I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

In the interest of fairness, I present The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s response to my Motion for Amended Report of Service of Status that I filed in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. It’s from Document No. 49 of the case file on PACER.BK v NBC ECF 49-8Apparently, my writing is too obscure for him, but you can see what I filed here.

popcorn4bkUPDATE—Turnabout is fair play. Since the Cabin Boy™ is critiquing the good guys filings in the various vexatious lawsuits from TDPK, it’s only fair to give Team Lickspittle a go at TDPK’s legal brilliance.


I don’t plan any further comment until I’ve filed my reply which may not occur for several days.

UPDATE—My codefendant Stacy McCain has a comment or two here.

40 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. “Your Honor, I am just too damn stupid to “get” what I am being accused of”
    “Are you that Schmalfeldt guy I’ve heard about?”

    What a hellish penalty that could lead to. Sentenced to explaining basic facts and legal principles to Team Kimberlin until they understand it.Cruel and Unusual indeed.

    • Bingo! If he doesn’t understand what John Hoge has written how can he possible know whether, or not, it is true?

    • Could be. The last sentence in the excerpt, “The Plaintiff has no idea what he is complaining about.” is unclear. The “he” is probably intended to mean the defendant, but it sounds like it could also mean the Plaintiff, which would explain a lot.

  2. Shorter – I’ve been caught lying my ass off but lalalalalalalalala, I can’t hear you!

    Cabin Boy spins this as the greatest legal victory for Kimby in 3….2….1…

    • Damn, Schmalfeldt proved me wrong. He just admitted on Twitter that he is also so stupid he can’t follow a very simple document.

  3. Of course BK doesn’t understand what is wrong. He’s such a natural liar with extensive experience, he sees no problem with active deception. Frauds gotta commit fraud.

  4. What a hilariously stupid “Reply”. It never actually addresses anything in Hoge’s motion and fills the judge’s docket with “SQUIRREL!” utterly irrelevant to the motion.

    It only confirms that he’s a vexatious litigant filing frivolous motions.

    ACME Law in action.

    • And yet, Acme Law’s official mouthpiece is dead certain that the “smart money” is on a total and utter BK win. Then again, said mouthpiece (or is it “reporter” per BK’s filing) also noted that, “I may be wrong. I oft times am.” Credibility and projection!

  5. Of course in his exhibts he pointedly excludes an image of the address from the secomd Priority Mail package, you know, the one he sent with the address of 20 instead of 29.
    This is also the 1st time I’ve been mentioned in the RICO suit. Does this mean Brett will attempt to include me in his next amended complaint (he and BS both know who I am IRL as evidenced by tweets by members of TK threatening to ‘out’ me). My deathbed statement (witnessed and certified) will really sink the “Ship of Fools”.

    • He never manages to address how two packages supposedly sent to the same address within days of each other manage to get such different handling by the post office and then the addressee who is supposedly stubbornly refusing to receive the packages accepts the second one without incident or comment.

      That and Schmalfeldt labelled as a “reporter” charged with crimes simply for “reporting” on the events.

      Don’t the judges ever just boot the case for blatant lying?.

    • The judge isn’t going to be amused by any of this. Mr. Hoge needs to just call for a hearing to put an end to this crap.

      • The judge and his clerks are also not going to be amused by the title of BK’s response – his response to defendant Hoge’s “two latest filings?” WTF? That is not how you caption responses.

  6. From paragraph 3 – “Defendant Hoge was forced into mediation by the Carroll County State’s Attorney, which resulted in the dismissal of his latest 353 criminal chargers agasint the reporter.”

    What a steaming pile of shit. Hoge was not “forced” into mediation. He could have refused it. The charges were dismissed at Mr. Hoge’s request. Kimberlin is obviously playing fast and loose with the truth. Time to reach out to the Cabin Boy and asked why he was forced into mediation. After all, it stands to reason that if Mr. Hoge was forced, so was Baghdad Blob.

  7. What this opposition clearly shows to everyone who reads it – except Cabin Boy – is that TDPK is throwing a temper tantrum that his frivolous joke lawsuit isn’t working. He’s gotten no traction from his proggie buddies, who are dumping him like a hot potato, and no sympathetic media at all.

    He’s returned to being the leper he should be. And he’s frustrated.

    The result is this incoherent bizarre opposition that almost begs the judge to dismiss the suit to feed his sociopath victimhood psychosis.

    • On the bright side, he’ll always have Rauhauser…who could and would shank him at any given moment.

  8. There is no way anyone can read that and not understand that the guy is nuts.

    He doesn’t even realize that he provided evidence in his own filing that contradicts the story he is telling the judge. I won’t point it out, but it is pretty obvious.

    The farce is strong in this one.

  9. There is such a thing as lying by omission. Litigants have an affirmative duty not to do that. Just sayin’.

  10. This filing, in addition to being . . . creative . . . is completely non-responsive to your previous motions.

  11. If TDPK’s motion gets granted and a party can successfully move to stop litigants from filing motions with the court, my job just got a heck of a lot easier.

  12. Prior to reading TDPK’s filing I was not aware that a private citizen such as Mr. Hoge could bring criminal charges against another private citizen, let alone more than 350 of them.

    Bravo Sir!!!!

    I learn something new here every day.

  13. I’ll take a stab at responding to this. Here goes:

    1. I wanted a pony when I was 6, but I got a bike instead.
    2. BK buys groceries, EVERY WEEK, which is harassment and a RICO SUAVE violation.
    3. Turnips!
    4. There once was a man from Peru, who fell asleep in a canoe, while dreaming of Venus, he played with … never mind.

    Mr. H., you can use the above in response to BK’s answer.

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