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RICOMadnessThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is suing 21 defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. He tried to sue 22, but he screwed up the caption on the Amended Complaint he filed with the court, so Twitchy wound up as a non-party. TDPK attempted to solve that problem by sending the defendants altered versions of the Amended Complaint. I noticed the alteration as so as I compared the copy he sent me with what was on PACER, the federal court system’s online records database. I informed the court in my motion to dismiss that I was responding to the official version and not the one sent to me. After talking with some of the other defendants, I know that they received the bogus version of the Amended Complaint too.

When TDPK finally got around to actual service of process, he didn’t have a summons for Twitchy because they were not a party listed in the caption of the suit. So he sent them one that he kludged from a copy of the summons for Aaron Walker. Twitchy has advised the court of the forgery.

Kimberlin is trying to cover his tracks by filing a motion to amend his complaint. He’s trying to spin the situation as a “clerical error.” Yeah. A clerical error compounded by a forged summons.

We shall see how the judge rules.

Stay tuned.

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  1. If he is so bad that the case is dismissed too quickly, will he be declared a vexatious litigant? That’s my worry. It’s very unfair to the current defendants to wish this case be given its full attention and time, but if that’s what it takes for Kimberlin to get what he deserves I think the current defendants gain a lot. This person needs to be declared a vexatious litigant, arguable held in contempt, and certainly sanctioned. But that’s in addition to what he deserves for his frauds on the Maryland justice system, which did nothing about the issue.

    • In addition to Rule 11, there’s also a fraud on the court crime. And he also managed to hit a quinella: mail fraud AND wire fraud on one little caper. Maybe the matter will be referred to the US Attorney. And, isn’t he technically still on parole for another 20 years? Surely that parole is conditioned on him not committing new crimes. Such as felony mail and wire fraud.

      I’d say he’s got a lot on his plate right now that goes way beyond being declared a vexatious llitigant.

  2. If it truly were a “clerical error,” then I suggest that Brett Kimberlin had a legal obligation to report that “error” as soon as he was aware of it. Since John Hoge filed a motion that explicitly noted that he received an unstamped copy that differed from the one he downloaded from PACER, Brett Kimberlin reasonably ought to have been aware. In another motion to dismiss, the lawyer from, I think, the Franklin center noted that he too had received an unstamped copy. Again, Brett Kimberlin reasonable ought to have been aware. Maybe giving Brett Kimberlin credit for being able to read those two filings is asking too much. But, in any case, Brett Kimberlin ought to have noticed that something was seriously amiss when he realized the court failed to give him a summons for Twitchy. Surely, he would have tried to understand why he was not issued such as summons. Having been aware of the fact that the copy he sent to parties was not identical to the copy filed in the court he was obligated to send those parties a correct and true copy of the actual complaint. I seriously doubt he has sent them yet. Among other things, doing so would have informed Twitchy that they had not in fact been summons. Such an admission would have been against interest for Brett Kimberlin. Good luck trying to convince a judge that that is just a coincidence.

    Nor, does the lack of a court-issued summons entitle Brett Kimberlin to forge a summons. Brett Kimberlin had options. He could have stopped pursuing Twitchy. He could have moved to amend his complaint. He could have asked the court to fix what he believed was “a clerical error.” What he chose to do of his own free will was, arguably, a felony. Suggesting that he forged a summons because of a “clerical error,” is akin to his arguing that the dog ate his correct copy.

  3. I have to wonder how the Cabin Boy will spin all this. He will either ignore it because he knows he can’t defend his Master on this point, or he’ll go with his standard “Hoge’s lickspittles take whatever he says as gospel”. Which doesn’t dispute the facts, but gives the impression that Mr. Hoge lies in his posts. Poor TK. They are spinning so fast at this point they may achieve lift off.

    • He’s been too busy trolling Kim Catrall about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death and getting blocked. Even playing the “wheelchair bound PD” card didn’t work.

      • 19 hours after promising he would stop tweeting her, he continues to tweet in response to 19 hour old tweets.

      • You mean, he “drags you from your wheelchair” and “beats you up?” Denies that he ever admitted he has PD psychosis? Rick, if you ever felt something go “pop” in your knee, would you self diagnose on Twitter and announce that you are confining yourself to a wheelchair for the rest of your life, or would you, ya know, do something wild and crazy like go see a doctor?

      • BS, known locally as Jabba the Hut, and also known in local legal circles as Judge Hand Job instead of Judge Learned Hand, has surpassed his all time high of stupidity by publishing BK’s address in the open!

        Acme Law does it again.

        Way to go on your flirting with Kim, Jabba! She’ll remember The Slug Cabin Boy for years to come!

  4. I hate to say it, but having watched how the courts have dealt with BK’s bovine effluvium in the past, I really don’t expect much to happen with his current fraud and forgery. At most, I expect the court to tell him sternly, “Please don’t do this again, or we’ll have to think about doing something maybe but probably not really.” BK pulls this stunt again and again, and has so far not faced any consequences. Why should this time be any different? I hope to be pleasantly surprised by a reasonable court decision, but I expect that history will repeat itself again.

  5. He is no longer on parole.
    My understanding is that he’s no longer on supervised release, but he’s still on parole. He was sentenced to a 50 year term. The court retains jurisdiction over him until those 50 years have run. 203?.

  6. BREAKING: Bill Schmalfeldt asks a woman on Twitter to orally pleasure him, and finally admits that “alcohol is a terrible master.” That was a big step for him – the first step toward recovery is facing the truth. The man needs help. Will someone who loves him provide it?

    • Sluggo tries to convince everyone that he has PD and is confined to a wheelchair when in fact he is totally active when he needs to be. Trying to emulate Woody Allen’s step-daughter’s false narrative as he persued Kim Catrell on Twitter was truly obscene. C’mon, Sluggo, you’ve exposed yourself this time!

      The horror……..the horror……..the horror!

    • We, apparently, know Bill Schmalfeldt asked some woman for oral service. We know Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted “alcohol is a terrible master.” What we don’t know was whether, or not, Bill Schmalfeldt was drinking when he made the oral demand. All we have is Bill Schmalfeldt’s self-report, which as an established shameless serial liar carries no weight. Maybe he was drinking, and maybe he was cold sober and is seeking to excuse his poor behavior yet again.

  7. Well, we finally have the official TK response to Brett Kimberlin’s document forgery and deliberate omissions of required information in court filings.

    Stacey McCain typo’d. More than once!

    Thanks Bill. Thats the kind of coverage we’ve come to expect from you.

    • Did you happen to see his response to my questions about why he has not covered the Twitchy forgery or why he supports a preliminary injunction for Hoge et al, when he raged against it for crazy Shuler?

      Short versions is I am not allowed to post comments anymore because I”m a “Lickspittle”. That’s it. No discussion of the request for preliminary injunction, no comment on why Twitchey was served a summons that the court clerk knows nothing about. The man is proving that he is the joke that everyone says he is. He will only write what Kimberlin wants him to write and nothing more. Anyone that calls him on it is banned from his blog. And he wonders why people point and laugh.

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