Ice Storm!

We’re had an ice storm overnight here in Westminster. There’s a thick coating on everything outside. Neither the electrical or telco lines to stately Hoge Manor have been affected yet. However, we are hearing the occasional thud of a widowmaker dropping out of a tree. So far, we’ve lost a sizable branch out of a maple in the back yard and another out of an oak in the front yard. The most substantial damage has been to an ornamental cherry tree in the front yard. It may be so extensive that we’ve lost the tree.


UPDATE—I can see several hours with my chain saw in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Ice Storm!

  1. Up here in western coastal Connecticut, we’ve had several inches of snow on top of what was left of Monday’s snow, and now it’s sleet/freezing rain, which will supposedly turn back to snow this evening. Just so long as nothing takes the power out we’ll be good. At least the neighbor’s willow that was looking iffy had already come down last year during Sandy.

    • eastern CT, not western. I haven’t had enough coffee yet, and I’m notorious for folks having to say “no, your *other* left!”

  2. Here in the Midwest we get various types of ice storms often.
    Ironically, what took down one of my neighbor’s bigger trees (I know not what type)…2-4 inches of snow last year.

    Dunno why it survived everything else and that little storm broke it but there you go. (It’s one of those trees that’s split at the base of the trunk and one of the 4 main shoots came crashing down.)

  3. No power here and none expected for a few days. Kept warm by a transformer fire for a while though. Will have to go fire up the car and use the inverter to charge the laptop soon. Love the snow, hate the ice. Went 8 days with no power after Sandy. We’ll see if this breaks that record.

  4. I hope the chainsaw comment doesn’t mean that anything too serious happened.

    When the willow came down last year hear, it took out a car and a fence, damaged the railing on the stairs up to the porch, and took over the entire driveway. Naturally nearly nothing happened on the property of those who owned the thing. I understand it took several chainsaws several hours to clear it, not to mention a few truck loads (I was out of town for the whole debacle).

  5. The upside, is you will have some nice cherry; oak; and maple wood to use in the BBQ this summer for smoking venison and other fine red meats. Waste naught, want naught.

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