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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness on 15 October, 2013. On 16 October, he handed me a copy of his original Complaint in the foyer of the Historic Courthouse in Westminster. (BTW, that was defective service. He should have had a third party hand it to me.) I blogged about some of the deficiencies that night, and on the 17th, TDPK filed an Amended Complaint which corrected only some of the errors I had pointed out.

The original Complaint listed 20 defendants in the caption, but it was obvious that from the text that he intended to sue 22. In the Amended Complaint that he filed with the court (and that’s the one that counts), he added one more defendant, DB Capitol Strategies.

When he got around to mailing copies to the defendants, he noticed that Twitchy was missing from the caption, so he added it on the version he sent at least some of us. I’ve known of the alteration since I received my copy on 22 October, and I reported the fact that I received an altered Amended Complaint in my motion to dismiss.

Here are the three versions of the case caption.RICO CaptionsAt least two other defendants received the altered Amended Complaint, Twitchy and Aaron Walker. I suspect that others did as well.


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  2. As I read the tweets and so-called commentary of the legally ignorant, such as VOSF, CBBS, xcitizen, harada, etc., I am tempted from time to time to explain things, but then I stop myself. They don’t care about court rules, procedures or the truth. When they call a man evil for getting and seeking to enforce a restraining order, yet give a pass to a guy who planted a bomb at a high school and blew a man’s leg off, they show that their moral compass has ceased to function.

  3. Having a cup of fresh-roasted Peet’s, and, lo, I see that me predictions of downward trajectory, increased psy-ops and lawfare have come to pass.

  4. Also, I see that in the state case, BK picked up a string of losses, having a number of motions denied.

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