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The carelessness The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has shown in his recent court filings is breathtaking. At the beginning of this month, he forgot to remove the PACER page caption from a summons it seems he forged. Around the middle of the month, he filed a bunch of responses to various motions to dismiss in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. It appears that he didn’t bother to vet his various exhibits in order to see if they supported his allegations. In some case, he wound up misquoting his own exhibits.

BK EFC29-48Here’s Exhibit Y. (Click to embiggen.)Kimberlin v NBC Res Hoge W M2D Ex YTDPK misquotes the text of the message. It says “Don’t go there.” He says it says, “LEAVE HIM ALONE. DONE GO THERE.” Those are two very different messages.

The most amazing thing about this sort of crap, is that it exists at all. Doesn’t TDPK think that the judge will read the exhibits? Doesn’t he think that we defendants and our lawyers go over his stuff with a fine tooth comb? I can understand why someone might lie when he thinks he can get away with it. But this … wow!


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  1. it becomes more and more apparent that TDPK doesn’t actually expect to win, rather he expects to drag this out as long as possible costing you and your co-defendants as much time and money as possible…
    Sad commentary on the judicial system that he has managed to do so.

    • Maybe he’s now thinking “Screw it, I’m going to jail anyway, might as well harass as much as possible on my way in.” Although it’s much more likely he’s a remorseless narcissist with no conscience and he is in way over his head.

  2. I continue to believe it possible (not certain of course and perhaps not even probable) that all this nonsense is purposely designed to have the case dismissed with prejudice on procedural grounds so that Kimberlin can assert that his unfortunate ignorance of civil procedure prevented a trial on the merits. He will then also assert that he would have won on the merits. The previous time I made such a suggestion, several commenters implied in response that no one with any sense would credit such assertions. True, but the intended audience has demonstrated a complete lack of sense.

    • If there’s one thing Kimberlin’s good for, it’s illustrating what unprincipled losers his stalwart supporters are. Maybe we should add a new layer of meaning to the definition of “Streisand effect.”

    • He would never assert, outside of a courtroom pity party, that he isn’t a talented laws scholar, though much hampered by the bar’s unwillingness to admit him ecause of his stunt. it as a political prisoner. No, I’m going with harassing little weasel narcissist who relies on the court to extend him grace over and over.

      • Stunt should read, “stint as a political prisoner”.

        Which is how he likes others to see him. He can’t bear anything else.

  3. Doesn’t he think that at least one of the respondents will tell the judge that his buddy Neal knows how to spoof IP addresses?

      • Neal has motives of his own in play. Kimby is just a means to his own ends like any other object-person he interacts with.
        Neal often announced he feels pursued by a particular someone. I wouldn’t be suprisd I’d this was related to an an attempt to finally find (and somehow punish) that person.

      • Good old Wee Willy, the Cabin Boys favorite go to guy when he’s outwitted, was laying into whoever picked up the Despicable Bill twitter handle the other day. Show some picture of someones forehead and asked him and Army Vet if they knew who it was. Went on ranting about Clark NJ, police in NJ, etc. Sounded like he was channeling old Neal himself. All those nut jobs are so intertwined it’s hard to tell the crazies apart sometimes.

  4. Is anyone else enjoying the top flight calligraphy which labels this “Ex Y”? Presumably this means this is Exhibit Y? I certainly hope the court fully appreciates the care and effort TDPK has exerted in preparing his legal offerings and making them readily understandable. I’ll bet if someone addresses a package with this same level of legibility it would almost certainly be promptly delivered to the correct address. I chuckle to imagine the appearance of his filings if it were not mandatory that they typed or mechanically printed..

    • You know, when I was a Pro Se back in the day, I could not imagine doing the things that Kimberlin is doing. I never once screwed up service, and I serviced a hell of a lot more parties than Kimberlin. I never mislabeled court filings the way he has. I NEVER defrauded the court.

      At the end of the day, no one liked me, but I had the respect of the attorney at the top firm in the country. Kimberlin is not respected by anyone in the legal field. He is laughed at and ridiculed. I know first time Pro Se’s who don’t screw up in the way that Kimberlin routinely does.

      He’s become a cocktail party joke. Literally. I tell my lawyer jokes about his legal incompetence over drinks. Next, I’m gonna start downloading his filings from PACER so that I can bring them to the pub for all the lawyers to laugh at.

  5. This “threat” isn’t even dated. There is a date time stamp in the record that doesn’t include the year. That could be from any time.


    And the Plaintiff “interpreted” these three words to have an awful lot of meaning.

  6. I believe the court will skim the exhibits. After seeing victims of the court system, I don’t believe there is justice through the courts. The process is the punishment. I feel a little like David in Psalms, it seems that evil is winning and common sense has been thrown out the window.

    I appreciate your bravery and hope that you win and Kimberlin has to pay your legal fees.

    • I just hope the judge has a solid grounding in basic internet technology and knows what an IP address is and how easy it is to forge records.

  7. You could file a motion to require proofreading. The lawyers are spending hours reading each exhibit. They’ll find more junk like this.

  8. Brazen misrepresentations like that, together with being caught forging summons, and forging return receipts, all mean that Kimberlin has already shown these judges that he’s still the perjurer he always was.

    And he’s given the defendants plenty of materially false statements upon which to base a motion for Rule 11 sanctions.

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