15 thoughts on “You Say That As If It Were a Bad Thing

  1. Yes, they are afraid they’ll be shot like Gabby Giffords. isn’t that amusing. I guess you think she deserved it, and wish that more people like her could be shot. If only we didn’t have so many states with those pesky background checks.

    • So you are saying that lefties are afraid of being shot by crazy lefties who, if the lefty sheriff had done his job when he had to remove said lefty shooter from a college for being..well…crazy, would not have been able to purchase a gun under the current laws?

    • You are not a very amusing troll. Congress is afraid of losing office, like the three Democrats in Colorado we recalled.

      By the way, the man who shot Gabby Giffords passed a background check.

    • Perhaps if they weren’t so intent on stripping our God given rights wholesale, they wouldn’t have to try to take our guns since we wouldn’t need to protect ourselves from thier illegal tactics?
      p.s Thank you for being brave enough to actually comment, but your argument is full of strawmen and appeals to absurdity.

    • I especially liked it when Giffords’s husband LIED on the paperwork for a background check and liberals collectively yawned.

      People calling for background checks do NOT want the law applied consistently. They’re not trying to control gun violence; they’re trying to suppress opposition to their other goals.

      • And apparently they believe their goals would be so offensive to the rest of us that we would resist with force.

  2. congress should be afraid of the gun lobby, any group that seeks to limit the freedoms of law abiding citizens under the cover of “stopping crime” should be afraid, and rightly so.

  3. imagine that said about any other part of the bill of rights. imagine for instance someone proposing limits on free speech and saying “congress is very afraid of the newspaper lobby” or the movie industry. imagine them wishing to do away with basic trial protections and saying, “congress is afraid of the lawyer lobby.”

    supporting unpopular and unconstitutional legislation makes congresscritters fear… for their jobs. its exactly as the founders intended.

  4. Q: If we “gun nuts” are as evil and violent as portrayed, then why is the opposition still drawing breath?

    A: Because we are not evil or violent. We are your neighbors, your friends, you family, your coworkers. Ask them, and you will be surprised how many are gun owners.

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