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On Monday, 3 February, I filed the following Reply to Plaintiff’s Oppositions in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. I do not wish to make any further comments on this filing until the court has ruled on my motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has a comment or two here.

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  3. Tokyo Rose, aka Cabin Boy, says that filing motions is telling the judge “how to act, how to think, how to judge.” Supposedly, he won’t like that. All legal practice in the U.S. must now come to a halt.

    • Yeah, and he sez that the other defendant will be upset if Aaron Walker or I were to convince the judge to dismiss the case against all the defendants.

      Actually, there are a few who might be disappointed if they don’t get to go after TDPK with counterclaims.

      • Yes, counterclaims that will include CBBS, Osborne, Zeese, Cohen, etc. Why, imagine the Tides Foundation being deposed as a witness! Excellent publicity.

    • This is Cabin Boy demonstrating his utter stupidity. Common Law legal systems like ours have always been about the opposing parties each providing legal arguments to support their side and the judge choosing which is correct. We don’t have a system where the judge independently determines relevant legal principles without input from the parties. Judges can’t be experts in the fine points of the legal principles of every dispute on their docket.

      He’s a really moronic clown who has less understanding of our legal system than a six grader.

  4. Pretty well written for doing it yourself. I think you could have expanded on some points and pointed to relevant facts a bit more; but the response is well laid out, fairly well sourced, and makes your arguments clear and concise.

    Good job. Now lets hope the judge grants your Motion to Dismiss.

  5. BREAKING: Bill Schmalfeldt, self-styled expert on journalism and the law, claims that certain blog posts are defamatory. He re-publishes them.

      • BREAKING: Bill Schmalfeldt, self-styled copyright and defamation expert, once again lifts and reprints an entire Hoge blog post, which quotes BK, claims that BK’s statements about himself are defamatory.

  6. BREAKING: Bill Schmalfeldt hangs up his spurs on another failed radio venture, changes Twitter handle for the first time today.

  7. I had just learned Res Judicata, or whatever it is. Now somebody hit me with “Yibble, bibble, bibble and quack, quack, quack!” These complex legal arguments confuse me. I’m pretty sure Hoge hit the mark with his latest filing.

    Having said that, nothing changes. Kimberlin still brought a bomb to a high school football game, put another under a cop car, blew off a guy’s leg, got caught with timers in his trunk, avoided paying a victim of the bombing, was sentenced to a very long prison term, married a really, really young woman, sang about sex with teenagers, lost a lot of pot, and as of last check still lives in mom’s basement. It is mom’s basement, right? I’m doing this from memory.
    Win, lose or draw. Kimberlin is still Kimberlin. No amount of lawfare can change that.

  8. Heh. Second time I am brought into the instant case. I prefer this inclusion. BK knows perfectly well who I am and yet in his inclusion he identifies me as an anonymous blogger, possibly in an attempt to show that the RICO gang has nameless and faceless (thus shadowy and fear inducing) bloggers intimidating him. I really hope I survive long enough to see the defendants utterly crush the Dread Pedo Brett Kimberlin.

    • I can’t even read his tripe anymore. I simply print it out and wipe my backside with it. It’s also good for picking up dog poo in the back yard, and kindling for fires.

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