29 ≠ 20

Yesterday, a picture appeared on the Interwebz of what is purported to be the envelope returned to The Dread Pirate Kimberlin of his attempt to serve some court papers on me. Here is the image as it was posted on Twitter. I have not bothered to redact it, but have left it as published by TDPK.BfLYKWsCMAANv2jIt appears to be addressed to 29 Ridge Road. I live at 20 Ridge Road. No wonder the Post Office found it to be “Undeliverable as Addressed.” No wonder the clerks at the Westminster Post Office couldn’t find mail being held for 20 Ridge Road.Tracking

45 thoughts on “29 ≠ 20

    • No, look this is a document. From Kimberlin. And if there is one thing you can trust is a document… from Kimberlin. There is no reason why you can’t trust a document from Kimberlin.

      As a man once wrote: “Every document whose authenticity has been vouched for by the Plaintiff should be in doubt, and every chain of custody in which the Plaintiff is a link should be considered broken.”

      Who said that? I did. or, rather, I will.

      • The envelope’s sender’s address zip code shows Kimberlin’s pattern of writing a zero after a two. John Hoge’s zip code shows an example of Kimberlin writing a one after a two. His pattern is to continue the two into the zero. There is a clear gap for some reason. I, for one, would carefully exam the background surrounding the “nine” at the pixel level.

  1. I see that Brett Kimberlin continues to defy his legal responsibilities. After being told in a filing that there are two people named “William Hoge” living at your address he persists in sending mail to “William Hoge.”

    • Sometimes you would hope so, but often what happens is that multiple carriers serve a route during a week and don’t develop the expected familiarity you might anticipate.

      • Eh, I dunno, I’ve got multiple carriers and I haven’t lived here for more than a year.
        And yet when my wife’s grandma sends us stuff at 1023 instead of 1032 we still get it without fail.

      • TSRBike, what can I say, people are involved, expecting consistency in all things all the time might be over expecting.

    • I still get mail from addresses that are clearly not mine, let alone having different names on the envelope. Happens about once every three or four months.

  2. It is almost as though that handwriting was a form of self-redaction. Did he even intend that to reach its destination in good faith? I have never had a parcel fail to be delivered and my handwriting isn’t exactly award winning.

    But anyway this isn’t 6th grade social studies. This is a court of law. Service is a matter of basic fairness. You don’t get a ‘but I tried’. You’d think someone who has been convicted so many times and lost so many delusional lawsuits would realize that, except that part about how he must be a total fruitloop.

  3. They leave a card at your door, dumbass.

    Blog court will leave you feeling fulfilled. But real court will most likely recognize youre being a shitty, troublesome, old fool who refuses service because you CAN.

  4. Also the USPS marked it as undeliverable as addressed, and the notice left, if left, may well have been left at the 29 street address (if that is the real envelope) because careless or passive-aggressive Kimberlin was unwilling to right the direction clearly. Mr Hoge was diligent and at the first information there might be an undelivered envelope, was unable to locate the mail on request during the time it should have been holding it. Someone avoiding mail wouldn’t do that and Mr. Hoge didn’t do that.

  5. Well the zeros in TDPK’s address look like zeros. The tracking system confirms undeliverable as addressed. Must’ve thought it was 29. The USPS is under no obligation to make assumptions on the sender’s behalf. In fact it would be inappropriate.

    • Attempted—Not Known = Delivery attempted, addressee not known at place of address.

      Which he wouldn’t be if the letter was sent to the address on that envelope.

  6. The comments from the Kimberlings mirror the case –

    Hoge is responsible for Brett not learning to address an envelope

    Because people are defending themselves in the lawsuit – they are responsible for forcing Brett to make more mistakes or forge documents

    and so on and so forth everything Brett does wrong was caused by people getting in his way

  7. I know it’s not a package from Kimberlin for two very good reasons:

    1 – there are no waterstains where it sat outside in the snow and rain waiting for the bomb disposal crew to show up.
    2 – there are no scorch marks from the triggering charge the BDU used to try and set it off.

    Apart from these small details, it has all the earmarks of yet another fine Kimberlin product.

  8. Well, this one is a puzzler.

    (1) Was the mail deliberately misaddressed for the purpose of having Mr. Hoge file an untrue statement with the court? (Fail: the USPS was unable to deliver it so Mr. Hoge can truthfully say it was not received.) Alternatively, Is someone so stupid or narcissistic as not to check an address on legal correspondence?

    (2) Is the plaintiff trying to get the case dismissed on what will then be claimed to be trivial technicalities? “I sued them for their evil defamation, but, because I had to represent myself and was unaware of some procedural technicalities, my case was dismissed without a trial on the merits.” True believers will rant about high-priced lawyers and legal arcana that denied justice to a victim without ever acknowledging that the so-called legal arcana involved was using the post office. We already see a hint of that from Joe Blow: “if only Hoge had accepted electronic service and not been vexatious, all would have been well.”

    (3) Is Joe Blow someone subject to a relevant peace order or someone who wishes to distract Mr. Hoge by sending him on a false trail?

    • On 2), I think that he might want to be careful with that, as he’s filed so very many lawsuits pro se.

      On 3), I do not think Mr. Hoge is especially easily distracted.

      • Dianna

        I did not mean to imply that I thought the assertion would be credible for people of common sense with any knowledge of the facts. Those people, however, do not pay any attention to Kimberlin. Sorry if I was unclear.

    • The person who filed an untrue statement with the court was Kimberlin when he certified that the mailing to Hoge was correctly addressed as required in his cert of service.

      Since he failed to correctly address it, his service was defective.

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