “The Patriot-Ombudsman Blog is offline for awhile. I’m sick of constantly having to wipe away the troll spam sent by WJJ Hoge. I have given him a strict deadline to remove all defamatory and untrue posts from his blog. In the meantime, if he ever learns how to control his lickspittle followers, I will resume this blog at a time of my own choosing. When this blog returns, it will be with news that will rock the “Defamatory Five” to the core of their shitty little souls. Such as there may be.”

      Yea, sure.

      I say, “Mission accomplished!”

      • didn’t he say accusing some one of a crime they haven’t been convicted of is defamatory? isn’t that what he just did??
        Oh man, they are gonna have to invent a whole new category of Stupid for BS…

        Cry Havok!!!

    • he’s harping on the idea that IF Hoge knew who KU was when he denied knowing, while he was asked about it, on the stand by BS during their PO hearing that that is perjury. BUT it isn’t because who KU is was completely irrelevant to that hearing.
      I’m not saying there was any lying done by anyone (although I personally think BS was, has been and IS lying is ass off daily about most things) BUT if there had been, it’s not perjury as long as the lie is NOT pertinent to the case at hand, which BS would know if he actually spoke to an attorney instead of relying on ACME law.

      • Not to mention, Bill claims that Hoge committed the perjury by stating that he could not testify under oath as to the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. Bill also claims that I am Kimberlin Unmasked. He knows this because he has a very long list of random IP addresses and cities from all over the United States. Some of the IP addresses are located in San Antonio. Some of John Hoge’s commentors are located in San Antonio. Therefore, I must be Kimberlin Unmasked. And Hoge must know me personally and know that I am Kimberlin Unmasked and have knowingly committed perjury.

        Plus…paint thinner tastes excellent.

      • Well, according to BS, this is an example of a “defamatory” post.

        Using his “logic”, Hoge would have to wipe his entire site to placate Jell-o man.

        (oops, there’s another one)

      • and that is his idea of a false and defamatory statement, you posting that….JEEZ someone needs to get ACME Law a legal dictionary already….

  22. In politics there is a concept called the “Christmas tree.” Certain bills, such as ones that authorize money for emergency relief for tornadoes, hurricanes or other natural disasters are so urgent that they will pass. Politicians often exploit that fact to attach pet projects, aka “pork,” to those bills.

    Brett Kimberlin has submitted recently a couple of motions that no have no basis in law. The opposition to those will motions will prevail. What a perfect opportunity to take the fight right back to Brett Kimberlin. Walker could come back with a motion that reads, I oppose the motion because 1) I am a party in the lawsuit, and, therefore, I have standing; 2) His “arguments” are an attack on the right of the free speech for those who wish to do so on a for-profit basis; 3) His “arguments” are an attack on the right to have legal counsel; and 4) His actions are illegally predicated on isolating the defendants from each other, personalizing the dispute, and attacking those isolated defendants ad hominem.

  23. Why is he giving Hoge until 4pm Friday? To be able to get the county clerk before 5pm? Friday is not a holiday is it?

  24. YAY! i’ve officially ‘defamed’ the Oedipal Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, who takes down a site by posting:

    Warning: require(/home/content/74/9895574/html/wp-includes/load.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/74/9895574/html/wp-settings.php on line 21

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      • Lol, i’ve got Senior Neckroll wrapped around my finger. I say jump, Cabin boy jumps (or tries to). Next, Cabin Boy, go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich


      • yet isn’t that exactly what he’s claiming Hoge is doing, exposing himself to liabilities for not “controlling” what commenters post? Which he does, he doesn’t encourage or allow nasty stuff, regardless of BS’s definition which is pretty much “anything I don’t like is libel/defamation”.
        too funny by half that he claims he shut his own site down due to the “lickspittles”, cant point to any particular person he claims is leaving nasty stuff just makes baseless accusations against any/all commenters HERE as being responsible…

  25. if he ever learns how to control his lickspittle followers, I will resume this blog at a time of my own choosing.

    So Hoge now controls Senor Neckroll’s blog.. bet you didn’t know you had that much power. I give it till monday.

  26. Ah, the irony of someone claiming to be well versed in the law of defamation, who claims he is being defamed, but has no problem calling people “RiCO Racketeers” and “Defamatory Five” when they haven’t been found guilty of RICO violations or defamation.

    • Morons like Shaky can dish it out but never take it. They fold faster than you can blink in an eye, then start crying about how unfair it is. Shaky is a perfect example

      • and there you have it, he’s a product of the “I can do whatever I WANT to whomever I WANT whenever I WANT!! but no one else can cause, UNFAIR/ILLEGAL/ & I’LL SUE!!1!!!ELEVENTY!!” school of thought.
        jail time would be too good for him….

  27. BREAKING: CBBS smears an innocent guy for months, claiming he was “Jeremy Kinsey,” posting pictures, etc., now says another guy is. No apology, no retraction of tweets and blog posts. Yet. But as a “reporter,” I’m sure he will rectify that.

  28. he just never learns… his reputation is ruined, his name on the internet is forever marked, he’s associating with felons. Is this how Bill Schmalfeldt wants to be remembered after his death? Instead of all the good things, it will be when he went insane at the end and stalked people online. His poor wife and family.

  29. I can see why BK and BS might be friends. They have the same bluster, lies, and petty insults. Mocking disability in court papers? Classy. I can only imagine Cabin Boy’s reaction if Aaron or anyone else did a fraction of this regarding BS’s PD. I’d like to know Cabin Boy’s take on BK’s response (well, not really), but he’s too busy using public documents to “out” people out of spite. Isn’t that frowned upon by the Society of Professional Journalists?

    • Unlike comments, you know what BS can’t control (to my knowledge)? Who listens to his radio station! You know, all 772 (est.) iterations. Perhaps he needs to shut those down ASAP, lest any of us lickspittles listen in! PUNISH US, WE DO NOT DESERVE YOUR MAJESTY.

    • yeah but, goshdarn it that meanie head Hoge won’t give BS control (he thinks he’s somehow entitled to) of Hogewash so BS can control the comments
      it’s not like he got that many readers of his own blog after all. O.o

      Cry Havok!!

    • NR is behind a lot of this. Mostly because NR’s association with BK has made NR radioactive in all but the looniest Democrat circles. And that is where NR thought he was going to become rich and famous.

      • I am curious about who he thinks I am. He claims KU has been stalking him for 3.05 years. I haven’t been around that long, so he has mistaken me for someone else. The question is – who? Do you have any idea, SPQR?

      • Neal claimed to have gotten a court victory which is interesting since its been said he has bench warrants, its more smoke – he’s been stalked – by law enforcement for past due child support

      • KU, once you get into Neal and Brett’s insane conspiracy theories, you get mixed and mashed into all of them. KU, you probably are now being blamed for Dan Quayle’s dope buy, the RFK assassination and TDPK’s inability to excite himself with pictures of Shirley Temple.

      • I bet they think you’re Patterico.

        Remember, it all started with Weiner, and they place Patterico near the center of the “conspiracy” that made Weiner tweet his sausage.

      • Oh Onlooker…Neal’s REAL nemesis is Zapem. He has been trying to find her identity for about 3 years with NO success. She was the one who busted him for orchestrating Twittergate and got him ostracized from the mainstream Democratic Party. And now he is obsessed with finding out who she is. Pretty much the same way Brett Kimberlin is obsessed with finding out who Kimberlin Unmasked is.

    • Everything is proceeding as some of us have foreseen. It’s like watching a train wreck about to happen and the conductor accelerates. I am riveted. I canKNOT look away.

      • Clearly, said “source” has a very liberal definition of good since this is knot the first time BS has been wrong on this particular score. Oh well, Cabin Boy could use some flattering. Maybe another “source” can tell him how consistent his radio station is?

      • (Sorry, just woke up. Been in bed for the day.)


        You see, dramatic flattery would have raised a red flag for me. It always does. But for Bill…it just makes the source that much more credible. However, the initial tip-off for me on this one was the exceptionally small twitter account for “Chris Heather”. For a guy who is supposed to be that heavily involved in Wisconsin politics, he has only around 150 tweets.

        But I got to hand to the boys. It looks like they built an entire human profile out of thin air and overnight. I love these guys.

  30. Herewith an analysis of the current message on BS’s blog. (Analysis in parentheses)

    The Patriot-Ombudsman Blog is offline for awhile. (AT LAST.)

    I’m sick of constantly having to wipe away the troll spam sent by WJJ Hoge. (I am willing to bet a rather large sum of money that Mr. Hoge has sent him nothing for months.)

    I have given him a strict deadline to remove all defamatory and untrue posts from his blog. (This seems to imply that Acme Law believes that a true statement can be defamatory. Having been a government flack, however, redundancy may be part of his stock in trade. In any case, the demand is unconstitutionally broad because it does not identify what BS considers to be defamatory.)

    In the meantime, if he ever learns how to control his lickspittle followers, (a duty that he does not have)

    I will resume this blog at a time of my own choosing. (If I believed this conditional statement, I would be begging Mr. Hoge not to attempt to comply. However, I do not believe this statement to be sincere. I suspect that there will be an announcement any day that Operation No Lickspittles has been a roaring success, at least in BS’s mind.)

    When this blog returns, it will be with news (See. He already is planning to declare victory because he will have “news” to impart. I knew my hopes that he would cease polluting the Internet would be disappointed.)

    I hope this analysis has been helpful.

    • Indeed. One of these days, old Napoleon BS will get that dasteredly Snowball who keeps destroying his glorious website!

      • pffffttt, just as soon as BK files a new motion or responds to a defendants motion with more of his patented drama queen hysterics In the form of court documents, ol’ Bullcrap Bill will be posting and spinning it as DOOOM!!! DOOOOOOOM I SAY!!! for all the defendants….

  31. Cabin Boy, I challenge you to ‘dox’ me. All my info is public, but i’m willing to bet your feeble mind can’t even locate someone like me. I’ve watched your embarrassment and humiliation since this started. Maybe some of those nice pictures were from me. I’m waiting for you, Shaky!

    PS – A hint, Boston, live free or die, sunshine.

    LOL even with that you will never find me.

  32. Just checking in to make sure everything’s all right in here? No mad slashers running around carving up comments?

    Okay? Okay. Carry on.

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