Rauhauser’s End Game?

First Mate Neal Rauhauser ran a blog hosted by WordPress.com called Conspiracy Broker for a while (No, I won’t link to it.). He put what he called his last post for that blog up on 2 January. It contains this paragraph:Conspiracy Brokers 20140102So, he thinks he will benefit from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious litigation, does he?

We shall see.

Stay tuned.

34 thoughts on “Rauhauser’s End Game?

  1. He’d have to sue (and win) to get damages. Oh, wait – doesn’t he owe back child support? Aren’t there bench warrants out for his arrest?

  2. I would think that being a fugitive from the law would explain fully his drop in income. The fact that he is a nutter who is unable to conceal his condition raises the obvious question as to why he has any income whatsoever.

  3. Why do these guys have this aura of invincibility????

    Also Bill’s big news is that Aaron Walker is going to get hit with another blogging injunction on Monday….

    So says Brett so say we all

    • couldn’t hold his wad till Monday eh? Like most things related to the talking wart, I’ll believe it when I see actual proof.

    • Interesting. Willy Schmalfeldt writes about the case all the time. He is BK’s “very good friend.” If BK does move for such an injunction, and he doesn’t do the same for CBBS, it sure will look like he is trying to silence the defendants while leaving alone someone who advocates for him.

    • i haven’t seen where he said that, but it would be a hilariously inept move at this time. it’ll never be granted until all the motions to dismiss are decided. And meanwhile, it’ll tend to bolster our argument that he is an anti-free-speech jackbooter. Oh, and it’ll cause another Streisand effect.

      It is the dumbest thing he could possibly do. Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  4. Apparently Neal is another who seems to think 1, this mess will actually get past all motions to dismiss and 2, that discovery only goes one way…

      • Its pretty clear that Rauhauser is using TDPK for his own purposes. And that TDPK will be thrown over the gunwales as soon as he’s an obvious liability to Rauhauser …. which ought to be in about a week.

  5. Just remember, this simply proves that there IS NO Team Kimberlin. Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia.

  6. Since this guy isn’t party to the cases, how does he stand to gain damages from these cases? Acme law is hard at work again.

    • Rauhauser has a bizarre fantasy life where all conspiracy theories are true. Rauhauser always believes that he is just one little nugget of information away from proving that Weiner was not a sex obsessed pervert and was really being brain washed by a Republican secret plot.

      Oliver Stone looks sane by comparison.

  7. I hope you are all making twitter aware of oedipal bills continued harassment of the internet. He might just get his twitter account taken away again.

    • Ditto. He is using it to stalk and try to dox people. He has no confirmation that he is right, but in typical fashion, he doesn’t care.

  8. BREAKING: cyberstalker Schmalfeldt does not want to “report” *cough* on the forged Twitchy summons; instead, asks antvq16 to fondle his genitals.

  9. From the inimitable Ken White:

    Who is Bill Schmalfeldt?

    Schmalfelt’s a guy who describes himself as a progressive and has written for various online venues, including the the Examiner. De gustibus non est disputandum, but to me his writing is banal, belabored, and unpersuasively angry. He leaves no sense of what values he promotes, only of what groups and individuals he hates. There’s only one circumstance when you get a sense that he’s enjoying what he does, that he has a craft or a calling. That’s when he’s describing someone being raped, murdered, or otherwise abused, or when he’s pursuing the families of someone he hates.

    This has led to trouble.

    He describes himself as being “unceremoniously dumped from the Examiner’s cadre of 60,000 or so independent contractors” by a letter that cited his using articles as personal attacks and being “antagonistic” in the comments section. In response he fulminated that the Examiner failed to grasp his journalist excellence or his devotion to Important Issues. The Ignatius J. Reilly reaction is a hallmark of Schmalfeldt’s relationship to anyone who disagrees with him.

    Schmalfeldt continued to demonstrate that he is closest to his sweaty-palmed Happy Place when he is describing degradation of others….


  10. “banal, belabored, and unpersuasively angry” Sounds a lot like tha reply BK filed that went on an on about Bill Schmalfeldt for some reason.

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  12. After seeing BS trying to dox someone, my first thought was that it smelled like Rauhauser. Neal likes to get others to do his work. But BS is his own man. Since he doesn’t take orders from BK there is no way he would do anything for Neal. Sure.

  13. “We’re dealing with people who have likely had no interaction with the court system beyond a traffic ticket; the potential for a pro se litigant to force them into expensive, long distance, lengthy, discovery laden litigation doesn’t seem to cross their minds. The reality of travel, or frightful expenses, or summary judgments needs to be made real. We probably need to make a very visible example of at least one of them before the rest understand.” -Neal Rauhauser

    The problem with Neal’s grand legal scheme is that some people have access to lawyers. Nasty, vicious, relentless lawyers. And they do have experience with expensive, long distance, lengthy, discovery laden litigation. Some have quite a bit of experience tracking down assets of those who attempt to assert claims of being “judgment proof”. It’s amazing what a good forensic accountant can turn up.

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