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RICOMadnessA few days ago, I posted The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s opposition to my Motion for Amended Report on Status of Service and Motion to Strike Multiple Filings by Plaintiff in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. Here is my reply to his opposition. I do not wish to comment further on this reply until after the court has ruled on my motions.

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  1. Just FYI, the USPS “Notice left” is an automatically generated entry that does not, in fact, guarantee that a notice was generated and left at the residence – undeliverable mail to my abode due to the horrible weather in Michigan was tagged with ‘Notice left’ with no attempt made.

  2. Why doesn’t Kimberlin ever have the “…under penalty of perjury…” statement in his filings? Hmmm.

  3. that’ll cause a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth of a certain mouthpiece over the next few days…..
    Stay Strong and God Bless Mr Hoge.

  4. “Plaintiff is also one of the few people who knows what the Seal of the President of the United States tastes like. ”

    Bwaahaaahaaa. ROFL Bwaaahaaahaaa.

    • Tis good to read such highbrow humor early on a Sunday morning. Seeing such proof of man’s fallen nature humbles us in the knowledge that we too are frail and fallen creatures (there but for the Grace of God go I …) as we prepare to present ourself before Him in worship this day …

    • Make that one judge with some sense and we’ve got a deal. Or, one judge with a low tolerance for nonsense. That would work too.

    • Willy Schmalfeldt found 15 Kyle K.’s in the US. Without any proof, he decides that you are the one who is a convicted felon, which is libel. Plus, he keeps asking if you are on parole, as if that bothers him. Odd, that last question, since he doesn’t mind that BK is still on parole.

      • AND……

        If he is not the felon, it is up to Kyle to prove it to BS before he believes him.

        A crude variation of “when did you stop beating your wife”.

      • How to make a Schmalfedlt Frappe:
        Add 1 Schmalfedlt.
        Snark until seething in a frothy rage.
        Let cool overnight.
        Dispose of using hazmat crew cuz geez! the smell.

        I am enjoying the huge kerfuffle he is going to and the total certainty he has in his sooper jornomalism searchy doxification skills when he hasn’t even yet answered the most basic question there is. He’s too stupid to even figure out the question.

      • Is “Kyle KIernan” even your real name? I’ve seen no evidence that it’s anything but a _nom de guerre_. You’d think they would have learned something from the amount of time they spun their wheels chasing Aaron “Worthing”.

        I wouldn’t deny anything either. He doesn’t get to shift the burden of proof like that.

      • i’m as real as anybody.

        What he doesn’t understand is “victory conditions”. Easy for him to not know given his disdain for “gaming” which can entail everything from tic-tac-toe to war but he shoves into a box he labels D&D. Definition of the fool really, his truth is the only truth and the only way to perceive the truth and all evidence will be rammed through his filter and made into his truth. just before the anal rape fantasy gets him chased of of town by the angry mob.

      • Watch him flail all over the place trying to provoke, and going off the deep end. He has no right to any notice from anyone. No one gives any credit and his total irresponsibility exposes himself.

      • Stating someone is a felon when they are not is libel per se. Odds are very much against CBBS here.

  5. An interesting by-product of this case is that, now, even if the suit is dismissed, Schmalfeldt will forever be memorialized in court documents, public ones, in a federal case. And he has his very good friend to thank for that.

  6. The gloves have come off! I hope the judge has the sense to dismiss the case with prejudice.
    Poor poor TDPK. This was a spanking, and his response, should he even try to make one, will be, as stated so elegantly in your motion, lots of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  7. BREAKING: Cabin Boy Willy Schmalfeldt, xcitizen10, and VOS William Ferguson are fantasizing about the assault and rape of men in prison.

      • True, that. Their repressed sexuality is patently obvious through their frequent gay baiting, not to mention Schmalfeldt’s rape magnum opus in the Daily Kos.

    • They do kind of go straight to the topic don’t they?

      Can’t decide if they are all his socks or if he has merely franchised his sweaty palmed happy place.

      • You should demand proof that none of them anally raped anyone. They do go on about it a lot. I picture them sweaty, giggling excitedly, Doritos on hand, telling their wives/girlfriends/boyfriends that they’re just “doing research.”

    • Other than pulling it out of his ass, has anyone determined a reason that BS has used to determine the account he’s masturbating about is a real account, let alone the actual person he is assuming it is?

      I’ve followed BS almost since Arron was still going by Worthing, and I’ve never seen him this unhinged. What’s going on? Is there a court appearance coming up?

    • They commented about how how one mugshot of one of the many KK’s they found is showing as 5″8″ or smaller.

      They imply that smaller men get raped in prison but forget the DPBK is only like 5’4″

      Is this where they get the inside information on prison rape?

      • In Citizen K, Singer writes of Kimberlin recounting fending off a Black inmate by throwing acid in his face while launching a N-word laden tirade. Now, I have no doubt that somewhere in the federal penal system some would-be rapist was doused with acid. I just doubt Kimberlin did it. More likely, Kimberlin retold a prison story making himself the central figure. Kimberlin’s actual prison experience was probably a bit more painful for him to retell.

  8. If I didn’t see/read this evil nonsense with my own two eyes, I would never believe it. Baghdad Blob is shown far more mercy than he deserves, and what is his response? To set out to harass, and stalk, and expose anyone and everyone he believes is worthy of his misguided wrath. Sick. And, once again, Bill Schmalfeldt’s blatant lack of self-awareness and deranged hypocrisy is beyond mindnumbing.Β 

    After posting one unconfirmed, libelous accusation after another, Baghdad Blob requires a Twitter user to forego all anonymity, and provide personal information to him — an adjudicated harasser (who also just happens to be “excellent friends” with a convicted forgerer, perjurer, bomber, and alleged pedophile) — or file charges in a court of law in order to sue the adjudicated harasser to make him stop with his unconfirmed, defamatory accusations.

    Now, compare the aforementioned, stalkerish song-and-dance of Baghdad Blob’s with his approach to his “excellent” friend’s alleged forgery of the Twitchy summons in the RICO Madness case.

    “@2014Radio: Yes, Mr. Hoge is a liar. He has lied about many things as has been demonstrated. BUT I DON’T THINK IVE EVER COMMENTED ON THE TWITCHY SUMMONS”

    “@2014Radio: I NEED A HIGHER STANDARD OF PROOF than “Hoge said so.” And BK never states his claims to or through me. I read the court filings.”

    “@2014Radio: @antvq16 BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN ALL THE FACTS YET, and the judge hasn’t ruled on it. I know you can’t wait to get to the guillotine.”

    Baghdad Blob needs some serious time in a cooling-off state. IMNSHO, a jail cell would have been/would be the appropriate place. The man continues his harassment campaign with unhinged, destructive glee. May God have mercy on his soul — if he even possesses one, that is — as he is undeserving of ANY mercy granted by ANYone else. Sick, demented, deranged cyberstalker.

  9. Wow. When I do a search for “anal rape enthusiast Bill Schmalfeldt,” I get over 33,000 hits.

    P.S. A reminder to everyone that BS himself admitted himself a few months ago that due to his declining mental abilities, no one should trust anything he writes. He has also admitted to symptoms of PD psychosis.

    • Baghdad Blob also admits he is frequently wrong. *smdh*

      “@2014Radio: Now, if I am incorrect, which I admit I have been before — many times — all you have to do is either correct me, or sue me.”

      • I’ve seen it before – he will offend someone so much, someone with the time and/or money on their hands to do exactly that. Sue him.

  10. Now he things he’s doxed me, but nope, he’s wrong as usual. I found several folks with the same twitter prefix as me. He really is dumb as a rock isn’t he? I found a Schmalfeld on a Playstation forum. So that must be Bill right? What an idiot he is.

    • I told him all day long and he still can’t grasp the truth. and he absolutely doesn’t understand victory conditions in his Manichean little universe.
      It’s been fun. Hope everyone enjoyed it and I hope to do it again sometime soon.

      • Considering he most certainly committed libel against you today, your good nature shows you to be a good person.

        ….even if you are a felon. πŸ˜‰

  11. The whole DPBK clan have the same M.O., which is reflected perfectly in this reply to BK’s latest filing – they play dumb at the truth, push their version of “truth” (usually a set of correlations confused with causation) with the sole purpose to punish people, and then claim victory out of no where. Stupidity and hubris is a bad mix, but only made possible by narcissism and/or a lack of self-awareness.

    • Speaking of a version of “truth” and a lack of self-awareness:

      “@2014Radio: Ali Akbar hassled and harassed me 1st. WJJ Hoge hassled and harassed me 1st. All of the lickspittles threw the first punch. Groovy.”

      Gotta wonder if he can even type these lies with a straight face. Heaven knows they can’t be read with one. Pathetic how deep he will dig into the depths of dishonesty to attempt to justify his creepy, deranged, cyberstalking behavior and harassment. What a disgusting human being he is.

      • And his lies are easily disproved by his own tweets and blog posts. Lying the way he does, it must have been an effective technique throughout his life.

      • Lies are very necessary when one seems to live in a tautology where he MUST be the victim. He never did anything to deserve “harassment” (seemingly defined as loosely as “call him out” or “discuss him”), and ANYTHING he does in response is justified. Even times where he is shown mercy are interpreted as vindications in his world (see his mediation). When he faces ANY consequences, it’s a personal insult. If I were to play armchair psychologist, I’d say he feels very victimized in his life and surely his PD diagnosis plays a role towards that now. So he lashes out and is never to blame. And right there, I already have more evidence than he has for his half-baked theories and doxing.

      • it comes from viewing his own actions towards others as never being in any way wrong so that when they react and respond he can claim the high ground so to speak that “they started it”…
        I’ve had to deal with that tupe of mentality before, and really you can’t deal with it beyond ignoring it or taking legal action to keep them away from you. I pity anyone who has to deal with BS in the RW on anything like a regular basis.

      • I’ve known Bill his entire life, since he was a child.

        All that you are seeing here is the decline if the same arc he’s always been on.

        Clumsy, stupid, mean, filled with false pride, vain, and envious of others, he is what he has always been.

        He cannot escape himself, and it is awfully late for him to make any changes.

        Btw, Bill, have you figured out who I am, yet?

        Because I sure as hell know who you are, and what you’ve done, and how many you’ve wronged.

        Believe it.

  12. BREAKING: Kyle accuses Schmalfeldt of not having any “huevos.” HE DOES NOT DENY IT, SO IT MUST BE TRUE.

    • That’s a tough one, as he’d need the help of four or five people to move the gut and thigh fat enough to actually be able to see the region.

      He doesn’t know that many people who are willing to touch him, soooo…

      It must be true, since he can’t prove otherwise!!

  13. Concerning BS suffering from Parkinson’s, I have, given his previous actions, writings and statements, absolutely no reason to believe anything he asserts. However, for now we will take it as a given. If any of you have access to his twitter timeline, look at his most recent posts.

    He makes 16 tweets in the space of 12 minutes and 11 more in 10 minutes. Most of these tweets are near the 140 limit.

    I’m a doctor familiar with patients who suffer from various stages of this disease, I have also recently lost a family member to it after suffering with it’s effects for over 30 years. Given the loss of fine motor control, I find it very hard to believe BS is suffering enough from this disease yet to need a wheelchair to get around. (My family member went to her grave never having regularly used a wheelchair, but she was damn stubborn).

    That said, he could be dictating to someone else to type, but given the constant stream of tweets, all hours of the day and nite, I find that hard to believe. (Those speech-to-text programs would be hard to use for an advanced Parkinson’s patient due to the fact that it tends to degrade the muscles controlling your vocal cords, and clear speech is difficult).

    As I said, I’m not saying he isn’t suffering from PD, but his actions make it likely his wheelchair theatrics are just that.

    One more thing. Parkinson’s drugs can be very, very nasty. They affect just about every part of the body, but most importantly the brain. Depression, paranoia, hallucinations, panic attacks — depending on which meds you are on, you can suffer from all or some of these, and much more. There are a lot of issues here, and we are having fun with someone who seems to be asking for it, but more than anything, he needs help. The past 12-24 hours of posts we’ve seen are not the work of someone in complete control of his faculties.

    Sorry for the verbosity, maybe this morning’s sermon is starting to settle in.

    • Very interesting, thank you.

      Today and yesterday were tame compared to what he did to the Stranahans, in my view. As an FYI, last year he stated that he has been off PD drugs since last April or May, claiming that they don’t work any more.

    • With great respect, Bill Schmalfeldt has stalked, harassed, threatened and tormented 30+ people in the last 3 years. He has threatened one woman with having her children taken away if she did not acquiesce to his demands. He actually attempted to have another woman’s children stripped of her because her husband blogged about Brett Kimberlin. He emotionally tortured a woman over the death of her newborn for almost two years. He has called at least half a dozen law enforcement agencies in an attempt to get a man charged with false crimes. And near as anyone can tell, he has been an abusive person for most of his life.

      While nobody disputes that he is a sick, sick man, it is his (and his wife’s) responsibility to get the help he needs. He refuses to do so. That is not the fault of his victims or the fault of the people on the internet who take him to task for his disgusting and socially unacceptable behavior.

      The bottom line is this…he will never stop and he will never take any steps to get better. Therefore, he must be held to account for his conduct.

      • I appreciate the input from the good Doctor Tom. I believe most of the people who have been following the Bill Schmalfeldt saga for quite some time would agree this man is not well.

        With that said, kudos to Betty for succinctly stating my personal thoughts perfectly. Lack of accountability enables and encourages such a person to continue in his deranged pattern of conduct. This man has done his best for YEARS to harass, stalk, intimidate, and threaten dozens of good people and their families. Enough already. If Bill Schmalfeldt had good friends, as he is apt to claim, they would not be enabling and encouraging him as some whom are posing as his friends are doing. They, too, would desire he be held accountable, strongly advise him to step away from the intertubz, and do what they could to aid in acquiring the professional help Schmalfeldt desperately requires.

    • A question for the good doctor: How much stress/what type of stress would be required to escalate PD to the point it would cause someone to lose a decade of their life expectancy as Bill Schmalfeldt has claimed? *smh*

      Let me take this angle. A serious question or two: As a physician who deals with PD patients, what professional information would you provide, and what professional advice would you give to someone like Bill Schmalfeldt, when he claims stress has taken its toll and has “literally” removed ten years off of his life?

      Would it even be possible to professionally and conclusively determine that *anything* or *anyone* was capable of causing such an outcome?

  14. How much stress/what type of stress would be required to escalate PD to the point it would cause someone to lose a decade of their life expectancy as Bill Schmalfeldt has claimed?

    I think both you and I know the answer to that. It’s a specious argument from pity.

    Which, of course, leads to your second question, if a patient of mine told me he felt that this episode was causing him undue stress which was leading to a decrease in his quality of life (that’s the best way I can put it), I’d tell him to unplug his computer and find another hobby. And do whatever was necessary to make the legal issues go away (I believe an apology and silence would do that, but I’m not sure how far down the rabbit hole he goes).

    Would it even be possible to professionally and conclusively determine that *anything* or *anyone* was capable of causing such an outcome?


    • Thank you. I have a *bad* habit of asking questions I already know the answers to. πŸ™‚ With that said, I do appreciate your time and validation, Dr. Tom.

  15. that motion must have really hit home somehow, BS has dropped accusing Kyle of being a felon in order to go after Hoge today ( at least he has refrained from @’ing him so far).
    You can always tell when BK’s case isn’t looking good by how much crap BS tries to throw at Hoge…..

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