BREAKING: Some Maryland Republicans Know Each Other

<sarc>In a stunning exposé by Xenophon, Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it) has published the earth-shattering news that certain Maryland Republicans actually know each other and, as hard as this may be to believe, have worked together in recent political campaigns. Some these Republicans are conservative or libertarian bloggers as well.</sarc>

For the record, Jackie Welfonder is a friend, and I look forward to seeing her again at CPAC this year. I voted for Dan Bongino for Senator in 2012, and I’d vote for him for Congress this fall if I hadn’t been gerrymandered out of the 6th Congressional District.

18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Some Maryland Republicans Know Each Other

  1. Ripped straight from the fetid writings of Rauhauser(Hi Neal!) who has been signing up for the local Maryland forums claiming to live there and is trying to stir up trouble with his Maltego graphs showing that, yes indeed, Republicans know each other.

    Say, he is claiming to have lived in MD for the past 2 years. Wonder if he is bunking with Kimby in the basement or the Cabin Boy under his trailer?

      • Actually this guy Neal Rauhauser (warrants for him in NJ, and currently over 40k behind in Child Support (Hi Neal!)) has been trying to smear Maryland Republican lately by insinuating that their campaign contribution are not on the up and up. He is a long time Democrat activist and all around sociopath. But at least you can be prepared for who you are probably dealing with.

  2. Who said it’s a conspiracy? You’re an idiot.

    Freedom of speech says people can blog about whatever they want, whenever they want. Blogging about people related to a campaign is very normal behavior. You need to find something new to obsess over.

    Ali is always crying like a bitch saying blogging (if done about you, or him, or anyone from BlogBash) is harassment.

    At least Bongino has big enough balls to not cry about the fact that’s somebody’s blogging about him. Doesn’t he? Or will you whine & fundraise on his behalf, because you’re scared?

      • I have this hilarious mental picture of Team Kimberlin losers picking through your blog posts, hoping to find something to write a trollish post about, and this is the best one of them could come up with.

        You, too, are someone I know based on the quality of his opponents.

    • Could you possibly be more obvious about your butthurt? Does it sting, knowing people are laughing at your stupidity?

      By the way, you SUCK at “persona management”. Total amateur hour.

    • Hey Bill, if “Freedom of speech says that people can blog about whatever they want…”, then why is your boss, Kimberlin, filing an injunction against every single post ever written about him on this blog? Why is he not filing one about the posts on your blog or on Breitbart Unmasked? It sounds to me like a case of butthurt in the eleventy!!!

      And tell us your thoughts on Kimberlin’s forgery of the Twitchy subpoena. I actually went on PACER and read the whole thing. Very sexy stuff if you’re into legal ass-kickings. Which, I am.

      Also, since you’ve decided to violate the peace order AND the mediation order, why not go…what’s the word I’m looking for, oh yes…full SCHMALFELDT and really lay it on the table? Throw out some of those crazy phrases and ramblings you’re so famous for. I mean, at this point, what do you have to lose?

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